Thursday, September 25, 2008


semalam seronokk..dia puji saye, for the first time rasenye..he3, janggal sekali nk dengar dia puji orang, tp semalam dia dah puji saye, gembira sngt,hu2..dia ckp, very good!..x sabar plak rasenye nk tnggu for the next class, harap2 ini bukan pujian terakhir, x sanggup dah nk dengar kritikan lg, ouhh mr coach, kelas tenis semalam memang menyeronokkan, by the way, esok saye akan pulang beraya di penang, yeay!..raye2..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

shopping raye!!!

akmal said it's fable if i'm nt joining them for shopping..went to Ipoh Parade yesterday, n stumbled upon the big sale and discounts offered..i have spent a total of RM235.76 in 4 hours time...i have spent too much, need to be more thrifty..nywy, i got new stuffs n apparels..yeay!
raye is coming soon n next week, surely i'll be home..

she, my sweetie pie

what is sp stands for? i have been inundated with the same question since in Form 5, some said sp stands for sungai petani, special person and social partner..wrong2 answer guys! sp stands for sweetie pie..i have one and only sweetie pie..know dt u will read this, my sp..this post is dedicated to you..
thinking of her, missing sweetie pie, cheng ching shean, i really miss u..u are such a wonderful companion that i ever have..the word sweetie pie came during the English class with my Teacher Hilda in MRSM Beseri before..already forgot the lesson she taught but one thing for sure, she did mention about sweetie pie..
my thought when i first saw her in Form 4..she is an arrogant chinese girl but then time by time, we get closer and somehow she became to be my best buddy..she is my first chinse friend in my whole life..never expect to have such a close chinese friend, u have brighten my life, really..u will always give me support and i still keep a good care of the small notes u used to give me before..still remember, when i went to the prep class wearing slipper, she will say,"syafiq, pkai slipper jamban meh??"he3..
my family members know bout u coz i told them every single thing bout u, still remember when we get back to school after raya holidays n my mum by her own willing, packed some raya cookies for u.. my sister also asked me,"tanye la shean knape orng cina gantung flags yg bntuk triangle tu?"..each of my family members know u coz i told them bout ur existence in my life..
our different culture somehow makes our bond becoming more closer..still remember u like to eat seaweed n have offered me one,but i can't stand its taste..contradictly, i love chocolate but u jz dn like it..but does'nt matter how different we are, we can still be buddies...we have been and always be so..

wondering how are you there,
here i'm missing u,
is this, the pain of farewell,
my heart feels like, left over there (Beseri),
even though our body are miles away(me in UTP,u in KL),
a second is like a year long,

when you are not around,
what could i do...
when feel like missing u,
i call ur name,
with the hope,
that u will appear in my dream...

when feel like missing u,
i imagine ur face,
in dream and only then
i feel cured...
life here(UTP) is so different,
thousand more times feel cosy there (Beseri)
can't wait the moment when we will meet...

*translated n modified from Bila Terasa Rindu song..

Friday, September 19, 2008


done with the interview, a simple interview..not like what i expected it to be, even there is no business card as a proof, it's the crucial one,hmm..never mind..the thing left is to make a report of the findings..not so soon to cheer up, have to mess up with those works:

1) Islamic Studies assignment
2) MOB online conference
3) Academic Writing assignment (Padaung)
4) SP lab exercise
5) Revision for OnG test
6) CO quizz

hey, at Guardian, the price is so reasonable and for sure the quality is guaranted.. he3, actually the manager asked us to promote to you guys. For the single interview, I got 10% discounts on each item purchased..thanx Miss Majdiah! (how i'm craving for free stuffs)

talking about the interview, she likes to laugh,yess..very weird but it's better than getting a manager with a fierce look and creases are all over,he3..she is young, quite sporting and has the qualities of a manager..ok, enough with the praises! go back to work..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


ouhh my...feel like howling,yess..4 another time, n dis one is even worse..criticism by criticism came out thru his mouth, arghhh..can't bear with all dt, felt so cringe, he keep on criticize me for every week..i dn like the rules he taught, i feel cosy with my own way on how to play tennis, those rules are so coerce n give pressure at d same time..ohhh, mr coach i'm craving for the praises, not the criticism, i dn like criticism..yess!the thing i can't tolerate the most..juz nw, you said, "maen macam makan ikan mati"..u know wt?i did eat 'ikan mati', you have ever eat alive fish, ain't u???..felt contented when i accidently hit him at the shoulder juz nw, ouhh, sorry for the revenge, but it was not expected, well, aznin..u also hit him once,he3..ardently 'waiting' for the next class next week..wondering wt more would u say?maen macam lembu mampuss??

Monday, September 15, 2008

break fasting at KFC..

teman acap ke klinik UTP, jumpa doktor untuk buang bekas jahitan kat lengan dia..
hari ni kami (acap,aznin, n syafiq izzat) plan untuk buka puasa di KFC Batu Gajah, pelik juga sebab at first plan nak ifthar kat masjid je..hmm, ntah dri mne dtng idea untuk ke KFC ni..
ke KFC lbey kurang pkul 6.15 pm n smpai agak awal daripada yg dijangkakan, so trus ke CIMB Bank kjap n pergi ke Guardian..agak nervous nk ke sne coz nk tnye dia actually bley x nk interview..aku n acap work as pair for the MOB manager profile assignment, kami kne interview manager untuk siapkn assgnmnt 2, ingatkn nk amik manager KFC, tp mcm too familiar sngt, acap x abis2 nk amik ayah Naqib yg work as Shell station manager untk intrview..kalo nk amik ayah dia, kne balik penang, jauhh..amik Guardian kn snang..smbang2 ngn cashier yg sporting 2, dia de bg no phone bos dia, ouhh..nnt kne call untk wt appoinment..

tnggu mse untk arrange appoinmnet je skrng, bgus la..snang ati ckit, x pyh dah nk kecoh2 cari manager mne nk diintrview..ouuhh ya, terjumpa dngan beeha n diyanah around KFC..
then, kami ke rumah acap yg terletak just around Batu Gajah..dia nk amik lap top DELL dia yg bru, nice la lap top dia, colour merah..alaa, lap top DELL biru aku pn not bad pe,he3..ciss, bermegah plak..solat maghrib kt surau around rumah acap, da nk msuk isyak pn..
then, truskn perjalanan pulang ke UTP..perjalanan yg singkat tp menarik untk hari ini, trus t'lupa about test MOB yg susah pg td..ouhh, esok kami plan nk ifhtar di masjid, jgn smpai ke Pizza Hut plak sudah la ya,he3...ckap x srupa bikin la kte ni, creditt to aznin n acap coz aku sngt2 gmbira, mcm da lame plak x break fasting ngn rumet, x pe2, nnt weekend ni kte g shopping raye kt ipoh kn,yeayy!..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

bye2 appeton..

Reluctant to say goodbye to the Appeton..i have a new product to rely on, it's the Scott's Emulsion! have been attracted to buy one during the last visit to the grocery shop..ouuhh, thnx
Appeton for your great service along this while, n a warm welcome to the Scott's...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lagi2 tag~

(mumbling)..ouhh, another tag by ada, the same questions as before(sigh)..ain't any other tag beside this one?hu2..ok2, stop nagging, let's have a go thru..

1. The person who last tag you is:
2. Your relationship with him/her is:
coursemate time foundation /kawan~
3. Your impression of him/her:-
comelan (*jgn prasan t'lbih, hny memuji sbb ni blan pose, x baik kutuk2, time pose kn,he3*)
4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you:
willing to help time ibis prsntation (QnA session) dlu kn..
5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you:
ouhh,ade ke cik ada?
6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
mungkinkah??(ini lagu sheila abdull ya)
7. If he/she becomes your lover, thing he/she has to improve on will be:
ajar aku bhs thailand, mau blaja,hu2..
8. If he/she become your enemy, you will:
kutuk kamu puas2, tp lpas bulan puasa lah..
9. If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be:
she attempts to do sumthng dt i hate the most~
10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
ape kamu mahu?he3 (mcm la aku nk bg benda 2, kalo ko bgtw pn,huh)
11. Your overall impression of him/her is:
comelan kelantanese n looks like perempuan melayu asli(merepek je aku nih)
12. How you think people around you will feel about you?:
13. The character you love of yourself is:
sye bdak yg baek ati, ke?
14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is:
ouhh,sngt2 malass~
15. The most ideal person you want to be is:
owhh,i just proud to be my ownself..
16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:
sye sayang kalian juga!!!

*ouhh,smpai no.16 je k, kalo x nnt kne tag2 orng lg, da x snggup pn*

i lost 2 kilos..

feel like howling,argghh!..i lost 2 kilos, i cn't believe it!..i want to gain more weight but contrastly, i even lost 2 more kilos..i'm so vexed, i become more n more skinny..ouhh, i dn blame on the fasting, dn even pointing to it..just to blame myself bcoz miss d sahurr again n again..somebody, plz wake me up 4 d sahurr,'t bear to lost more weight..=(

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm speechless,i feel vague,and numb at the same time..ouhh,the yesterday's incident still fresh in my mind and it keeps haunting me..frankly,it's nt dt big deal but it just me who can't tolerate with criticism..ok,start narrating, yesterday i went to the pak guard's office to renew the motorbike's sticker..i just went into the office without a greeting coz i thought no need to give greeting at dt particular place..

unfortunately,the person in charge collaborated with the sticker was not there,there were only two pak guards in the office, one of them said nicely,"datang lain esok,pak cik yg wt sticker da balik"..ok fine, i made a pace to go out till a sudden,another pak guard said,"lain kali,ble masuk 2,bagi la salam,ni x,main redah je"..ouuhh, i feel so down coz like i said previously, i dn like criticism..he made me feel guilty, so deeply..

on the same day,on the way to the mosque with Alan (nt the MOB lcturer) for tarawih, someone greeted us with salam..Alan asked if i know dt person, n it's so obviously i dn know u see??Alan and other people have a mind like me, people only give greeting (salam) to the people they use to know..and the latest, today, when passed by this guy, he greeted me..ouhh,i'm so touched coz i dn even know contradicted with me as i prefer to greet people with, "hi", "oyyttt", nod head, wave hand and so called signs..i dn like to greet people with salam..even in the phone conversation, "hello" and "bye", starts and ends up the conversation..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

break fasting at McD..

Serenity is everywhere!!!
agenda:send areel n azfar to the medan gopeng bus station,n have a stop at McD nearby..
depart :just after oil n gas class,around 7 sumthng..
arrived:around 10 pm..
cars :Blue gen.2,black satria Neo,maroon satria Neo..
they :11 mech + 1 bis students..
note :owhh,missed solat terawih for another time,tomorrow have to make sure dt i'll make my way to the mosque..

Monday, September 1, 2008


aku jenis yg x berapa suke nk pergi menghadiri kenduri kendara nih..x tw la knape,rase mcm malas je nk pergi..ari sabtu hari tu,mak kate ade knduri kt sebuah area kampung nih,tp kali ni
rase cm ok je nk pergi..kami nek moto je pergi sane,abah naik ngn mak,while aku ngn dik Wan..
smpai je sne,agak kepelikan coz mane khemahnye..x nmpak pn,aku pn trus tnye abah,knduri kahwin ke ni?n abah ckp kenduri arwahh..owhhh,terpinga-pinga aku,nape abah n mak x inform msti sbb kalo abah gtaw awal2 knduri arwah,aku msti x pergi..aduhhh,then aku n dik Wan amik decision untuk balik je..adehh,da la pkai round neck+jeans time 2,x kn nk pkai cm 2 pegi knduri arwah wonder la abah pkai baju melayu,sblum ni x prnah pn pkai baju melayu kalo nk attend knduri kahwin..ohh,nasib baek tuan rumah x prasan aku n dik Wan patah balik untuk pulang ke rumah...
rumah 'baru' kami..

hari sabtu 2 jugak, kami pergi melihat rumah 'baru' kami..knape perkataan baru seperti ini, 'baru'..ini disebabkan rumah 2 da siap 8 tahun yg lalu lagi ya, tp kami x pindah ke situ atas alasan abah, jauh dik Wan nk ke sekolah nnt..sudah brapa kali aku suggest,tukar je la sekolah kn, mengada-ngada nk tnggu dia abis skolah,bru nk lpas dia msuk boarding skol time form 4 skrang nih, plan untuk pindah mula dijalankn..
start dgan tambun tanah untuk ratakn kawsn surrounding,then nw,it's come to painting..owhh,
t'kjut aku melihat colour cat luar's yellow gold!ohhh,my mum pn t'kjut tngok,hu2..
mak2,mak yg pilih colour 2,aishhh,mak sndri pn ckap nyamuk tngok pn pning n x mau masuk umahh,owhh,bgus la cm 2 kn..x yh susah nk beli ridsect dah,he3..dlam pic 2,x siap lg cat 2, bru bhagian atas luar umah..bhagian bwh,ply wood,tiang n interior blum lg..mak minta pndapat untk colour hall dalm,aku suggest light purple!owhh,msti cantekk!hu2..mak pn mcm stuju,caya la!hu2 ble la dpat pindah agaknye,dr skol rndah lg, aku jaja crita nk pindah umah x lme lg, tp stil gk x pindah2..hmm,tngok la nnt cm ne ek..da x larat nk dngar bebelan pak lang, mak lang n d entire family sruh cpat2 pe pn,yg besshhnye, umah 'baru' 2 kt area kampung ckit,de swah padi..hu2,menarek!tp x de la kampung sngt coz umah kami btol2 tepi jalan..kalo anda nk cari umah kami, cari colour yg paling terang skali ya kt area butterworth 2,hu2..mudah bukann,caya la makk,gud choice of colour,he3..