Friday, December 10, 2010

I love every single moment of my life

Well, lame tak mencarut kat sini. Eh, I mean melalut, hehehehe. Things are going well up to this point rasanye. I thank God for everything He offered to me. Internship is going to end soon, very soon.

I have like another 5 weeks lagi in KL before I'm going back to Penang and then balik UTP. Oh sedihnyaaaaa. I love internship more than study life in UTP. I got enough of tests, assignments, projects and all. I guess there's an end to everything, so I would take this as part and parcel of life.

Study pun sambung sampai bulan 9 je and after that I would be a working adult. Going to work next year dalam office, omg! Macam I'm too young for that kan. Ok, that's something appealing, I could save money awal2 and buy the things I'm longing for.

had a great time singing 3 hours non-stop *exaggerating*

They think they look cool, I'm in doubt. haha

What I love about KL, I got chance to meet besties. Like that day, dapat jumpa Hazmi, Ucop n Ghani. Omaigot, it has been ages kot since last jumpa. I got chance to meet Shean as well, at last.


And to make it good, we spent time buying groceries sama2 lagi kat Carrefour that day. I miss this girl so much and I think she is still the same Shean once in school. Lunatic but always pleasant. Glad to meet you dear and looking forward our next date, ehehehe. Good Luck for your exam. Gambateh! Hope this 'bedtime story' does entertain you. Hahaha