Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Caca merba

I don't know what to plan for future. Do we need to have one? Or it comes by itself along the way? See, I'm such a noob. But yeah, I do have plan on what car to buy, and how my future house would be like. Materialistic. Yes, I am. Everyone pun, I'm sure. I always want to try investment kind of thing. In fact, I do have Maybank Investment account but it is not active. Back then, I was persuaded to do investing as one way to keep growing your money. I didn't had the chance to learn much so I quit half way. Too bad. I have not start  invest even a buck. Risk. Yeah. The word I'm afraid of. We might get huge return but we could also suffer from loss. Well, that's pretty much describe what is investment anyway. Risk and return. I don't know why suddenly I babble about this. Well, the fact is I am bored and kind of.. have nothing to do. Pretty much going online and then start to ponder, hey why don't I update my blog and here I am typing this. urghhh. I'm bored, penniless and jobless of course. I don't know how much longer should I wait. Part time in the meantime? Nahhh, I'm too lazy for that. I am choosy some more. I don't just pick up any job, even if it is for temporary. I want a good and promising job. Petronas, please make it fast. I'm dying here. I need money to spend!!