Saturday, March 28, 2009

Skinny? Am i?

The thing that i afraid the most has happened, i become even more skinny. I don't noticed about this till the moment when i reached home, my mum stunned upon me and said i'm now skinny than before. My father said the same. Of course i was staggered, am i that skinny n got thinner? I think i'm just doing well, but when they said so, it must be right because i have not seen them for 2 months till the moment i stood embracing them that night. Okk fine, but last night when shean said akin, i'm so sure n taking it serious, I got thinner. The fact that i want to deny the most! Ouhh my, how this could happened? I'm so noteworthy about my weight and always looking forward to gain even more weight, but now it's vice versa.

This must be because i proned to eat maggi goreng lately plus skipped lunch sometimes. Ouhh no, i don't expect it will harm me that much. I want to be a bit pudgy and chubby! The problem that i'm facing right now is, i eat if only i have the mood to. When i'm eager to eat, i want big apple donuts, kfc, mcd, kennys and all those stuffs but when i'm moody, i don't even have a glimpse at them. Just now, shikin drop comment at my friendster photo and she said the same. Others are so alert about this but i don't even bother. Okk fine, i should have change my food consumption form now on...

The recent pics of me-

ouhh, i still think there is no change, perhaps a subtle one...

Story of mine

Part 1
Back to campus, after about 5 days long, tak sampai seminggu pun. While nak tunggu train to Butterworth hari tu, aku stay la dekat stesen bas medan kidd. Tak sangka kan malaysians are very friendly, macam biase lah, aku ni tak kuasa nak tegur strangers2 buat2 baik kan, so ade la orang yang duduk sebelah tu tegur. Tanya bagai nak rak! Macam dah sesi temuramah okk, layan je lah soalan pak cik ni, nanti kesian plak sembang sorang2 kan..nanti orang ingat dia orang gila plak, tak ke naya nanti.

Dah dekat pukul 5, gerak pergi KTM station, tak jauh pun. Ade la plak sorang pak cik ni haa, pergi Butterworth jugak. Tanya lagi la banyak! Train dah smpai ke, nak naik platform brape, tambang berape, seat mane....kau ingat aku ni pekerja KTM ke ape?? terkebil-kebil la aku check tiket dia bagitau dia kena naik coach brape n seat segala! Nasib baek bukan seat next to me, tak sanggup aku nak dengar syarahan dia while on the way up to Butterworth. Amboii, dia kate dia kerja as pilot dulu, aku tengok pakaian serba serbi je pun, ntah2 dia kelentong aku je..

Akak yang jaga lane tu pun very the sporting tau, i learnt something that day,malaysians are very friendly, tapi mostly senior citizens la kan. Budak2 sekarang ni mane nak tegur2 orang, aku ni haa pun same, tak kuasa nak tegur2 public people. My train was delayed for 15 minutes, okk fine! But then excitednye bile dapat double seat, means tak de orang next to me, senang la nak berguling-guling bagai. Ni haaa, tak puas hatinye, ape yang kelas sangat dengan superior class tu smpai tambang-RM21! Aku tengok macam bas je pun, tak de bezanye. Kalau bas pun, RM14 je paling over pun..

Part 2
Cerita kat rumah plak. Tak best sangat sebab me je yang balik, tak ade brothers n sister..yang ade pun abah, mak n my grandma yang sakit tu. Bila abah out to work, tinggal la me, mak n tok som bertiga, gila bosann tapi sebab lame tak balik, okk la jugak. Bila abah out to work kan, aku la yang jadi mangsa dengar keluhan mak pasal tok som nursing. My mum tak larat nak jaga tok som, makan minum pakai buang semua. Ye la, jaga orang lumpuh kan, kena jaga semua. Nak mandikan satu hal lagi. Kesian dengan mak, yang lain semua lepas tangan je, tapi kalau bab harta, semua angkat tangan nak! Irritating sungguh! Nak yang senang je, yang susah, semua tak nak..

Tak sangka it's happened to my family, ye la.. selalunya tengok kat tv je drama2 swasta pasal harta ni, but now bile jadi depan mata, OMG..tersentap! Anyway, my mum is so lucky dapat abah, menantu yang sanggup jaga mak mertua dia, uruskan semua. Mak dah hampir nak menangis dah bile cerita pasal my mak cik n pak cik yang lepas tangan tu. Kesian mak! sepatutnya yang elder la kena take care of benda2 macam ni, ni tak, my mum yang bongsu tu yang kena buat. Kesian jugak kat tok som, harap tok som boleh berjalan balik, so my mum tak kan susah hati lagi...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The break

yuhuuu!esok balik ke butterworth, naik train..huhh, cuti mid sem dah start on friday but only tomorrow i'll go home for a week long, sebabnye weekend ni i attended DB2 workshop organized by IBM. Held on saturday and sunday from 9am-5 pm..what a long period kan, tapi it was worth, sebab fun! mane taknye, sambil taip2 sql command tu sempat lagi berfacebook segala, hahaha..ouhh, kenyang~baru balik dari tg corner, dinner dengan aznin. Esok pergi train station dengan dia gak, we both naik train, tapi destinationnye lain lah. Can't wait for tomorrow, bukannye sebab nak sangat balik rumah tapi sebab excited nak naik train!huhu, tiket yg available ade pukul 5.33 pm and 11 pm, tapi aku rembat je, dah tak kisah lambat pun sampai rumah sebab nak naik train punye pasal. Kalau tumpang afiq balik hari tu lagi jimat, tapi dah dia balik dulu, tak dapat la nak menumpang. Tapi tak pe, naik train lagi best,yuhuuu~penang, wait for me tomorrow, i'll be there!yeay~

Details for the voyage-
Train: Ekspres Rakyat
Kelas: Superior
Dari: Ipoh
Ke: Butterworth
Masa bertolak: 5.33 pm
Masa tiba: 9.45 pm
Coach: R
Seat: 6D

Thursday, March 19, 2009


How would you feel when you know there is someone whose name is abbreviated from yours. Faham tak? Biar saya cerita, saya jumpa seseorang yang bernama Syafizat di UTP ni. Syafiq+Izzat --> Syafizat. Tahu nama dia sebab dia pakai jersi bola, and his name is printed on it, "Syafizat". Ade jugak orang yang menggunakan nama dengan gabungan nama saya. Ouhhh, jadi nak happy ke nak jerit2 buang tabiat suruh dia tukar nama? Apa-apa je lah, dah parents dia kreatif kan, nak buat macam mane..Voila!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The day i cried

12 March 2007! I will always remember this date, to my last breath. It was the day the SPM result been announced. Zul, naqib, patly n i on our way to Perlis, we were in discomfiture, can't wait to know what will be the outcome of two years becoming MRSMB's students. With joy or tears? Frankly speaking, i was not that nervous and curious to know the result, but contradictly i was so in vain, the feeling that conquered me all the way long, i was so sure that i will get an excellent result although i learnt that i was lack in certain subjects.

I tried to overcome my uncertainty and yet was so over confident that i will achieve straight A's. I boast to people around like only i will get straight A's, i told my family most of the time regarding this. Diyana, my classmate took her result earlier and she got 9A's, she showed to me her result when i was in que to take mine. I became lavishly confident when i saw her result. I had the thought that i preceded her most of the time in our previous tests and exams in class, so that, of course, i will get at least 9A's, just the same like her. It was my turn to pick up the result's slip. Somehow, i felt nervous and tried to hide my trembling legs and shaking hands.

I looked at the result in hastiness. I was dumbstrucked, i can't believed this and looked back at the slip whether it was for real that was my result. My name vividly stated on the top. I felt like howling and crying at the same time. But, i can't cry...the first thing crossed to my mind, how should i tell my parents. They always hope i will get straight A's in this obsolete SPM. I felt numb and fragile. I stood at the corner of the hall till the moment naqib came to me, asking mine. Ouhhh great! Even he got better than me. I always beat him in the previous UPSR and PMR and now it was vice versa, i was speechless and vague. I was so sad when others at their merry threshold, with grinning faces.

It was a blunder. Why it must be my-this only SPM? Why didn't it happened to my UPSR and PMR instead?? I don't felt like asking people around regarding their results, afraid they will hit me back, asking the same. I just withdrawned myself on that day and try to dodge those people who came near to me. Zul, naqib, n patly all got better than me, and i felt like a dumb when four of us on the way back to Penang. yess, my result is the worst compared to them. Reached home, of course being laughed by siblings and my parents asked whyy? I deserved to be laughed because i said to them earlier, i will get straight A's. But, at least my result is better than you guys, weeekkkk! except for my lil bro, as he is going to sit for SPM this year. Let see yours later!

My parents said that was the pay i must bear for being to vain all this while. They are so right. It was a reprisal from God. I knew 2 days before the SPM my biggest mistake. That i don't focus on my study and revision all this while. I knew from this person, he wrote to me to not daydreaming while in class. It was so true. How come I don't noticed about this and why don't you tell me earlier. The book is may be up front upon me, but my mind always has gone further. I always know about this but it just me who take it easy. I took it as a lesson from the day on, but of course what much can i do in 2 days before SPM??

In form 4, it was like a normal me but I had felt the difference in form 5, i felt lazy and the passion to study was dissipated from my soul. I don't have the gut to, and i was not that strong to fight the other half of me, the bad-side. When I don't understand something, i prefer to let it be and soon when the exam was just around the corner, only then i tried to cover them back, it was too late and i was so sorry with my own habit. I wish i have the passion just like the one when i strived for the last UPSR and PMR. On that time, it just not about study itself, but it was like competition. I always like to compete with others who were top scorers. Now, the insist is no longer a part of me. I have lost it.

It has been a good lesson for me, to not daydreaming and to boast off, or even becoming so over-confident. I will always remember this. The unforgettable part of my life. I always cried when accidently reminiscent this moment. I cried just now as well, as suddenly it came to my mind. If only i learnt my mistake from the first day i stepped in Beseri. I'm not that grit to overcome this feeling, i always regret of this my own silly mistake. I will not do the same mistake again, I will concentrate on my study and make sure there is no remorse for the second time in my life..I wish i have the passion just like the one i used to have before, i need a motivation, i need it damn much....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jangan tiru macam saya

Have you ever stumbled upon a guy, gobsmacked because he is wearing the same shirt exactly like the one you have in your wardrobe? It did happen to me plenty of time and it kind of tedious to face the frequent situation over and over again. It is acceptable kalau he is not UTPian sebab at least, tak de la terserempak time nak pergi lecture pakai baju yang sama. The problem is, semuanya UTPian, my sweater, collared t-shirt and even baju tidur pun same dengan certain people around here.

Ouhh, tak boleh ke korang beli baju lain? Bersepah lagi kot baju-baju lain yang lagi cantek-cantek kat shopping mall tu. The yellow t-shirt with red stripped that I bought time foundation dulu, I have seen 3 to 4 people wearing that shirt and of course semuanya UTPian, nak pengsan rasenye, nasib baik la me tak pakai that shirt on that particular day, kalau tak, boria sakan lah kami. Nak kata baju tu murah, mahal la jugak, ape cantek sangat ke baju tu. Kalau ye pun cantek, beli la different colours, ni tak..kuning jugak korang nak rembat!

So, I have made decision to not wearing that t-shirt any longer, and of course it will end up to be my little brother’s belonging. Bahagialah kau kan dapat abang macam aku ni. This semester, I have noticed one person, wearing the same sweater just like the one I have. Baru belilah tu, nak tayang habis, even pergi daily class pun nak pakai. Apa kau ingat tronoh ni snowland ke ape. But, in this case, I won’t give up easily, bagi that sweater to my little brother for another time?

No..No..No..that sweater dah la agak costly, tak kan senang2 nak bagi kat dia just because of this one person, langsung tak paid off. Okkk fine, and the latest, I found this other person wearing the one which is exactly like my baju tidur. Ouhhh, ini dah melampau, even baju tidur pun same dengan orang lain. Nak sakit jantung pun ade, terkejut bukan main lagi. Bewildered sungguh. Eh, ade lagi yang latest, last week time friday prayer..ade budak ni pakai baju design same like mine, but thanx God, it is in different colour, mine is brown n his is green. Pandai kau pilih colour hijau,lega~

Rumet cakap, “biaselah tu, kau kan selebriti, sebab tu la ramai tiru gaya kau”. Wahhh, wah, wah, munasabahnye jawapan kau! Sejak bile pulak aku jadi selebriti ni??..whatever it is, lepas ni, I will be more cautious when it comes to apparels shopping. Pilih sepelik mungkin supaya tak sama dengan orang lain okk..tapi pastikan tetap cantekk! Ouh, tips2, take note!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Semalam saya mimpi, ye mimpi. Tapi mimpi ni pelik, ye sangat pelik. Pasal kiamat, the doomsday yang will happen. Mungkinkah ini namenye hidayah ataupun entah, aku pun tak tahu nak cakap ape. Mungkin ini petanda supaya aku patut insaf. Heyyy, jangan ajak aku mengumpat lagi, naqib tau..ataupun ajak pergi 'pub' lagi, aznin tau.. n acap, heret aku pergi masjid dengan ko sekali okk..huhu. Gile takut mimpi psal benda2 ni, okk cerita pasal mimpi tu, havoc sangat situation time tu and kat tv semua mufti semua ajak baca doa akhir tahun ramai2 sebab kiamat akan berlaku dalam beberapa hari je lagi. Tapi ape kaitannye dengan doa akhir tahun?entah la, kurang pasti..lagipun kita tak tahu kan the exact date of the doomsday. Ape-ape je lah, oouhh, insaf sekejap..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The terrible night


I don't feel like posting about this incident but when i go into this deeply, then i uttered, whynot? at least, by this way, i can always remember this annoying and gruesome experience, because it is simply bonded into my blog forever. Feel like just write it on my personal diary but yet, i could not share with you all, stalkers, silent readers and etc. So, i think this simple post will do. But yet, i don't think it will be a simple post indeed, because there are so many things to talk about. Let's read the story of mine, the ultimate story for a wondrous night..Sounds awesome but the truth is, it's not.

1) We all on the way to the most prosperous city in Perak, Ipoh. It was around 4.30 pm. They were me, aniep, aznin, zizi, n fifi. I felt great because at last, my plan n wish to go to Ipoh finally worked out. My lists for this day out are like cinema, shopping and of course makan2.

2) Just after a while riding on that lame kancil, we realized that the driver's window is like loosen. Okkk, superb! We stopped at the nearby workshop to fix that dilapidated rent car. They said it took an hour to fix it, but thanks God it took less.

3) The first destination, Yik Foong. We took quite a long while before could reach there. Sauntered around the mall, there was this one shirt. I just love it, the print on the shirt is colourful, with the words, "Saya sayang mak saya". Somehow, it looks so frigging cute but unfortunately the suitable size for me is not available. The one in 's' is so fit and I don't bear to hear my mum's scoff later on.

4) Next, we made a move to Ipoh Parade, ouhhh, we lost on all the way up to Ipoh Parade. Has been two years becoming student of UTP but still can't read where the roads lead to. Once arrived at IP, went to cinema, only two movies available, goshh! seems like Jaya Jusco is the only hope..just walked around IP, bought something and then moved to tambun.

5) Aniep wants to get some stuff left at his aunty's house in tambun. Guess what? we lost again and this time was even worse. Till to the point we arrived at Tesco pengkalan 18, where on earth were we? Took the easiest way, asking people around. But still, we were lost. Masuk taman perumahan sana sini. At last, we arrived at the so-called tambun, it was already around 11pm something.

6) Went to Jaya Jusco, tired of repeating this word, LOST! yess, again. Damn! Tambun is just near to Jaya Jusco but we took the long way and soon arrived at Medan Kidd. Ouuhh, great! We have to turn back to the same way we have taken to tambun, but just went straight instead of taking junction to tambun.

7) Arrived at Jaya Jusco at 12 am and of course we were there not for shopping, thinking of watching midnight movie in the cinema. Unfortunately, the last two movies has been played last 10 minutes, the movies were also lame indeed. We want to watch Geng, but it has been seated on 11.20 pm. So, it will be a waste to pay full price for a partial movie.

8) Went to eat since we still don't have our dinner, it was more to supper i think. Felt so dissapointed as missed to watch that particular movie. We didn't play bowling either eventhough we planned to play earlier. We were so unlucky and it was so miserable.

9) To treat the overall miserable day, we planned to drive thru at mcD Medan Gopeng. But before going back , they all went to the mcd's toilet. Okk, after all gathered in the car, aniep started the car's engine but unfortunately, it seems to be not working. There was something wrong with the car. Damn! Mula la keluar teori masing2 kan, pasal hantu la, pasal bateri la..

10) Kete buruk tu rosak! arghhhhh, i just can't believe this. It was around 1.20 am and what the heck we should do? Fortunately, it's happened at mcD, 24-hours outlet. If it's happened along the gruesome road around Simpang Pulai and Kellie's, i would trembling all the night long. So, we just loafing around mcD macam orang gila.

11) Dah try start enjin million times (over plak million) but it's still remain the same. The lights seem ok, so it's not about the battery, i guessed. We know nothing about car, the only one we know pun, drive je la kot. Want to try seeking for help, but what others can help, no workshop was operating at 1 am for sure!

12) As we all have nothing to do, so we just walked around the mcD and snap2. The mcd staffs pun dah bored tengok kami pusing2, especially akak indian tu kan, dah 3 kali rasenye jalan2 pusing situ. Ambil gambar here and there, posing sana sini. Punya la semangat ni haa..Dah we all tak tahu nak buat apa dah kan. Tuan kete sewa pun katenye nak datang pagi nanti. Lambat lagi~

13) Ade part yang lompat2 tu,ala..the one that people love to do, yang ala2 kaki tak mencecah ground tu. Tapi pic tu tak la jadi pun, blurr and somehow we don't seem to be jumping at all but the one before jumping and after the jumping ade la..cehhh, penat tau lompat tapi sia2 je.

14) Banyak la jugak snap2 and after felt tired to, we rest in the car. Suddenly, around 5 am, a policeman riding on motorbike came near to us. He asked what happened and we simply said, kete rosak. After that, the other two policemen came along. Gila cuakk okk, ape la yang diorang nak buat ni. Police station is just next to mcD tu, dengan berek polis segala, so sebab tu dia nampak kami kot.

15) Okk fine, after a while examining the car he said, "Habis tu, yang pak cik tengok korang lompat2 tadi tu kenape?"..tersentapp kejap! Ouhh no, they have been watching us snap2 pic segala, malu2..Banyak lagi la yang polis ni cakap, I will just quote them down here:
-"Korang ni balik dari mane ni, dari pub yee?"
-"Ni kete rosak ni, mesti sebab korang ade buat benda yang Tuhan marah"
-"Budak UTP bukan boleh percaye sangat, especially perempuan"
-"Ni road tax dah mati sampai dua tahun dah ni"
-"Kalau hari ahad, senang sikit nak bawa kete pegi lokey
" (betul ke lokey yg dia sebut, tak ingat dah)

16) Senang2 je dia cakap kami balik dari pub, ape muka ni keji sangat ke?laser gile mulut tu. Kalah azwan ali. Yang cakap psal buat benda Tuhan marah tu make sense jugak coz we all accidently skip asar, maghrib, isyak n dat subuh in a row, dah la pergi mcD, kena boikotkan. Dah tu dia kate macam budak UTP ni gila sosial+nakal je,amboii, panas hati dengar ni tauu. Dah la tu siap kelentong kami, kate road tax dah mati 2 tahun, mati2 aku percaye tp tngok2, tak pun. ciss..

17) Yang dia cakap kalau hari ahad, senang sikit, boleh bawa pergi lokey, ingatkan dia cakap psal workshop, tapi rupa-rupanya kedai jual kete. cehhh, mati2 aku ingatkn workshop, hairan jugak workshop buka hari ahad. Dia sruh jual je kete tu, gila sporting polis ni, nanti kami jual betul2 kang, korang tanggung,okkk. At least kami dapat duitt.

18) Tapikan, ok la they all concern sebab datang tengok and try to help, orang kat mcD tu bukannye nk tolong pun, dok usha2 ade la. After kami cakap, we will wait for the owner to come later to fix that car, the policemen said, "ingatkan korang memang dah mati kutu tadi, tak tahu dah nk buat ape" and soon they made move and told us to wait for the owner.

19) Sambung lagi tidur dalam kete. around 7am, was shocked when someone was staring at me thru the car's window. Ingatkan lembaga ape. Ouhh, budak2 suruhan owner ni dah sampai, diorang fix2 kan kete and done. Bateri habis rupanye, bateri dah weak kot semalam.

20) Went back to UTP and kitorng tak boleh mati enjin kat tengah jalan even once sebab dia cuma recharge je bateri tu, tak ganti with new battery. Gila kedekutt. So, kena drive carefully la. Congrate to anep coz we mke it to UTP, means that tak mati enjin pun. Kalau tak, stuck lagi la on the way back to UTP.

It was a new experience, a nightmare perhaps. My first time stay for a night in a car, gile sempit okk, dalam kancil 5 orang, dlam posisi tidur plak tu. Posing tidur pun hebat bagai. We all talked out craps most of the time, we should not do so kan. Cakap pasal benda itulah, ade kat bawah kete lah, euwww..seramm! Ni sebab anep yang start cite pasal benda tu la ni, at last, dia sendiri gak yang terkejut beruk mase aku sergah dia. hahaha. Pasal the haunted road kat Simpang Pulai. Ouhh, tak payah la cerita, menakutkan je, dah la aku tidur sorang2 malam ni, rumet pulang ke rumah dengan bahagianye..damn jeles! Conclusionnye, semalam memang tak puas la keluar, banyak sesat2 je and kete buruk buat hal..Ouhhh, tidak, tak puasnye pergi Ipoh, nak pergi lagi......

toilet haruslah jadi sasaran ~

jomm belasah kete buruk ni~

kami tak suka mcD~konon..

gaya lompat yang tak macam lompat, haha~

pak cik polis yang bermulut laser di situ~

ban kete ni okk, ingat no plat ni tau, untuk kebaikan bersama~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

duit, ouhhh duit..

Kira perbelanjaan untuk bulan february semalam, ouhhhh, tidak!! bajetku lari lagi..540 MYR for february, ape yang aku buat? nak kate hang out, amatlah jarang sekali..ciss,tak boleh jadi ni, elaun pun 500 MYR je sebulan, ni dah lebih, need to more frugal in march, have to..haruslah layan maggi goreng je for dinner..cakap pasal maggi goreng, mak cik kafe tu dah muak kot, baru je aku nak buka mulut bagi order, dia dah cakap dulu, "maggi goreng ye dik?" pandai ko mak cik! hehehe..dia pun dah siap pesan, "tak elok makan maggi tiap2 hari"..ade aku kesah?dah name pun nak cut cost hidup kn..laen la kalo mak cik nak belanja kan, no hal..

Ni haa, lesen ni tak renew2 lagi, aku dah lepas lesen P okk, 22 february hari tu lagi, cuma tak de mase je nak pergi JPJ yang jauh gila tu..dah lame tak keluar dari UTP ni, tak berani aku, polis sekarang ni suka sangat buat road block depan2 UTP ni, menyibuk je lah, pergi la jauh2 sikit, kat depan UiTM Seri Isakandar tu ke, huhuhu..rekod lesen P ni ade satu accident, cehh..tak solid la macam ni, lantak la janji aku dah lepas P, maksudnye dah sama taraf dengan abah, mak, bang Jan, kak yong, pak Lang, yah Wa, alaaa..semuaaa la senang, hehe..

Sunday, March 1, 2009


1) Yesterday, it was quite tiring as i joined hazard hunt, organized on behalf of HSE week. Roughly, it was not that fun and a bit obsolete indeed. Our team, kaizen consists of me, acap n aznin.

2) Aznin and i were in dilemma at first because we have to attend the DB2 program at the same time, but then we decided to go on with the hazard hunt after got exemption from the DB2 program insructor, the so-understanding Puan Rohiza.

3) Our journey started from Village 2 and been the twelve out of twenty group to be released. First task, solve the sudoku puzzle and guess what, we failed to solve in 10 minutes time and yet 5 minutes penalty was given. Normal stuff, as other teams also were facing hard time to solve the sudoku. I was so in guilty because i don't know much about this so-called sudoku. I have never messed myself to learn with this stuff before and so, i have been a good spectator for the 10 minutes long, watching acap and aznin tried hard to solve the puzzle. me bewildered.

4) Then, rushed to Multi-purpose Hall and were asked to answer questions on the paper given regarding environment matters, there were 30 questions and we ended up with 11 incorrect answers, cehhh..So, another 7 minutes penalty was given.

5) Next destination, Village 5 cafe.. on the way there, i have been left far behind from them both. They were so determined to win the hunt which surprised me a lot as i thought it was just like, participating for fun instead of, for personal certificate collection. Astounding!

6) I didn't have my breakfast earlier, so it felt like fainting while on the way up to Village 5 cafe, i just sauntered around enjoyed the serene morning breeze instead of running like crazy people craving for the prize money which is not that much actually. I knew acap and aznin were so irascible of me but i just keep walking. Lenggang.

7) Arrived at Village 5 cafe and we played a game, which we have to step on the right tile, if not we will end up being casted with the flour. Been the one who had to start the game, of course i was the one who has been tormented, not once but twice. Ouhh, anis! bahagialah kau dapat kerjakan aku, hehehe..revenge! My blue black shirt was in white!

8) Then, next, rushed all the way up to swimming pool, sangat jauh okk, had to run all the time, felt like giving up. At the swimming pool, someone has to dive in looking for twenty cent coins produced in the year of 2006-2009. Thanks God, aznin voluntered to, if me the one, afraid of drowning later on. It was the last checkpoint, so, back to Village 2. We were told, our team ranked at 10 recently. Should we be happy?

9) We all wore red for the evening session. It was so2 camarederie. I take back my words earlier in the previous post that we will not wearing a same t-shirt colour again. It was not that bad and not to be ashamed about.

10) Had a warm chat while waiting to be released for the evening session. Acap said for the morning session previously, i just jalan Mak Inang, means tak lari pun. We all laughed. waaahh, never heard regarding this before. Jalan Mak Inang?hahaha, hilarious joke.okk2, admit that i just taking it easy, not so determine. Will try harder soon enough, konon.

11) Continue with the hunt at 2pm something, been released from Village 2 again and our destination was Block B, had to count and find how many host drills were there, don't you think this is absurd and lame? entah ape-ape. if only there is no other activities.

12) Then, went to Halliburton and then Building 1 and finally the last check point at V6 cafe. This time we had to find and collect dumps. Ouhhh, great! For God's sake, i loathe it, ingat kami ni mak cik cleaner ke ape! Have to collect three 1.5 litre bottles, 3 cans and 5 used papers around V6. Disgusting enough for me to deal with. Macam orang gila cari sampah dalam dustbins at every block, sangat memalukan.

13) I thought we need to collect any size of bottle, so at first i ended up with three 500ml bottles, one of them was mine. I think i'm smart enough to use my own bottle, no need to look further. My grinning face shined all over. But at last, i was told it should be 1.5 litre, vexed! Thanks God aznin has found them earlier.

14) Back to Village 2 and was informed we are now ranked at 5 recently. Cehh, i really hope to lose in this hunt simply because i don't want to go on with the final round just on tomorrow. But seems like acap and aznin were so happy to be listed in the top 10 for the final round.

15) This time, acap said i have improvement, from jalan Mak Inang, he's upgrading me to the next level, joget Mak Inang, means better than the morning session, sengal!huhuhu, sedap2 je kate aku jalan la, joget la..

16) I told them earlier, if we managed to get listed to final round, i'm not going to go on with it. So, syafril replaced me for today. He voluntered to replace me after I asked whether he wants to. I don't know much what they have gone through for today but for sure, our team, kaizen only managed to be listed for the top 8 overall. Not bad la, you guys have done a great job!

17) Ouhh, and I didn't join the Village 3 family day for the cross country event held in the morning. I have registered for the run. My thighs hurt and can't bear for another long run. Sorry Kak Fifah, she treated me for the registration fee but i dissipate. Sorry.

18) Anyway, the hazard hunt did help in cheering up my Saturday a bit compared to dull weekend i always used to go through . But, surely no more hazard hunt after this, most likely prefer to join the tresure hunt, as it is not tiring, a car tour around Perak. I want to go to Ipoh, has been ages since last time been there.