Saturday, December 13, 2008

diari cuti 3- the new surrounding

it has been quite a long while since the last update posted, it's not that i don't have idea what to post and mumbling about, it's just that i'm moving, so, the internet connection is not yet available there..celebrate the Aidiladha at the kampung, prefer to call kampung than village..monday-what a superb and serene morning, woke up as usual and off to mosque, no more masjid pajak song or kepala batas, we have to make ourselves being familiar to masjid pekan darat from now on..then, watched the qurban, woww..greatt, dh lame x tngok alive, so overwhelming, my parents make the qurban too, with my others uncle and aunty..then my new life just get started, on the night, we organized kenduri (feast)..kenduri arwah+rumah baru+qurban..3 in 1, brilliant!, my parents, uncle and aunty all were so kekeluargaan! the kenduri was held on the spot, meaning we just plan to organize it after the raya prayer and amazingly, it worked day in the kampung was quite enjoyable, and it was a pleasant moment, with the little kampung boys with the cute face came giving salam, but then ran away, came and ran, came and mum got fed up and wait till they came back and gave salam immidiately when they approached, so funny, my mum and those kids laugh like crazy, me also was so entertained, ouhh, comel la, they were teasing us, may be that's their way to welcome us, ya la..their new neighbour kan..wake up daily with the countryside morning breeze carressing me, ouhh, i life is now changed, me now in the so-called kampung life..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

diari cuti 2-perabot hunting~

this few days, quite busy with the perabot hunting as we are going to move to other house..went to courts mammoth at sungai petani, kedah..looking for new furnitures and the offers are quite enjoyable as you can give your piece of mind and choose the furniture which you think suits the best..then, have to do a slight make up to the new house, painting my bedroom and other stuffs..ouhh, can't wait to move there, yeahh, when you know you will move to the countryside area, with the greenish view of paddy field all the way long to the house..
juz now, went to sungai petani again with my parents for perabot hunting, but then i suggest to go to Ikea to look for other furnitures, spent quite a time from sungai petani to perai but then we were clueless as where Ikea really is? I'm the one who guide the way to the Ikea as i have a glance where it is located last few years..huhh, we were lost, wandering around perai but still return at the same junction, asked the tollgate girl and she said that it is just nearby, just follow the junction laid upon us..but soon, it leads to nowhere, what the fish sungguh..wasting time there before my dad gave up and turned back home, the blame was on me as i'm the one who suggest and guide the way to there, when arrived home, scrolled to internet to find the actual location, and stunning speechlessly..Ikea is only available at Mutiara Damansara??so, why i felt like have seen Ikea in Perai before and how come the tollgate girl knew the way to the Ikea really exist in Perai??tomorrow, the perabot hunting will start again after a disappointed day we have went through this evening, huhh..