Friday, May 25, 2012

Need To Stay Strong.

Sometimes I ponder, it is way more pleasing to do something you love although the pay you may get is little. What's the point gaji banyak tapi you do the things you dislike and not compassionate. It's torturing somehow. You will be not happy and feel frustrated, devastated and bad about it. So kids, if you love painting, hey just go for it. Don't think about the pay. Who knows you might later become a famous artist and get known from your high profile painting. It is about passion. Passion drives success. 

I don't really like my job actually. Perhaps it is too early to judge but I can tell by how others work. I mean the colleagues. And on top of that, I can't mingle well with them too. There's a barrier between us, of course putting age gap aside. I don't know but it is just so hard to blend together with them. The key to a happier working environment is of course the people. If you have a good relationship with the people, then 3 quarter of your problem is just gone. poof. 

I have to blame myself as well. I have this trait of mine who is very shy to talk to people. I talk so little. But hey, I did improve. It is just that I can't get to their level, just yet. My manager is okay. She seems nice and understanding. Oh I wish I can slit this side of me yang timid away from me and start to be a new person but I just can't. It sticks hard and clinging well to this body. Oh god. I just want to be little more talkative and you know, socialize with the people. Sometimes, I think it is not just me but the colleagues yang sombong. I did greet some of them and they just abandoned me. Harsh.

I know I have to stay positive and keep on going. That's what I'm doing by the way. Try to smile and put aside all those bad thinkings I have. Look into my eyes and you will see too little room of happiness but enormous amount of sadness. But hey, I have to be strong and keep on going. I don't have many options after all. Sad life of mine, I know. How I wish I can be young once again and start going to school like before. No worklife. Just schooling. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazing PIPE

So I went to PIPE for the last 2 weeks. Just settled at home evening tadi. What is PIPE? PIPE stands for PETRONAS Induction Program for Executive. All new PETRONAS executives have to undergo this induction course. The program runs for 2 weeks long and I must say it was fun. Ada CSR to rumah anak yatim, ada outdoor activities, briefing, classroom lectures, exercise. Other than that, meeting people from different backgrounds inspire you. Some are already married and stok bapak2 and mak2 orang. 

The people are all great. They spoke well, did presentation well, mingle well, publish themselves well. I am like nobody. They overshadowed me in every aspects. Being a shy person, I felt so tiny and even macam tak wujud kot. Well.. tapi I did participate and they know me as budak Thai along the program sebab I spoke Thai masa drama presentation and whatsoever haha. I just go spontaneous and somehow it worked. Lets the pictures speak. I rest my case. Esok kembali kerja. OMGGGG! zzZZzzzz.