Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rise & Shine babeyh

It is always good to know what others think about you. I mean it is good to see how others are seeing you, what you are like, how do you behave, your personalities etc. We at PETRONAS are having this LBVF thingy. LBVF is Leadership Behaviour Values and 'the-F-err-I-don't-remember'. This is not just for fun. This is counted for evaluation and rating of your performance. The colleagues and superior are judging and evaluating you and as return you gonna judge them as well from rating 1 to 4. Mcm GPA lah. Tapi terbalik, 4 here is the worst, 1 is the best. Goosebumps.

So here the story is, I got to know my LBVF marks already and sigh~ it is not good. Well, that is expected. I know I am not giving my 100% at work. I don't fancy my work anyway, that's why. The passion is not there..yet. However, I think I am developing though since I am trying to accept thing as it is. The not so good marks of course came from my superior. My superior is a Senior Manager. Structure wise, I am the only one reporting under him. The only staff working under him ok and Executive pulak tuu some more. Bullshit kan. Dah la I ni baru. Muda. Hensem plak tu. 

Of course la his expectation is like tinggiii. Me is sad but what to do.. Need to gear up to his expectation. Comments I got from him, "He needs to be more assertive and project himself" "To expand networking and actively involve in discussion, socialise more bla bla". Tapi yea la, he is right. Uhh hate to admit it. But tak de la tak socialise pun.. ade jee cuma.. Whatever. Tapi the positive comments I got "He possess positive attitude" "Able to get job done with little guidance" "Approachable"  

On the other note, I got pleasant comments from the colleagues. Thanks a lot guys. That saves me & helps a lot in stabilizing the LBVF score. The comments I got from the colleagues, "Possess good knowledge & constantly looking for innovative ideas" "Approachable & easy to talk to" "Open for discussion & share of knowledge" "Possess good interpersonal skills, able to communicate & deliver message effectively" "Looking forward to learn" "Diligent" "Humble & approachable" "Punctual & reliable". 

There are only few negative comments but very delightful & membina, "Need to develop capabilities around business knowledge" "Need to speak up more because he's got bright ideas" "Need to be more confident in presenting ideas". Out of the 4 yang commented (1 superior & 3 colleagues), ada 3 komen yg common which is "Approachable". Ok I bet that is true la kan although I am not very sure approachable rupanya aku ni. So tak sombong la maksudnya kan. hek. Ok, I guess I really need to shine and out-stand. This is the time babeyh. I have to start doing something to improve the lacks and keep on moving forward. Yes. I can. That's the spirit.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just a short one

Went for jalan jalan with the familia yesterday. It's a rainy season so we don't go far. The plan is to have the infamous Mee Udang Pulau Sayak for lunch. But as soon as we were about to arrive, it started to rain so we decided to have lunch at Pantai Merdeka instead since it's nearer. 

Otw to Pantai Merdeka, dad reminiscened about the time when I had a camping there. At that time, I was representing secondary school, MRSM Beseri in Kadet Remaja Maktab. Talking short, when arrived at the Pantai, I was gobsmacked !! Holyyy.. I saw MRSM Beseri punya bas thereee. lol. Baru cakap pasal Beseri dah jumpa bas sekolah kat sana. So excited sampai terus suruh Syazwan ambil gambar sebelah bas.

Suddenly, I feel like missing school so much. I had a great time schooling back then. Ok that's all I wanna tell hehee. Have a good week ahead, peeps and Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha. 😁

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 is coming to the end. Marriage.

How time flies. Reaching 24 soon. Oh god, I'm getting older and it scared me.. very much. very2 much. mucho. grada. Ok.. stop being a jerk. lol. Well, honestly, I don't feel like 24 at all. I feel like 17 !! Haha. Perahsantan kew. Why time has to move so fast. Like seriously.. you are moving faster than a Ferrari, dude. Come on, slow down a bit. Give me a break. Have a Kit Kat. Ok.. so I guess I am now in the phase of where peers are getting married and engaged. pheww. Do I have to mention.. lots of them? It drives me nuts. I don't feel like I am ready for that. Married at this age. Seriously?

Hey, look at me.. I just started to work (1 and 1/2 years ady but still..emm) and now it is time for me to enjoy my salary to shop for cool stuffs and gadgets, to travel some more, to have a good & quality dining at expensive place, to try something I never had a chance to try when I was a student and bla bla blaa. This is the time !! Yes. Kalau dah kahwin, susah la nak enjoy sangat haha tapi ye lah, looking at the good side, we will have a life partner to share everything with, it does sound intriguing.. very much. mucho. grada. Anyway, I am happy to see those friends yang dah kahwin and now starting to build the family. How sweet. Wishing the best for them all. May happiness always be with them. XOXO.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm back. For real.

Helloooo... I'm backkk. Phewww finally dapat jugak refurbish the blog's template and all. So, I guess I will keep my blog updated from time to time lepas ni hehe. The passion is back, somehow. Ok till then, good night everybody. Let's all dream big for a promising tomorrow.. hopefully :)