Thursday, April 12, 2012

A New Phase

Time flies.. it's 12th of April already. So I have been staying home, been on hiatus mode for quite long.. approximately 3 months. I need to report duty on this Monday, 16th of April at KLCC.. my new to be workplace alhamdulillah. I've been offered as Executive ERP in Corporate ICT Development, Finance Division of PETRONAS Holdings. I have mixed feelings. I feel excited as I will finally work and get paid like other adults but (there goes but) I am afraid. I am afraid of many things, in fact I have lots of thinking in my head, like.. How my boss would be like? Can I do the works given by him? Will I get along well with the colleagues? and many more. Well, I got this kind of thinking too when I was about to go for internship last time. It is more or less the same. However, my internship went well and it was a very pleasing phase of my life.  May be, I put too much thinking. I am going to KL this Saturday and I already got the place to stay. My new home for I-don't-know how long, may be years? It is located in Gombak. Putra Villa Condo. I googled up and it seems like a nice place to stay. Well, at least let's hope it would. Anyway, wish me luck for the new phase of life I am about to take. wuhooo.. I feel so nervous and excited at the same time :)

Thanks Mr. Google for the pictures.