Monday, November 23, 2009

Exam dah habis! The happiest person on earth? That's me

Arghhhhhhhhh..sial punye soalan! geram betol dengan last paper tadi..System Analysis Design, huhh..

Dah la mase tak berape nak cukup, penat tau study tapi tak boleh jugak nak score..susah tau SAD, ade part technical and theory. No wonder la there is warning in the text book. Korang ade perasan tak? Here is the quoatation..

"WARNING: This material may be hazardous to your mental stability."

Gile tak? First time ok aku bace buku yang boleh menjejaskan otak ni. Patut la dah tak berape nak betol sikit this few days, hihi

Anyway, no more revision, no more tension2. I'm back to my normal life, normal sounds awesome. Hehh, a big thanks to my study group members. Ini lah first time berdiskusi for final examination. Before this I would prefer to study alone sebab easier to absorb. Kalau ramai2 nanti mula la start cerita. Habis cerita Mak Cik Gayah jual karipap sampai la Mak Cik Bedah jual belacan. Erkkk? Tapi kan, I just learn that it is fun to have a study group, and I'm addicted to it.

*acap tak ikut tema, selalunye tiap kali meeting, kami tetapkan tema okk..kali ni hitam*

*tiada dalam gambar: fatin liyana*
Okkay, I got another issue here, quotation by people..
Pagi tadi tengah2 sikat rambut, tibe2 teringat there was once this girl told me..
"Ko ni kan harap tinggi kat rambut je"
Nah sebijik! Sampai hati kan. Cisss. Sebab dulu2 memang suka buat style macam tu.
And there was even this guy cakap..
"Sudah2 la gubah bunga tu"
Erkk, rambut aku dikatakan bunga, celaka tak? ahahaha
And hari tu mase pergi exam, ade orang tegur,
"Ko pakai bedak ke?"
And I was like taken aback. Macam la aku ni gelap sangat. Cisss

*tinggi ke? biase je kan*
nota kaki: agak2 kalau aku straighten rambut for the third time, mak halau rumah tak?

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I had an enjoyable night yesterday. It was a simple night out for a
steamboat dinner at Moven Peak, the bills amazed me, RM316!
Ouchh, we better go for shopping instead guys, ahaha..
But still, it was fun even there was no movie. Owhhh 2012!
kenape la mesti full house?

Exam mode! The killing weeks

I don't feel like blogging this few weeks, enough with this examination thingy. This semester is a big chaos and turmoil and thanks God it will come to its end soon. Yeahh! soon enough as my last paper is on 24. My dad will pick me up at 26 and so pondering what I'm going to do in the two days gap.

I'm so frustrated as there is no study week for this time around. They people should have not decide to get rid of it just like that. I thought as there is no study week, the gap between each paper would be long enough. But hell, it is even contradicted. There is even 2 papers for me in one day! And guess what? The next morning I have another paper to work out. UTP exam unit is crazy and they don't think about student! Hate them for that reason.

To make it bad, all the three papers are on facts-basis which we have to memorize every single of word. Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Health Safety & Environment and Principles of Marketing. I got enough with three of them, I'm blowing! And just now as for Marketing, I don't know what have I wrote on that lame paper, even there is some facts I mixed up with Small Business paper. Omg, I'm screwed up!But still, I'm hoping for good grade in Marketing. Encik Abu Bakar, give me A ya!

My first paper, Data Communication & Networking (why i'm so rajin to mention this subject's full name) was a mess. The question was like oh my god, you have never expected. Tips given was not helping langsung. Please God, I'm hoping for some miracles, give me A for this paper. Dr Halabi! Tolong lah. I know this won't happen. Tssk

My second paper was like oh my god jugak, tapi not as killing as DCN. It is more direct and linean. I'm so pissed off with my coursework marks, got little marks for project presentation which I was doomed (refer to previous entry). Tapi as it is programming, is obvious that I'm not good at this, I don't hope for a good grade sangat. Tapi Dr Fadzil, tolong lah! Bagi B+ okk!

My third paper, SBE! The subjective question was not expected. The question is not a famous type. I wonder why this Mrs Satirenjit choose the not-sot-important part in the notes, like layouts, and management style. People tend to focus more on other major parts and of course yang not so important would come last. Mrs Satirenjit, please help me! Give me A. I know this won't happen jugak.

The next paper after SBE is HSE, it was held on the same day (Friday). Banyak gila tak cover for HSE, tak sempat nak baca semua but thanks God, luckily it was not bad even there was some questions I was screwed. Felt lazy to go for Friday Prayer that day sebab banyak kot tak cover plus exam at 3pm. Nasib lah, I got a good roomate over here yang ajak paksa. Nanti dia kena walk all the way up to mosque yang jauh berbatu batu tu pulak. Suruh bawa moto sendiri takut. Haiyooo! Anyway, Dr Lidia tolong lah tanda my paper when you are in a good mood.

My next and last paper is on 24, it is System Analysis & Design which require you to do comprehensive reading. Banyak betol subjek membaca semester ni. Courseworks for this subject is not that bad and so I'm hoping for a good grade. Ms Rozana, please make sure soalan tak susah2 okk. God, I want to be in Dean's Lists for this semester lagi. Please help me this time around. I want it so badly. I'm counting on my SAD paper this 24. Can't wait to go back home, I want to have a long peaceful break. Far away from books.

nota kaki: I want to watch 2012 so badly tapi tak de sape nak ajak pergi cinema. I'm so gonna watch this movie!

nota kaki 2: tak faham kenape roommate gelak guling2 tengok gameshow jepun/korea tu, hepinye kau

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Omg! Final exam is approaching

Tadi went out for dinner and order la makanan from this brother. Lepas habis order, my roommate said kenape over sangat mase order tadi? macam nak goda dia je, kejap push your body ke depan kejap ke belakang. Some sort like that la my roommate cakap. And I was like staggered. Was I like seducing him? Erkkk..confuse di situ. Kadang2 kite tak perasan what we did, but other people around might have noticed kan. Hmmm..actually nak cakap pasal my collection of long sleeve shirts. Tak sangka those shirts useful pulak for this semester. As for previous semesters, they will be just remain in the luggage. Perhaps sebab I've got quite number of presentations for this semester and semua pun perlu pakai kemeja. A fact that one has to know is, I bought most of them at the same time. It was a one day out just to shop for shirts, it was fun! It was before going for the interviews which I was short-listed after SPM. Interview Tesl UiTM, Interview Tesl Maktab Perguruan and Interview for UTP.

Mum yang semangat nak beli semua tu, so that I have few selections to make nanti. See how generous my mum as four of them are GMV which costs her RM80-90 per shirt. But for ties, I have to use my own money la, nvm. Teringat lagi for each of the interview that I went, I wore different colours. Semangat! Macam la ade orang perasan if I wore the same shirt for each interview. If ade pun, that person would be my parents la. No one else ya, sebab I don't stumble with same people for the three interviews that I went to. To make it great, I succeeded in all of the interviews, hoorayy! But, too bad I have choosen UTP and now I'm regret. Isshhh, put that aside. I'm going to face final dah pun this Friday. I think I should buka bisnes sewa baju la sebab ramai dah yang pinjam my shirts ni, like acap, otromen, syaf and nizam. At least I got something as return kan, ahaha.. I'm so into money sekarang, I need to shop for few gadgets la during sem break nanti. Owhh, shopping spree! Can't wait people. Ok, get to go. Banyak lagi tak cover for final ni, tapi sempat lagi facing my lap top ni, posting new entry for my blog. I should get back to my work. Wish me luck for final!

p/s: someone said if i have a child, he/she would looks great as a resemblance to his father (me), hehe.. thanx for that.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Housemates

Can someone please remove ikan kat dalam fridge tu? It's sordid tahu tak? Pelik la diorang ni, kalau tak nak masak..please la buang kan. Dah berbulan bulan kat dalam tu, even before
ramadhan lagi. And can I have toilet for my own use please.. tak nak share dengan orang2 ni, ishh.. Yang lagi sordid, sink kat dapur dah jadi tempat buang2 hingus semua, geli nye ya Allah..
disgusting kot.

p/s: sape yang curi my fork semalam? aku sumpah mata ko tercucuk fork tu, puas hati!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A relief

Yesterday was the day, there were two big presentations. System Analysis Design and Business System Development. Everyone put on hope in this, praying everything will be just fine and run smoothly. Kami took quite a long time to come out with the deliverable sahaje. Slept at 5 am dengan other teammates sebab nak siapkan benda ni. But still, we can't complete it on Friday and so, submit the report lambat sikit. It was hectic, macam orang tak de life. Esok and the next day tu sehari suntuk buat lagi. There was no weekend for me. But I know it is a part of becoming a uni-student and i'm still adapting to this eventhough dah 2 tahun staying here.

Done with the report, next..need to mess up with the presentations pulak. SAD presentation took part earlier at 2.30 pm while BSD was later at night. SAD presentation was going well eventhough he did complain there are few mistakes about the diagrams but I count that as a usual mistake sebab other people pun kena tegur jugak. So, it was not that bad. Luckily, the one who evaluated us is not the lecturer, but the tutor instead. Tapi tak semestinye tutor bagi lebih markah, we can't never tell. Leganye bile dah habis SAD, sekarang tinggal BSD.

That evening, buat slides semua, divide part masing2 and do final touch up for the system. And berkumpul kat circulation before moved to the meeting room. The dress code for the presentation is Black & White as proposed by Ima, our project manager. Our turn is scheduled at 9 pm and we went into the meeting room walking warily, it was quite a long pace of nervousness. The slides were greatly presented but when it comes to the system demo, everything turned out to be dissapointing. Crash sana sini and tak dapat run smooth. I was like howling and gobsmacked jugak.

Geram sebab before tu dah test, it was ok. But, when it comes to this-only presentation yang sangat crucial, everything freak out. The system presented to Dr. Fadzil seems to be cumbersome and worthless. And acap, please stop saying that itu salah kau, it is not your fault. It just happened and we ourselves are shocked as we expect the system would be ok and great. I don't know how to think positive like you guys, I know you guys can accept this. But, I can't sebab we have put much effort on this kan.

And of course we want to see it working well. Once I said "kenape boleh jadi macam ni?" and fatin replied, "dah tuhan nak jadikan, nak buat macam mane?".. and I replied back, "so, ni semua sebab tuhan la?" It was rude. Ya Allah! What's wrong with me? I'm so not accepting this. I'm so dissapointed sangat2. But, when looked at other teammates, I don't feel sad sangat sebab I should learn to think positive and accept things that just happened. I felt much better when Dr. Fadzil cakap, he could see our effort on this. I hope the marks for this presentation will not be that bad. We have done our best tapi tak de rezeki mungkin.

Great job ima, acap, meeda, anis and fatin. We did our best and we have tried hard to present this thingy. I think we all deserve a big round of applause. I love you all. Banyak spend mase dengan korang je kan this few days. At least, we have learned something from this.

p/s: Lawak la mase present SAD that evening, banyak kelentong2 je kan and nasib baik tutor tu sporting. Lawak la when ima started the presentation and greet the tutor as 'Abang Sobri' and he looks blushing.. Abang!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Missing them

Err..I hate to say this, but I miss them badly..I miss my family. Baru sebulan lebih tak balik, dah homesick kan. Eh, tak macho la lelaki homesick. Aishh, sebab tu la I loathe to say that I miss my home.

I miss my mum. Dah lame tak dengar mak bising2 suruh pergi sembahyang Jumaat. And nak makan laksa mak buat. Nasi Daging pun.
And semua pun la. Tengok la nanti lepas exam,
i will never be apart from makan. Heesshh, nak goreng frozen foods dalam fridge tu semua, makan sampai gemuk.

I miss my Tok Som and eldest brother jugak. Kalau I'm home now, for sure Tok Som jerit "Syapik, pi beli kanji kat tok mau dak?" dalam bahasa penang yang pekat. And I yang rajin ni pergi la beli kat Tok. Kalau malas, I will just tell her kedai tutup, hahaha. Tengok la cucu Tok yang suka tipu ni, Heishh.. And my brother, selamat bergraduasi ye nanti. Semoga dapat kerja yang bagus2. My abang dah besar and going to start kerja, macam tak all happened so fast. Esok2 dah kahwin pulak.

I miss abah and kak yong jugak. Abah is so grit and would do anything for his naughty sons and daughter. Eventhough I have never thank you abah, but deep inside you are my hero. And kak yong, lame tak tarik rambut kau. Hmm, tak pe la balik nanti aku tarik puas2 ok, hehe. Well done and Congrates for your convo that day. Heishh, geram betol sebab tak dapat pergi sekali. Tapi like abah said, "never mind, nanti kak yong dapat ijazah, kite satu family pergi ramai2" okk la, diploma je kan, so tak perlu kot borong satu family. Abah, next time count me in! And Bang Jan, I'm looking forward your Convo early next year.

Lastly, my adik yang paling aku sayang sebab kau je la adik yang aku ade kan, hehe..I know you don't read this. I just want to tell you, you can't beat my height la, aku makan teengrow balik tau sekarang, hehe..And my friends semua cakap I'm a bit taller. Tak pe, balik nanti kite ukur eh siape lagi tinggi. And I would like to wish all the best for your SPM. Buat essay tu betol2 sikit. Mak dah bising2 that day when reading your essay. Jangan lupe strive for A1 in english ok and of course la other subjects as well.
p/s: I think I should give my parents a call more often, lagipun abah yang pay for my bill kan