Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trip to Krabi: Day 1

I had a great trip to Krabi yeahhhh. Went there for 3 days and 2 nights from 29 April to 1 May. It was a planned trip of course haha. Booked a hotel room at Srisuksant Resort from Groupon website. It was a nice and cozy stay. Our flight on the 29th was at 7am. Since the flight trip is early, Acap and I stayed a night at Hazmi's place. Lagi pun, his house is nearer to LCCT.

Yeahh arrived at the hotel around 8.30 am local time

The pool is made along the resort, beautiful

But I do think the rate is too overpriced. There were too many extra charges and it costs hell.. a lot. We need to add 4200 Baht during check-in. Padahal dah bayar RM369 for the Groupon voucher. So, in total it costs around RM770++ for two nights stay. EXPENSIVE !! But worth la kot cause the place is so nice. Near to the beautiful beach too. Nopparattora beach.

Once masuk bilik, tukar2 baju then here we go. We walked along the kedai2 yg banyak promote islands tour package. The plan untuk first day is to go to pulau2, snorkelling semua tu. Unfortunately, we were late. The island tour package has started as early as 8.30 am. So we can only go for tomorrow. We paid 1100 Baht per person,  the cheapest we can get. Others offered at 1200 Baht, equivalent to 120 ringgit approximately. Senang nak convert currecy dorang to ringgit, just buang one zero kat belakang hehe.

Since first day tak dapat islands tour, we decided to go to interesting places around Krabi. There are a lots of tuktuk service along the road at Aonang. A lot of fascinating places to choose on the board and we finally decided to go to The Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and Tiger Cave Temple. Yang bagusnya, the driver akan tunggu and stay sampai kita habis or puas kat satu place tu. Altogether we only paid 2800 Baht or 280 ringgit equivalently for a half day roadtrip. 2800 Baht divided to 3, less than 100 ringgit only maaa and you can jalan2 to 3 places.

Some places advertised in the tuktuk
Our first destination: The emerald pool. The crystal color of emerald pool is simply awesome.

Our second destination: Hot Spring

The forbidden blue pool. Tak boleh mandi k. Boleh bergambar jer.

Tapi yang tak best, the tuktuk driver tak faham english. Sangat la seksa nak communicate dengan dia, simple english pun dia tak faham huhu. So memang tak bersembang la dengan dia. It would be good to get a driver yang fasih english so that dia boleh explain in more details about the places you visit. Lepas tu sampai hotel around 4pm local time terus pengsan. Took a rest jap, lepas tu terus shoot in swimming shorts. To the hotel's swimming pool ohh yeahh. We had an underwater photoshoot kahkahkah. Kemain. Semangat nak try the new waterproof camera that I have bought just for this trip. Exclusive !! kikikii

Our third destinantion: Tiger Cave Temple


There is another temple in construction nearby

The tourists ahaha hazmi dah macam wanita thai gitu
Our underwater shots ohh yeahhh ahahaa
Peaceee yawww

After that, at night we went to Krabi Town in hope to visit The Krabi Night Market to shop and buy souvenirs ke kan tapiiii naharom the night market is so small. The area, I tell you.. you won't take long to finish. We had a dinner of nasi goreng dengan  daging hancur and ayam, dengan hirisan mangga masam and special sauce. Not bad. And of course HALAL. Senang nak cari makanan halal kat Krabi ni, cari yang pakai tudung. Amazingly banyakkk. Ade kat signboard certain kedai pun ada cakap halal. So, finding foods won't be troublesome. Halal food is everywhere. The signature food at Krabi yang I always nampak is pancake. 

A visit to the night market was just a waste, we paid 1000 Baht for the tambang of tuktuk. Lepas tu terus suruh the driver drop kan kitorang dekat Aonang sebab kat situ punyaaa la meriah, banyak shops selling souvenirs. Ini la yang kami cari, tshirts, keychains and other cool stuffs. Awesome Aonang town. The stuffs are not that cheap, just lebih kurang Malaysia je. Tapi since the shopping mode is on, we shopped like crazeyhhh. I bought 7 tshirts, few keychains, a hat and a bag.Tshirts and keychains are for giveaways and souvenirs for friends.

Ok done for Day 1, oh goshh... phewww. See, my post always come out long. Aihh, banyak betul nak cerita. Hahaha one more thing I just remembered. The people there can tell that we are Malaysians and always greeted us that way. And guess what, we pretended to be Singaporeans instead ahahaha sebab geram sangat diorang boleh tau we are Malaysians. Diorang percaya je bila weol cakap weol orang Singapore lol. Ok I guess I will come out with the second part for Day 2 since this post alone has been too long kikii. Till we meet againnn (kalau rajin) kikii