Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shhh..Pretty Little Gossip

Nothing to be uttered, just a short update. Last weekend was quite fun, on Saturday I had this so-called reunion which I thought many would come. To my surprise, only few turned up. What a dissapointment but ok la, dapat jugak jumpa a few at least. The best part when ade cakap I'm taller and I'm now mature, kahkahkah..

On Sunday, we had this blast of touring around KL. Beraya rumah kawan-kawan kat Sungai Buloh and Cheras. Yang bagusnye, we three don't know routes around KL sangat and so banyak masa spent in the car, sesat sana sini. Time nak balik dari rumah fatin balik Ampang lagi la. Habis redah satu KL, last2 jumpa jugak Ampang. Nasib baik driver cekal, hehehe. Thanks Ima, Aznin, Fatin n Q!!

Esok I got invitation to open house MITCO Japan held kat Maya Hotel, KLCC. I have to put on my best baju melayu then since there's award for the best dress. The day after, Jumaat pulak.. there's another open house..this one by MITCO, held kat Nikko Hotel. Haiyooo, tak menang tangan. Both pun 5 star hotels, woot woot...time intern la baru nak merase pergi hotel mahal2..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Of Internship and Raya

Talking about life now, I would say mine is like I'm living on this mainland and out of nowhere, I got a vacation to this island. A small island but surprsingly it is modern and well-established.

It is fun to have vacation there and I would say I have learned lots of new things, be it in blatant form or not. I am happy and hopefully will continue being so. After a long while, I decided to go back to the mainland and I realized it is the place I should be.

It is different but somehow it offers serenity and give more values. Enough talking about the crap, I'm referring to my internship business, mainland is Penang and the notorious island would be Kuala Lumpur. Oh Oh, after a week home, I feel like never leave home lagi.

Macam mane nak kerja kat KL macam ni? Urghh, never mind..put aside all those things, let's talk about Raya.

muka orang excited naik flight, can't hide the thrill oh

Ni kat caring 1 stop cntre, paya keladi..not recommended! they made us waiting
all night long lepas tu out of sudden cakap nasi habis.
Such a vulgar attitude, nasib baik drinks on them.

Raya this year for me is just going okay, don't give much significance but at the same time, don't give much dissapointment. 4 more months to go for internship, chaiyokk2!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

So I guess I have to continue what I had just left quite long time ago; to update this remote and isolated blog. Well I should have start to update more frequently since some asked what's up with the long halt. I hope it is still not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all since we are still in this Syawal's mode. Nothing special for Raya this time around but still it was exhilirating to meet relatives and to make it even better is of course, to receive duit raya. However, this year is the worst of all in term of collection of duit raya. Ohh Ohh, what do you expect to get when you are growing up year by year. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya all, have a good one.