Thursday, October 29, 2009

I want this, I want that, I want everything

There are few gadgets and items that I always wish to have. If only I got all of this, I would be the happiest person on earth, the brightest star in the universe and the utmost amazing universe in the tremendous universes. Omg! Ape merepek ni?
1) I want a new laptop. My Dell laptop is still functioning well tapi entah la, bosan la tengok dia tiap2 hari. I want something new and fresh. And so, I want Sony Vaio..

2) I want my own personal digital camera. I plan to have one dah lame tapi still takut nak beli.This could cost me hundreds, so I should consider betol2. I want it slim and small, so it would be very convenience and so, I aim for this Olympus MJU1040.

3) I want a new Sony MP3 Player. My old MP4 player is not functioning well, wondering whether it is because of the charger or something might be corrupted. Sebab dia macam gelong sikit. Did I say gelong? Omg! lame tak sebut this word. Gelong bahase utara kan?

4) I want a new stylish mobile phone. I want it slim, small, stylish, touch-screen and easy to navigate. I want it branded, tak nak la buatan China semua ni. Takut nanti tibe2 meletop macam mane, habis cacat telinga semua. Errr..bahaya2

Those are top 4 gadgets I really wish to have, sangat2. I would be the happiest person....Ehhh, chop! Ni macam ulang balik ayat atas je..haha, ok, pandai2 la sambung lepas 'person.....' tu
And so, kalau ade yang terfikir nak bagi present ape for my birthday Krismas nanti, I have helped to solve your problem. Get me one of them pun jadi la, please2..haha

Half Done

I'm so happy! I don't know why this feeling always cling when it is about to Friday. May be because I only have one single class for Friday and plus what to make tomorrow even better is that, the class has ended this sem. The DCN class. Fuhh.. Plus, weekend is coming la. Omg! I love weekend so much and miss it like crazy, hahaha..normal habit for a student kan. The 2 days off after penat dengan assignment, test semua.

I'm glad this week will come to its end sebab some of my works has finished. Now I can forget about:
1) BSD programming assessment- this one baru habis tadi, GA tu check my programming assigment and run it. And I think it was ok, hopefully.

2) Test DCN yang baru sit pagi tadi. Macam nak tergelak bile dapat question paper. Don't take me wrong, it is not easy, it was damn hard. But I got my own reason, tak payah la cakap.

3) Case Study and Report Marketing dah hantar, while Projek dah siap and tunggu mase je nak submit. Yeay!! And test marketing on last Tuesday was ok, rasenye..eventhough korang tak forward pun tips tu kat aku kan. Nevermind~

4) Test SBE- took last Wednesday. Yang ni pun dapat kertas soalan, nak gelak jugak. Ade la sebabnye. Tapi tak sure la jawapan betol ke tak, aishhh. *SBE stands for Small, Business & Entrepreneurship*

And yang tinggal this week, to submit System Analysis & Design Project on tomorrow and for next week plak, here goes the list:

1) Test SAD
2) Presentation SBE
3) Presentation BSD
4) Presentation DCN
5) Presentation SAD
6) Report for SBE presentation
7) SBE Case Study

Next week is the last week of lecture tapi ade some classes yang dah ended. After that, here comes the exam week. What a mess, there is no study week for this semester. Padahal, subjek this semester lagi extra susah kot. And2 kenape eh jadual exam, exam unit susun macam sial? Teruk betol, dah tahu tak de study week, bagi la gap banyak sikit between each paper. Ni tak, sehari sampai ade 2 papers and esok pagi tu another one paper. Mati laaa...Say goodbye to Dean's List cert.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick Update

It is just a quick and short update, every second is worth like an hour. I have to prepare for tremendous of tests and projects due this week, not to forget lab assessment and the presentations as well. Let's talk about something else, which is more pleasant. I have just watched Papadom this evening. Omg! And I don't believe I did it sebab sempat lagi pergi Ipoh tengok movie walaupun tahu minggu ni sibuk nak mati. Sila salahkan Aznin, Bam dan Qurah ye, hahaha..
Ok, they all tak bersalah. It was me yang nak sangat tengok Papadom tu. Movie pukul 5.20 pm tapi masuk cinema pukul 6 pm. Yess, it was pathetic. Gigih sangat nak tengok kan. Tak paid off bayar RM10 for a halfway movie. Lantak la, janji I can boast to people around yang at least, I have watched Papadom. It was just a short day out. Bertolak pukul 5 pm, sampai tepat pukul 9 pm and terus berkejar pergi meeting for Marketing project. Esok, my plain daily life will starts as usual. Tak suka Isnin.

p/s: Happy 19th Birthday to arwah Hasnur Haziq. May you rest in peace, mind to recite Al-Fatihah for his soul.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I want to do something pleasing, but I know I don't have time for that

I don't feel like studying now, yes I'm getting lazier (is this word exist) day by day. I don't know why, I think this semester, I have skipped many classes. It is such an ultimate record for me. People might say I am hardworking, rajin pergi kelas and what-so-ever, but the ugly truth lying beneath is vice versa. I'm lazy. That's the fact! Bear in your mind please, "Syafiq Izzat pemalas".

OMG! I should have start studying by now since I got BSD test on tomorrow. BSD is such a hard and tough subject for people who dislike programming like me. Duhh, but still I need to put on some effort on this! Did I say some? I mean whole effort! Nothing much to say actually but I like typing and writing. It is such a passion kot.

Please don't ask me why I don't update frequently if so. I tell you earlier I got tonnes of works. I'm getting mad each day. But still, I try to convince myself that tomorrow would be even more pleasing. Owh god, it is a sin. I am deceiving to myself. List of works I should do and submit before final are as follow:

1) Projek DCN
2) Projek BSD
3) Projek SAD
4) Projek POM
5) Presentation SBE
6) Report of presentation for SBE
7) BSD programming lab assessment
8) Revision for SBE test
9) Revision for DCN
10) Revision for POM test
11) Revision for BSD test
12) Take home quiz for DCN
13) and the latest SBE case study

* Heylo Madam Satirenjit, perlu ke bg case study yg kena buat interview segala, dah la bagitahu last minute..aishh *sigh*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A night to remember

The night was over. A big relief to all committees of Syntech Raya Dinner and Dean List Award. Being one of the committees under Public Relation is quite a job actually. The event start as early as 8 pm with the crowd coming to the hall and guess what, Acap and I who were in charge at the entrance counter just arrived at 8 pm something.

Things were so out of control. The rehearsal which took part earlier ended at 7 pm something, so how could we arrive there before 8 pm kan. Nak iron baju lagi, nak siap2 semua. Absurd. Only two people in charge with hundred of guests queing all up was totally a gruesome nightmare.

Then, we need to look for the tag with their names, as to be given to the MC when they were about to go on the stage for the Dean's List certificate. And guess what? Some people's tag name are missing and so, they need to write their name on other paper. Kesian kan. Then, kami la yang kena dengar diorang bising2 semua..aiyoo! Sabar je la~

Dah la kami dua jenis yg agak gelabah, sometimes don't even realize we talked gibberish. Aku tanye kau, kau tanye aku and so it means nothing. Owh god, dengan tag yang tak tersusun and even ade yg jatuh kat bawah meja segala. For god's sake, I felt like going away tau dari counter tu.

This make me reminiscnene balik time jadi committee International Culture Night, so much like this. Kena jaga pintu masuk and check tiket and find seat for guests, not that difficult sangat pun.
It was ok2 la, and the one I will remember sampai bile2 was, when Ustazah Mashitah asked to find seats for her and her family including nenek dia yang paralysed. So, she seeked for front seats. Melopong la gigih cari seats for them.

Tengok picture atas ni, teringat kate Eya, "Kite ambik gambar macam kite berempat je yang datang kan" ahaha..yess, kami ambil gambar berempat banyak kot, macam orang lain tak de kat situ je. omg! Anyway, this dinner is not that bad actually, it was ok. Congrates for the committees and those who got dean's list certificates and other awards that night.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Angkat tangan please!

I'm not intrigued to watch Malay movies when they are released into Cinema because I think it is not paid off. Have been let down for few times is more than enough. But, when it comes to this very Papadom, I feel different and so much intrigued into it. I'm attracted and feel like going now to watch right away without any dawdling. Plus to bear in my mind, when others said it is entertaining and fun to watch. Ok, so who gonna take me to Cinema this weekend? angkat tangan please! Omg! can you see how desperate I am...

Friday, October 9, 2009

my pagi sabtu- lets makan2

Let me tell you how my Saturday starts with. Bangun pukul 7 for subuh prayer, then when I about to go back for sleep, my keling housemates were screaming like people riding on the roller coaster, err..I think worse than that kot. They had a fight. Habis dengan maki2 and sumpah seranah segala dlam bahasa tamil. May be bergaduh sebab sorang nak tengok cerita Kuch2 Hota Hey while sorang lagi dying for American Next Top Model. Mungkin.

Ok fine, terus melantak tidur sampai terskip program Impress: Image Building yang I am short-listed as one of the participants. Program khas untuk Dean’s List recipient kate2 mereka. Back to my intention, memang aku rase malas pun nak pergi sebenarnye, haha..Perlu ke program2 macam ni? OMG! I am so not responsible kan.

And while I was sleeping, I got this dream. My beloved aunty passed away. OMG! There can’t be anything worse than that. Dia sihat, cantik and muda lagi kot. Dah la she is my aunty kesayangan sebab kami adik beradik memang rapat pun dengan dia. Duduk pun sebelah rumah je. Dia la yang jadi mak angkat kami mase my parents fly to Arab Saudi in 2005. Pergi shopping dengan dia semua lah, sebab time tu dia single lagi.

Dia la yang rajin buat biskut raye semua ni, kek segala. Tapi lepas kahwin, dah tak buat plak. Err, I can’t afford to lose her. I mean, in this time-period. Ok, my second dream was about I bought a new handphone. Ulalala~ Nak tahu handphone ape? Sony Ericsson model cabuk tu! Yang jenis budak2 sekolah pakai, yang tak de kamera. Owh god, can I get anything better than this? Kate pun mimpi kan, bagi la Black Berry ke, Nokia E-series ke, and ape2 lagi ke lah.

And sekarang aku rase betol2 macam nak melantak. Pengaruh telan appeton teen grow kot, menambah nafsu aku je. Ok, nak makan Big Apple Donuts, Secret Recipes cake, Thai-seafood Pizza, Ice-Blended Classic One, Mcd? Err, tak mau la. Baru telan time keluar midnight dengan Bam, Qurah, Yana n Nin hari tu. And for tradisional dish, I want rojak, pasembor, laksa mak, nasi lemak, cendol, ABC, cucur udang. And suka goreng ape2 frozen foods yg ade dlam fridge kat rumah tu.

Abah memang suka beli nuggets, burgers beef, sotong tempura bersalut, chicken fingers, sausages, meatballs and so forth. Aiyoo, tak boleh jadi ni, famished! Can anyone treat me for those? And on top of that, tetibe rase nak makan nasi kenduri. OMG! Pelik betul, time kat rumah kena paksa pergi kenduri tak nak pergi. Tetibe je sekarang excited nak pergi kan. Tak pe la, nanti kalau aku terserempak dengan mane2 kenduri around Perak ni, serang je la, wakakaka. Muka tembok!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

19 Syawal

Gaze at the window, looking at the stars. How I wish I can be one of those bintang. Tomorrow is Friday, 20th of Syawal. I have tonnes of assignments and I want to dodge away, far from them if I could. But the fact is, I can't. OMG! I can't stop talking about my dull life, the next horrible path waiting for me to go through on the next day.

Kalau boleh, I want to finish my study cepat2, then get a job. After that, only then I can see how happy I would be. Beli my dreams car, rumah cantik2. Then, kahwin and start a family life. Lepas tu dapat cucu segala and lepas tu mati. Erkk, can I skip that part?When I ponder back, tak bagus jugak if time passed by cepat sangat, because as time passed, my parents pun will get older and then they will....

OMG! can I skip that part jugak? Tak boleh kan, therefore I wish I could make
them happy tau, always be happy. Takut tengok abah sekarang. Abah dah tak
sekuat dulu. Bile buat keje sikit, mesti dah tak larat. And aku ni plak,
keep pushing him suruh buat itu ini.Mak pun dah tak seceria dulu.
Makin garang. Abah pun.
God, can I make one wish lagi? I wish that my parents will be the
happiest parents on earth, tak selalu marah2, selalu
senyum comel. And tak payah keje kuat2 lagi.Ok, I think I have digressed
jauh dah ni. I am 19 years old lagi, tapi dah fikir pasal future semua.
Never Mind lah. Have a wonderful Friday friends.

p/s: I know my blog is lame, and boring as hell but no need to remind me that

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Panic at the disco

Omg! Muzek jahat, sangat jahat. He gave this link to acap and without doubt,
acap bukak la. and then he felt like something was not right and asked me to click
on this button at that website.
Ala..bukan ade ape2 pun, the website is just about to click the
button to listen to samson's song in reverse mode. Not a big deal, plus I'm so curious to
know what's wrong if the song played in reverse mode.
First, I thought it was like, lagu tu mcam ade perkataan tersembunyi
mcam kurafat. I pressed without any delay kan. Semangat nih! Sound pulak
tak loud enough kan, so aku rapat kan muka ke skrin la nak dengar,
acap tengok dari belakang. Sekali keluar gambar2 cik2 Han
and cik2 Ponti. Omg! Clueless! Muzek jahat! Muka acap dah berubah,
and guess what? He ran out of the room sepantas kilat. I was panicked
and grabbed his hand and lari
macam orang gila pergi bilik sebelah. Bilik nin, bechir pun ade kat situ.
Bengong la kau muzek. Sebelum ni kalau tengok cerita2 hantu ni,
aku gigih tutup muka tak nak tengok benda2 ni, tetibe terpampang
betol2 depan muka aku kan. Arghhhhh....geram2! And so, I gotta feeling
that tonight will not gonna be a good night.
Ishk2, keluh kesah..
p/s: acap, knape la kau suruh aku klik button tu? aiyooo~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I got something to say

I always wondering and pondering this few days why on earth,
a Business Information System student need to learn Data Communication
& Networking subject. This killing course is about analog and digital signal,
bandwith, LAN, circuit network and macam2 lagi yang langsung not my
interest at all. OMG! Dengan calculation yang bersepah-sepah.
God, can I make one wish. That when I wake up tomorrow,
I'm no longer a BIS course student. I will accept anything, as long as it is not BIS.
Wait a minute, what have I digressed malam2 buta ni?
Pardon me, I'm just getting a bit emosional as I'm going to
sit for DCN test at 8 am on tomorrow.

p/s: This semester is such an ultimate disaster. Seriously. No kidding at all, especially when knowing that the result for this semester is going to be used for internship. I'm done!