Sunday, August 31, 2008

di tag??

owhh,da lme x ditag..thanx tirah 4 d tag!here are the questions that i have to go thru..

1. The person who last tag you is:
2. Your relationship with him/her is:
3. Your impression of him/her:
-cute kn,hu2..
-nmpak baek je
-slalu ngan ujie
4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you:
been a great group member(Econs project)~
5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you:
hohoho,ade ke ek?hmm..tdak pasti,hu2..
6. If he/she becomes your best fren/lover, you will:
layan je la kn~ha3,siott je..
7. If he/she becomes your best fren/lover, thing he/she has to improve on will be:
tmbahkn ktinggian kamu,he3..try la appeton teen grow,hu2,smpat lg promote nih..
8. If he/she become your enemy, you will:
bad mouthing??perhaps..
9. If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be:
sbb dia wt sumthng yg aku x suke kot..
10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
11. Your overall impression of him/her is:
she's a cute little girl n kind of hepi je~
12. How you think people around you will feel about you?:
13. The character you love of yourself is:
baek ati, ke?
14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is:
15. The most ideal person you want to be is:
owhh,i just proud to be my ownself..
16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:
a flying kiss to u guys,thanx a lot!
17. Pass this quiz to 5 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you:
1-naqib(oyytt,aktifkn blog kamu ea)
*u all x nk wt pn x pe tw,x kisah,sje je sbb nk ckupkn 5 =)*
18. Who is no.1 having relationship with?
19. Is no.4 a male or female?
20. If no.3 and 5 are together, will it be a good thing?
okey je
22. What is no.2 studying about?
23. When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?
last friday, kt hentian bas Seri Iskandar
24. What kind of music band does no.4 like?
rock kapak??ntah..hu2
25. Does no.1 have any siblings?
ade 2 kakak,sorng abng, n 1 lil sis..
26. Will you woo no.2?
27. How about no.4?
~ my coursemate,rumet qurah..
28. Is no.1 single?
29. What is the surname of no.3?
30. What’s the hobby of no.5?
mnulis blog agaknye,kn2..hu2
31. Does no.1 and 5 get along well?
mereka sling tdak mengenali yaa..
32. Where is no.2 studying at?
~proudly UTP
33. Talk something casually about no.1:
adorable best fren!
34. Have you tried developing feelings for no.4?
35. Where does no.5 live at?
dungun kn~
36. What colour does no.2 like?
hmm..itam ke?
37. Are no.3 and 1 best friend?
knal pn tdak~
38. Does no.3 have any pets?
x de kn..
39. Is no.1 the sexiest person in the world?
40. What is no. 5 doing now?
hmm, x tw la..buat kek marie kot,hu2..

Monday, August 25, 2008

eldest bro~ sis~ lil bro~

Yesterday (24 August) was my eldest brother's birthday, so hepi blated birthday to him..wish ur dreamzz come true..same goes to my buddies, ghani n ikhwan, hepi belated birthday to u guys, have a nice and wonderful day! Birthday of my lil bro is coming thing u should know bout my siblings is our birthday are somehow related to a big occasion/celebration..1)my bro( 1 week b4 independence day) 2)my sis (she was born on deepavali) 3)me( my birthday is on Christmas day) 4)my lil bro (independence day)..kind of unique huhh..he3

acap,ucop n naqib~ primary skol, me in the middle,kecik je kn,hu2..

Talking bout weight, owhh..i'm damn skinny(sigh)..may be some people think i'm just looks fine roughly, but i don't think so, i did try to put on some weight, but it seems to be the hardest thing to be done. Can you imagine my weight when i was in standard 1 is only 17 kg and twenty++ when i was in standard 6,my weight now is currently bout 48 kg..
i put a lot of effort in order to put on some weight and to be taller, it seems better now but yet still not contented,he3..urgghh, i used to buy the appeton teengrow product (a kind of pill)oftenly when i was in Form 4 up to Form 5, one pack could hold for a month and i keep buying a new one for every month. kan Naqib kan, u witnessed it cause u was my lovely roomate on dt time..
As the result, i became more taller..during the last convofair, i met afifi n fahmi (x-gerik skolmate)..they were also impressed coz i'm taller now rather than i was in gerik..means that, the product was really worth off, well, to those who are dying to be taller, u should have a try,'s really work for me..may be to u, instead?

Opposite with weight, it's really hard to be a bit chubby..i tried the appeton weight gain
(a kind of milk scheme) which u have to add one spoon in ur plain water 3-4 times for can, costs bout RM70++, it was a waste because it does'nt seem likes it's paid off, my sp alwayz told me dt i'm so thin n skinny, n i should work on it..same goes to Ucop, he said i'm so small like a kindergarten boy..arggghh, no wonder u said so because u are so gigantic,ha3..looks like bapak orang..still remember, when we walked together to class or somewhere, one of my skolmate(Priya) will tease us, "u both looks like father n son"..ha3.. till one particular time, we feel weird and awkward when we walked together coz we know we are so contrast physically..he3..Ucop!ko yg x normal,bsar sngat..weeekkk!now, i'm still working to put on some weight,hu2..sometimes, do feel tired of eating but have to keep going to make sure i'm a bit chubby~eat, eat n eat!adehh..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

yesterday, today n tomorrow~

yesterday, i just finished my Islamic Studies presentation, thanx god 1 burden was gone.. but, there are still many things to be settled down, plus the que of tests coming up next week..
owhh, all this kind of tasks and works make feel like wanna go back,why?because at home, nothing to be worry about,just watching television and hang out with family or frens..

ok2, enough about being homesick..don't know why when i'm growing older, i become more n more homesick eventhough i have been used to stay in hostel for a few years..some think i'm the youngest in family because i'm spoilt, i do have a lil brother ok, n i'm not that kind of spoilt, more it wrong to be claimed as spoilt?? well, that's mean i have a close relationship with my parents.. that is something to be proud about..

now, talking bout today..the first class was Academic Writing, before the class ended, there was a game, we have to guess the exact answer for the picture or words shown by the projector..
i was so proud because i succeed to guess one of the was shown on the slide a line of u guess what the answer would be?

i did'nt know the answer at first till Din Paiman said loud "no U"..then, i noticed there was no "U" in the line..the "U" is missing, then i told myself "missing U"..but i did'nt realize that i said it loud, so Sir Tony could hear it, he3..but,nywy, feel pretty good because i had contribute 1 point for the boys team..yeay!

next class, the Structured Programming lab..there was a lab assessment, ohhhh my god, it was totally a mess..the first question, thanx god, after spent 1 hour and half, i could compiled it successfully, the second question, i only have 30 minutes to complete,ohhhh..really a tough time for me to go thru..eli has a rough sketch for the second question, so just copy from her sketch note, but still can't compile..almost 2 pm, the last resort was to duplicate Zhafari's work..feel like a dumb, if only there's extra time..

it was really a tiring afternoon..owhhh, let's forget about it, think of tomorrow syafiq!..a solace and peaceful tomorrow, there will be no class and my weekend is coming,yeay! not so soon to cheer up, still have a lot of things to do this weekend 1)revision for next week tests(comp orgz, progrmmng n oil n gas), 2)Sructured Pogramming assignment and 3)Computer Orgnz project...
*deep sigh* wondering if i could have such a wonderful and tranquillizing weekend just like last week~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekends with family~

sdar x sdar ari ni aku da ade kt UTP..kjap je rse cuti nih, mne x nye..ari khamis mlm balik
then esok ari jumaat kol 7 pg, kami stu family except for kak yong coz dia x balek weekend nih g penang island, then balik da dkat malm..
ari sabtu plak, kol 11 pg kuar g Sintok, Kedah n balik pn da kol 6 ptang..sdar x sdar esok da
ari Ahad,hu2..time untk pulang ke UTP..
x puas rsenye stay kt umah,hu2..ari jumaat pagi 2, kitorng sume ikut abah g krja coz nk amik
si bongsu kt MRSM Balik Pulau coz cuti skol da strt..lpas breakfast mkn nasi lemak kt Padang Kota Lama, smentara tnggu abah abis krja, Bang Jan drive bawa aku and mum g Hutan Lipur
Teluk Bahang..on the way to there, we passed by a fascinating beach of batu feringghi,hu2..
cantekk!bayangkn drive thru along beach yg sngt cantek time pagi2,hu2..sngt menarek!
u guys yg x prnah dtang cni mmang rugi, datang la penang, mcm2 ade,hu2..

lpas 2, around kol 12, abah drive ke Balik Pulau n solat Jumaat kt sne..lpas 2, trus g amik Dik Wan..n g mlawat Tok Som, (my grandmother) kt umah cousin around Balik Pulau gk..on the way balik, nmpk sbuah lori pengangkut on the opposite way yg bw jentera pe ntah t'sangkut kt satu cerun 2, sangt menakutkan..lori 2 x leh naik bukit coz brat sngt kot..brat lori dh brp tan + lg ngn jentera 2.. mne la nk leh naik bukit 2, aisshhh..akibatnye, mnybabkn kesesakan jauh sngt smpai 3-4 kilometer, bunyi2 hon kuat kdengaran..abah kte kalo la handbrek lori 2 x kuat n t'lpas, abis sume stu line smpai bwh kne hentam.. bleh anda bayangkan?sngt2 menakutkn~

esoknye kami ke Sintok coz de hal untk diuruskn, x de pe yg besh pn..dh slalu sngt datang c2..malam 2 nisfu syaaban, mak sruh pg surau taman baca yaasin sebanyak 3 kali secara ramai2..mulanye, abah ngn mak je yg tb2 je t'buka lak pntu hati aku nk pg gk, so siap2 la nk pg, Dik Wan pn ikut skali..yg surprisenye, abang aku pn g skali, hu2..bgus la 2, dh dpt hidayah lpas je baca yaasin, dia lesap sblum smpat solat Isyak b'jemaah..mahu tngok kempen di Pmtng Pauh katenye..bgus gak aku balik coz dpt meraikn nisfu syaaban, kalo la kt UTP, mesti dh aku x pg,he3..

seterusnye ari Ahad, mse untk pulang, pagi 2 mak wt mcm2 4 breakfast, de cucur udang, cucur cmpedak n cucur pisang,hu2..sronok sgguh mkn coz da lme x mkn bnyk kuih time2 breakfast nih..owh, mak de beli ubat jerawat baru, kali ni tradisional nye,hu2..naik bas kt Penang Sentral kol 1 pm..smpai kt medan kit, bas ke Tronoh dh de, so naik je la..sngt "cntek" bas itu..
buat aku rse rindu kpd Rapid Penang,hu2..on the way ke UTP, leh plak driver bas 2 stop kt tepi jaln tb2, ingtkn de orng nk naik or turun rupa-rupanye dia turun g Sport Toto beli nombr ekor..Ya Allah, ape nk jadi ngn dia 2, nsib bek la indian kn..kalo melayu, x tw la nk ckp pe..lpas jalan ckit, stop lg..kali ni de shooting drama plak kt depan jalan 2, aisshhh..shooting la kt tmpat lain, ni x kt tngah jalan gk..drama cina lak 2, tp beshh gk coz frst time aku tngok shooting live,hu2..smpai kt UTP, anis tumpangkn smpai ke V1 ngn kelisa dia,credit 2 her..thnx gk 2 hafif n amirah 4 d chocolates, bru balik dr kenduri kate mereka..nywy, weekends with family mmg alwayz beshh n really njoyed my every second when i was back home~

Friday, August 15, 2008

home sweet home~

yesterday, around 4.50 pm, i arrived at medan gopeng bus station n looking for the ticket to Butterworth, lucky me to get a ticket to board on a bus departured at 5 pm..means no long waiting for the bus to arrive coz it was already there,ready to depart..(*relief sigh*)

for the first time in the semester, i skipped a class, the class was on 5 pm n it was up to 2 hours, means i can only go back at 7 pm if i attend the class, nothing to worry much coz the class dt i
skipped was intro to oil n gas, the lame one..on the bus,behind me there were two girls, the pure
penangites, i could tell by their conversations..

arrived at Penang Sentral, Butterworth around 7.45 pm..looking for Rapid Penang to go back to Kepala Batas, again for another time, there were two people behind me, this time both were boys, oohhh, also the pure penangites, i smiled when overheard their talk coz i knew i was just on the right place, penang my hometown...he3

i left the penang dialect for years since i was in Form 2,hu2..n it's kind of an overwhelming feeling when heard people talk in penang dialect, thnx to them coz now i could recall some words that i have forgotten before this...nywy, proud to be penangite =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

today was so exciting~

wake up as usual n set myself ready to go to the academic writing class.. dn like academic writing dt much coz essays n its related stuffs do makes me bored..but, academic writing for today was a great start for my wonderful today..why did i say so??
it's because once i came into the class, suddenly Mr. Ridhuan Tony said, "first boy to come in"..
n other girls gave a round of applause..waahhh, when pass by them, i feel like, i'm a famous celebrity walk on a red carpet n being surrounded by a big fans of girls on my left and right..ha3,(*too hiperbola*) the time is 9.03 am n yet i'm still the first boy to arrive instead of Zhafari?? where are others???they arrived later when the class has started..

then, the class ended, n there goes my next2 class..during Islamic Studies class, ustaz Nuri said dt tomorrow there will be no class, means there's no presentation..our group will be the second group to present scheduled 4 tomorrow, but since there will be no class, we will be presenting our gorgeous finding on Black Metal next week,quite disappointed actually coz we are already set n ready to present..(*ce waahhh, smangat la konon,hu2*)

the last class was Management and Organization Behaviour at 5 pm..conducted by such an energetic and zestful Mr Alan..doing his job as incredibly as every eyes could witness's a tutorial hour and yet of course the number of students is lesser,the best part when me n my buddy, acap were chosen to conduct the brainstorming session..i have to interact with the students asking them, 'the uses of bottle'..they have to answer quickly and be spontaneous, i'm the one who have to do the talking with them while acap list down the answers on the board..
being a shy person, it's quite hard for me to do so but finally, i enjoyed the session,'s so exciting nywy with laugh all over..i think i dn perform well cz i'm so nervous on dt time although the numbers of student involved only bout 28,huhh..need to put more effort on ds,hu2..nywy, my day for today started and ended with glamourous,he3.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aku rindu~

jam mnunjukkan pkul 8.30 pg dan aku trus bangun untuk mandi walaupun hari ni klas start pkul 10 pg..tanpa diduga ketika nak pergi mandi, kenangan ktika di sekolah rndah dulu datang bertandang di jenak fikiranku, dan semakin mencurah-curah dan akhirnya aku akur dan perasaan untk kembali ke zaman skolah rendah semakin meluap-luap..Aku sngt rindu time skolah rndah dulu..

Aku rindu nak mandi awal pagi untuk ke skolah..*skrang slalu je bngun lmbt depends on kol brp klas(lcture) strt*

Aku rindu nak pkai uniform baju putih n sluar biru, walaupn x cntik!

Aku rindu nk pkai spasng kasut warna putih keseluruhannya..*Form 1 da strt pkai ksut itam*

Aku rindu untuk breakfast b'sama family time pagi2..*da lme sngt x breakfast sme2*

Aku rindu nak kayuh basikal ke sekolah di pagi yg dingin..*da b'kurun x nek basikal*

Aku rindu nak salam n cium tangan abah n mak sblum ke skolah..*tradisi kluargaku*

Aku rindu nak makan bekal yg mak bagi untuk di makan di waktu rehat..*tiada lg bekal time Form 1*

Aku rindu nak main tiang2, guli, kad tepuk, lawan pemadam b'sama rakan2..*sronok sngt*

Aku rindu nak pergi kelas tusyen pada waktu malam..*last time tusyen stndrd 5 kot*

Aku rindu nak ke playground time ptang2..*he3, sngt sronok bermain buaian n jongkang jongkit*

Aku rindu nak nyanyi lagu skol rendah time assembly..*anda masih ingat lagu skol rndah anda?*

Aku rindu nak galas beg berat2 ke skolah..*beg sngt brat hingga m'buatkn ktggianku t'bantut,hu2*

Aku rindu nak guna kapur untuk mnulis di blackboard..*ssh nk cari kapur skrng nih*

Aku rindu nak singgah di kdai2 runcit lpas skolah..*lepak2 smbil abiskn duit balance mak bg*

Aku rindu nak tido b'sama mak n abah..*tdo ngn abah ble mak krja shif mlm(nurse)*

Aku rindu nak jumpa tok ya..*tok ya besshhh sngt, sportng n caring*

skarang, aku rse semuanya dh t'lambat, aku dh kehilangan semua 2 sjak mnjejakkn kaki ke boarding skol since Form 1..semua 2 dh hilang n aku sngat2 b'harap dpt kmbali ke zaman
skol rndah dulu..Aku x smpat pn jumpa tok ya 4 d last time coz time 2 aku kt MRSM Gerik
n lebih m'yedihkan aku hanya diberitahu mak 2 hari selepas tok mniggal..klas tusyen lgsg tdak ada, yg ada pn hanya lah kelas prep petang n malam..kapur digantikn dgan marker n blackboard digantikn dngan whiteboard...

Bang Jan n Kak Yong sngt lucky cz diorng x stay kt boarding skol..
Dik Wan pn ttap lucky cz dia bru strt stay kt boardng skol ds year in Form 4..
Aku la yg paling malang diantara mereka, aku sngt cemburu dgn mereka dan orng2 lain yg skol dkat dngan umah~aku sngt jeles, wish to turn back the time...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

my beloved parentz n sp~

smalm tngh2 busan x tw wt pe, tngok la stu movie nih, then suddenly, my sp (shean)
call thru ym..time 2 da kol 1:26 am, hu2..agak shock cz da lme x contact ngn dia nih..
last time borak2 pn time last paper Bio b4 balik umah..sngt2 x clear our conversation
thru ym 2, then dia call hp..

agk kekok nk ckp,hu2..sori2 sp..shean ckp suara aku laen,hu2..dh lme x borak msti la
rse lain kn, shean ajk jumpa dia on ds 16 kt lumut,hu2..really wanna go there~
tp kne la nek moto, agk jauh 2..hmm, tp shean x bg nek moto cz dia ckp jauh 2, jz like
my mom..mak aku pn x kasi nek moto g jauh2~aiii, suddenly rindu plak kt mak..
nywy, thnx dear 4 d call..kalo u x call, x tw la ble dpt borak,hu2..

waaa..aku nk balik umah (bkn homesick,k), tp ds weeknd bz ngn case stdy IS, then lpas
2 prsntation plak, so..x leh gk balik nxt mak smalam, mak de kt Shah Alam ngn
Pak Lang's family~attending relative's funeral..mak kte kncil 2 dh amik dr workshop..
hmm..n my bro lak bw balik UUM..aku rse guilty plak coz psl accdent 2, my parents
da spend around 900 MYR untk byr saman + repair kete sume..aku de nk kasi duit kt
abah tp abah refuse..hmm, mak kte wt blanja je la duit 2..

aku da rse serik nk drive kete tp x kn la smpai ble pn x nk drive, although, i keep saying
so but at last, i have to.. rndu sngt nk kuar mkn2 ngn abah n mak, da lme x mkn skali kn,
he3..aisshhh, aku rse aku lucky sngt cz i have such a wonderful family, time g STE 2 aku
da dngar mcm2 cite psl family problem orng len..then, bru la aku sdar yg i should be
grateful n appreciate wt i have..abah da bnyk sngt tolng aku, cnthnye time accdnt 2 kalo,
abah x de, x tw la cm ne aku nk g wt police report, jmp orng yg involve ngn accdnt 2 sorng2..
aisshh,mmg x leh sngt la ssh bg aku nk ucapkn 2 words nih kt diorng,"trima

mak plak mmg caring n besshh sngt..slalu risau psl aku n slalu gk tegur pasal appereance
aku nih, mak slalu beli ubat jerawat kt aku,hu2..thnx mom =) mak mesti sunyi kt umah cz
ble abah g kerja, x de spe2 nk accompany mak..time cuti dlu, aku stay ngn mak n x de la
mak busan sngt..Bang Jan study kt UUM n jarang nk tngok dia kt umah, Kak Yong plak kt
UiTM Arau n balik pn x tentu n Dik Wan stdy kt MRSM Balik Pulau, lg la jrng balik..
arap2 mak n abah hepi slalu n thnx 4 everything..2 my dear sp, thnx 4 everythng..4 always
there when i need u~