Friday, December 10, 2010

I love every single moment of my life

Well, lame tak mencarut kat sini. Eh, I mean melalut, hehehehe. Things are going well up to this point rasanye. I thank God for everything He offered to me. Internship is going to end soon, very soon.

I have like another 5 weeks lagi in KL before I'm going back to Penang and then balik UTP. Oh sedihnyaaaaa. I love internship more than study life in UTP. I got enough of tests, assignments, projects and all. I guess there's an end to everything, so I would take this as part and parcel of life.

Study pun sambung sampai bulan 9 je and after that I would be a working adult. Going to work next year dalam office, omg! Macam I'm too young for that kan. Ok, that's something appealing, I could save money awal2 and buy the things I'm longing for.

had a great time singing 3 hours non-stop *exaggerating*

They think they look cool, I'm in doubt. haha

What I love about KL, I got chance to meet besties. Like that day, dapat jumpa Hazmi, Ucop n Ghani. Omaigot, it has been ages kot since last jumpa. I got chance to meet Shean as well, at last.


And to make it good, we spent time buying groceries sama2 lagi kat Carrefour that day. I miss this girl so much and I think she is still the same Shean once in school. Lunatic but always pleasant. Glad to meet you dear and looking forward our next date, ehehehe. Good Luck for your exam. Gambateh! Hope this 'bedtime story' does entertain you. Hahaha

Monday, October 18, 2010

Buried is out of range

It was a big mistake that I have done ever since! I should have not watch this movie, it was annoying. 
First, the screen was laden with words, prone to say that the movie is supported with all kind of organizations. First impression, impressive! But then, the screen went blank! All we could hear was irritating sound which I first thought it was the cinema's technical problem. Guess what, it was part of the story! derrrr, then someone emerged out of the dark with the lighter on. Here the hero came.

He was in the coffin out of nowhere and he got a cell phone and knife together with him and not to forget, a pencil which I don't know where it came from. Starting from the first scene to the last one, all took place in the coffin! I went half mad in the cinema, hoping there would be at least another actor or actress, but well it seems like the movie is all his.

Ryan Reynolds conquered the movie from the beginning to the end! Bravoooo! The ending itself was absurd, he ended up to die in the coffin after all the efforts?? So, what's the point then? On hope he was safe after the sand leakage into the coffin, something like "Rodrigo Film" appeared on the screen, the end.

What the heck! If you are so obsess with this guy and raring to see only him for the next 1 and 30 minutes long on the widescreen, only then I suggest you to watch this crap. I bet you won't.

Didn't work at all

Muka jadi makin teruk, lagi banyak jerawat besar merah2 muncul, tskkk.. I'm so giving up. I have tried all possible ways! errr.. I mean most kot, hehe.. Serbuk kulit kayu manis dah try, benda tu memang panas gila ke? Macam nak terbakar kulit bile sapu kat muka. Bahaya betol la benda ni. Bedak sejuk pun dah try, this one pun same je, tak de effect jugak pun. Tapi bedak sejuk tak panas, sejukk..way better la than kulit kayu manis tuuuu, derrr

Produk2 ni pun gua da sebat, tapi still same jugak. Duhh, desperate gila sekarang! Ingat nak beli ubat makan kat pharmacy tu lah sebab dulu pernah makan, macam kurang sikit.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hot stuff

Last time when I was in Mid Valley, I tried this machine when you put your hand on it, the red light will blink to various namely titles and when it stopped, what you got shall be what you are ironically.

Acap and Wapi both got 50; hot-stuff! Woaahhh, the machine might has gone mad, haha! Ok fine, then I tried my luck and guess what I got, it was 10; old-fashioned!! Celaka tak? Dilapidated old machine! Hate u, hate u..urghhh!

Because I was so pissed off and on hope the machine might has gone wrong somewhere (as I wish), I put on another 20 cents and guess what? This time I got hot-stuff, ulalala.. ni baru la betol kan, hahahaha..duhh, I still have grudge with this machine!

How could I be old-fashioned at the first place? Derrrrr, I put on my best clothes everyday ok! (desperate di situ). I should not give a damn on this thing, it is just a random picking anyway, who knows next time I try, I might get 0; dead fish.

By this time, believe me.. you will find this machine no longer available in Mid Valley because I would defect it right awayyyy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Way to go Malaysia!

Seronok! haha.. Kami housemates kecuali Nizam tengok Komanwel tadi, acara terjun wanita! Tengok kat tv1 je la kan, tak kan pergi India kot, zzzZZz.
Tiba2 semangat nak tengok, pervert oh, haha..
The best part bile masing2 guess berapa markah diorang dapat lepas terjun,
ade cakap 60 lah, 70 lah..ikut suke hati je, hehe..Khir siap guess dengat point2 lagi, 75.6.. konfiden habis. Macam lah tawu sangat pasal terjun2 ni.
Bile tengok air berkocak besar je, cakap ni mesti dapat bawah 50 ni, konfiden jeee, haha..
Wapi ni lagi la, orang tu tak terjun lagi dah agak ni mesti dapat 60 je ni, hahaha.
Meriah2!The real competition was between Melissa Wu (AUS) dengan Pandalela (MAS),
of coz masing2 hope Pandalela menang.. the last round, current ranking..
Pandalela was at the second place, beza 0.05 dengan this Melissa.
The last dive (fifth round), Melissa got 80.00...wooo, hebat.
Lepas tu turn Pandalela, she amazed us even more as she got 81.6!
And of course she won the battle, menang emas wohh, tak sia2 la kami tengok..haha
Support Malaysia oh, teror la Pandalela, congratz congratz, you deserved it!
note: out of a sudden, semangat kesukanan emerge! hehe

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just the way you are

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She won't believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she doesn't see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Her nails, her nails
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She's so beautiful
And I tell her everyday

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

So don't ever bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

The way you are
The way you are
Girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There's not a thing I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Friday, October 8, 2010

Need help to get rid of these acnes

I hate acne, it makes my face unreconigzable. Instead of giving me the mature looks, it gives nothing than leaving an ugly spot and scar right on my face. My forehead is the main target after all, like derrr..Chin comes right next! That day, my housemate Nizam asked if I'm having chicken pox. He thought my acnes are the spot and signs usually related to chicken pox. Oh my, how cruel could that be?

Earlier, Acap my buddy and also a housemate snapped a picture of me in a close distance, right into my face. It was his new camera after all, so I thought this guy was so excited to snap around. When I asked why would he took a picture of me in that close distance, he said the camera has the function to vanish the acnes off.

Oh my, so I was like an experiment to him. Like my face is full of acnes, and he wanted to use my picture to test his camera functions. Vavi kan? I thought he took a picture of me because of I am photogenic or whatsoever! Nahh

That day when I took a visit to a clinic because of flu and cough, the moment I entered the room, the one that caught his attention was my acnes. He asked why my forehead turned up to be like that. What a jerk, he better asked about my illness.

Dah la tak bagi mc, menyampah aku. I have used many products kot but still nothing has changed. That day went to Guardian, the aunty promote Cosmoderm cream for acnes. At first, it worked well and I'm so delighted but then my face becoming worse. Damn it!

I'm so giving up, semua produk pun useless. Duhh, I awfully need a help! Anyone has suggestion, please let me know. Petua2 tradisional tak de ke?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Need You Now

Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the phone cause' I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how can I do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how can I do without
I just need you now

Woah, woah
Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all

It's a quater after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I a little drunk and I need you now
And I don't know how can I do without
I just need you now

Oh baby, I need you now

Monday, October 4, 2010

English concious

Not to say I'm good in english but I have the tendency and passion in this subject, and so pantang sangat nampak simple2 error ni. Macam snippet kat atas ni.

1. Why "invited"?
2. teenager should be TEENAGERS
2. " PRETEND"? I guess what she tried to say was, PREVENT
3. your self should be YOURSELF
4. "jobless....." what

To add some more, she liked her own status. Kalau dua tiga aku tak kisah tapi ni every status dia semua she liked. I have to say I don't like this kind of people, they are so desperate..yes, desperate ENOUGH.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shhh..Pretty Little Gossip

Nothing to be uttered, just a short update. Last weekend was quite fun, on Saturday I had this so-called reunion which I thought many would come. To my surprise, only few turned up. What a dissapointment but ok la, dapat jugak jumpa a few at least. The best part when ade cakap I'm taller and I'm now mature, kahkahkah..

On Sunday, we had this blast of touring around KL. Beraya rumah kawan-kawan kat Sungai Buloh and Cheras. Yang bagusnye, we three don't know routes around KL sangat and so banyak masa spent in the car, sesat sana sini. Time nak balik dari rumah fatin balik Ampang lagi la. Habis redah satu KL, last2 jumpa jugak Ampang. Nasib baik driver cekal, hehehe. Thanks Ima, Aznin, Fatin n Q!!

Esok I got invitation to open house MITCO Japan held kat Maya Hotel, KLCC. I have to put on my best baju melayu then since there's award for the best dress. The day after, Jumaat pulak.. there's another open house..this one by MITCO, held kat Nikko Hotel. Haiyooo, tak menang tangan. Both pun 5 star hotels, woot woot...time intern la baru nak merase pergi hotel mahal2..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Of Internship and Raya

Talking about life now, I would say mine is like I'm living on this mainland and out of nowhere, I got a vacation to this island. A small island but surprsingly it is modern and well-established.

It is fun to have vacation there and I would say I have learned lots of new things, be it in blatant form or not. I am happy and hopefully will continue being so. After a long while, I decided to go back to the mainland and I realized it is the place I should be.

It is different but somehow it offers serenity and give more values. Enough talking about the crap, I'm referring to my internship business, mainland is Penang and the notorious island would be Kuala Lumpur. Oh Oh, after a week home, I feel like never leave home lagi.

Macam mane nak kerja kat KL macam ni? Urghh, never mind..put aside all those things, let's talk about Raya.

muka orang excited naik flight, can't hide the thrill oh

Ni kat caring 1 stop cntre, paya keladi..not recommended! they made us waiting
all night long lepas tu out of sudden cakap nasi habis.
Such a vulgar attitude, nasib baik drinks on them.

Raya this year for me is just going okay, don't give much significance but at the same time, don't give much dissapointment. 4 more months to go for internship, chaiyokk2!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

So I guess I have to continue what I had just left quite long time ago; to update this remote and isolated blog. Well I should have start to update more frequently since some asked what's up with the long halt. I hope it is still not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all since we are still in this Syawal's mode. Nothing special for Raya this time around but still it was exhilirating to meet relatives and to make it even better is of course, to receive duit raya. However, this year is the worst of all in term of collection of duit raya. Ohh Ohh, what do you expect to get when you are growing up year by year. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya all, have a good one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raya oh Raya

Selamat Hari Raya! wahh, awal lagi kan, baru 19 hari puasa, hehe.. I bought baju melayu dah, beli semalam dekat Jalan TAR. Colour of the year is yelloww. Not bad lah shopping kat Jalan TAR, banyak choice and price boleh bargain. Kuih raya sangat murah kot, you can have one box of almond london at RM15 je. Kalau tempat biase selalunye dalam RM25 kan.

So semalam, I bought baju melayu, sampin, button and 2 t-shirts. Duit bulan August tak masuk lagi ni, macam biase lah MITCO tu. Kena hantar report kat HR at the end of the month, lepas tu baru lah dia nak process cek semua, haishh..Malang betol lah nasib. Sepatutnye raya sakan, tapi ni kena be thrifty.

Semalam kan, I was so embarrassed. We all dekat stesen Masjid Jamek, nak balik stesen U. I was the one yang tolong belikan tiket for us 3 orang. When it was my turn, I uttered, "Masjid Jamek 3". Orang tu macam blur and I thought dia tak dengar, so I cakap lagi sekali kuat2, "Masjid Jamek 3!!" This time, dia tengok pelik with cunning look, "Masjid Jamek?"

Lepas tu baru I noticed, I am now kat Masjid Jamek!! Haiyooo, malu nyee. Orang kat belakang dah gelak2. Nak je maki hamun orang yang gelak tu, tapi puase kan. Malu nyee, cakap balik kat dia, "Universiti 3" then lepas tu terus lariii. Malu kot, macam mane la boleh tercakap Masjid Jamekkk.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Edisi puasa oh puasa

Semalam hari ke-10 Ramadan and guess what, I dah dapat 3 kotak kurma! woww, boleh buat bisnes ok, thank you Petronas, thank you MITCO. I would say fasting kali ni quite tiring. Bangun sahur around 5 something, off to kitchen, grab some buns with hot chocolate drink then here me go. Off to sleep balik and by 7 am bangun mandi2 and off to KLCC. Time fasting, masuk office pukul 8 and balik pukul 4. That's the best part! As early at 4 dah boleh balik and part yang tak bestnya when you was the only one at home by the time you reached the door.

Lepas tu golek2 la bosan don't know what to do while staring at foods yang beli dekat bazaar tadi. Last week, I went home to Penang. Balik jumaat malam and arrived Penang Sentral at 3 am on Sabtu. Sampai rumah, took a nap and then sahur with family, yeayy. One thing yang tak pernah berubah pasal my family is sahur mesti lambat. Ingatkan this year dah berubah, haha.. but seems like it is just like the way it is. Pukul 5.30 pagi makan kelam kabut sebab 5.45 dah habis waktu.

On Saturday tu, I drove myself to MegaMall, on hope to fix my watch and singgah nokia care jap. Then break fasting with family, mum masak mee kuah and nasi ayam, nyum nyum. Esok Ahad, went back to KL balik and it was so exhilirating dapat board double-decker bus, Durian Burung. It was comfortable and siap ade tray lagi which ease me a lot time nak bukak puasa sebab mum bagi banyak bekal tupperware.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Minggu ke 10

Esok would be minggu ke 10 of doing internship at MITCO. I must say yang cepat gila time has flew, like baru semalam I start doing this internship thingy. So far internship sangat best! I like the staffs, environment, jobs and of course on the top of the list would be the free meal. Like last Friday, dapat invitation breakfast with other MITCO Japan staffs at level 12, then naik to my level (14), ade lagi makan2 and lepas tu time lunch ade lagi makan2 dekat level 13. Memang betol orang cakap, orang yang kerja dekat KLCC boleh jadi gemuk, hehe.. Tapi kan, I don't see any changes pun lagi on me, weight still tak naik2 and I have stop going to gym tu. Ingat nak go on pergi gym KLCC sebab free, tapi tak tahu la bile..lagi2 dah nak start fasting sekarang. Lagi la malas nak pergi.

I would say yang staffs dekat my department sangat best, sporting and friendly, if only there's a hurdle, it would be me yang tak pandai socialize kan diri. I don't know la ape my problem tapi itu la, macam I prefer to sit at one place, buat kerja sendiri and like ignoring orang lain tapi I see some differents jugak as I undego internship ni. I'm more to accepting others compared to when I was in UTP. Kalau tak suke budak ni, memang sampai bila2 lah tak akan cakap dengan dia. Tapi itu dulu, sekarang dah ok! Cakap pasal duit kan, here I go. Muflis lagi! Cepat gila duit habis ok, tu la kan..nak sangat balik raya naik flight, tiket je dah habis 118 MYR, sewa rumah lagi, broadband, bil2 semua..Rase takut nak bagitahu abah duit dah habis.

Bukan sebab abah marah, tapi sebab he's been too nice. Macam tadi abah tanye nak bank in berape, bile I cakap 100 cukup la.. abah cakap mane cukup. Itu la yang I takut, sebab I have parents yang terlalu baik. Sebab nanti I would spend duit boros2 lagi sebab nanti I know abah akan bank in like usual. Takut2. I have so many keperluan! Like contact lens, shirts, 3 quater, camera, laptop baru and the list goes on. They are not keperluan pun actually, but wants. I have so many things I want tapi tak sedar how much money je I have in bank. MITCO tu pun satu, my gaji untuk July tak masuk2 lagi. My friends semua dah habis spent pun gaji diorang. Aishh, lambat gila nak process. Nanti dapat cek, nak deposit kena tunggu seminggu lagi, mati2.

Looking forward for tomorrow, minggu ke 10. And esok ade makan2 lagi, this time pot luck bertema kan masakan kampung. Each kena bawak masakan sendiri ber ala ala kan kampung. I guess I tak payah bawak kot. Tapi rase bersalah la pulak, tak kan datang makan je kan. Tengok lah esok pagi..ape yang ade jual kat depan jalan tu pagi2, rembat je lah, hehe.. dah 2 bulan internship, like cepat tinggal la lagi plus minus 6 bulan lagi, yeayyy..Hopefully, result for internship gempak, harap2 dapat 4 flat. Ramai seniors yang intern dapat 4 flat. Jeles gila, teror betol diorang2 ni..Dah pukul 10, omaigot! Baju tak iron lagi ni, ok daa..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been quite a while

Omaigot, it has been quite a long while kan since my last post. Been so busy lately on weekdays and on weekends I don't have time to update because I would go out like most of the time and when come back later, would be so tired. Life here is better accordingly I would say but it just that money which matters a lot. Can u imagine that I have spent about RM700 in 3 weeks time. I would say it was the first time ever, I ended up calling my dad for his generousity to bank in extra money into my account. First time duit tinggal RM10 je dalam account okk.

I feel so bad sebab I don't manage money properly till need to bother my parents. Sometimes kan, on weekdays pun I would go out watching movie dengan my housemates after balik kerja. Macam mane duit tak cepat habis? Haishh, I need to be more thrifty. Need to put aside all those wants, just focus on my needs first. Dah banyak kali keluar shopping beli new kemeja and baru- baru ni beli bag baru. Live in KL is like you want to have all cool stuffs around you.

Omaigot, I feel like want to shop everyday je kalau boleh, nasib baik duit in my account tak banyak. If not, everyday I would have new stuffs to show off. Well, time passed very fast amazingly, I have been doing my internship for 7 weeks dah pun and looking forward nak habiskan cepat-cepat. What a dull and tedious routine I have to go through everyday. Doing the same thing everytime and weekends have never been so appealing. The most awaiting time I would say.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dalam hati ada taman

Dalam hati ada hutan, eh eh..ada taman! As week by week passed, I'm getting myself adapted at Mitco. So far ok la, my sv pun dah start concern about me. Tadi he gave me training schedule and I'm start to worry much sebab he expects the system would be ready and tested by October. God, how could I design and create a database system for that huge company! I'm so puzzled up, it is such a hard work. Tapi semalam I found my senior (UTP), she has been working in Mitco for 3 years and she has taken the same course as mine, Business Information System. She could be a great help, terima kasih tuhan. Enough with this internship thingy.

It is Granola, a kind of cereal which could be a perfect supplement for your breakfast. The thing is I thought it is well eaten and tasty but it is not that good pun. Macam makan cereal biase je, even honey star could satisfy you way better. Tapi it's not that I mean this Granola tak sedap, it's just doesn't meet my expectation. Semua ni salah Kak Zurina! haha.. I like to eavesdrop I accidently dengar la Kak Zurina told other staff yang Granola sedap and then this staff poured some on her palm and ate it. And she screamed, "Akak, sedapnya Granola ni, sumpahh..sedap sangat!" Omaigoott, aku yang terdengar tu pun terus la set in mind, lepas balik kerja terus nak cari Granola. Dah la mahal, 11 ringgit okayh. So, from now on I should have not believe cakap-cakap orang, sob2.

Ni gambar me and my best friend itu, Naqib. He came to KL last time and we both went to Times Square for a parcel of fun. It was great to go out with him sebab lepas balik rumah lepas last paper tu, tak sempat jalan-jalan sangat. To make it more joyous kan, he treated me a movie, we watched Toy Story, 3D version was so generous of him to treat me tengok wayang plus makan dekat MarryBrown. Thank you so much and you are welcomed to overnight lagi dekat rumah aku okayh.

It is me, yes of course it's me. Where was I? Itu dekat gym, Clark and Hatch Fitness Center. This few days sibuk pergi gym je. Balik kerja pukul 6.30, pukul 8 malam dah keluar pergi gym, gigih kan. Anyway, I go to the gym pun sebab ade free trial. Tapi tak decide lagi nak sign up ke tak. Mahal la kena pay, 399 for 3 months! Duhh, mane nak cari duit ni? Nak makan lagi, nak bayar sewa rumah lagi, tiap2 hari tambang pergi KLCC lagi. Mati la gua kalau register for that gym, sob2..tapi sumpah best weh, suka sangat!! Kalau ade duit banyak, dah lame I sign up kat situ. I like the environment, the service semua. Last week duit dah masuk, tapi tak spend2 lagi, hehe..sebab balik rumah and sampai sekarang gune duit yang abah bagi je, tak sentuh lagi duit Petronas tu, what's that means? It means, this weekend I'm going to enjoy gila-gila okayhhh, hehe..Shoppppingg yeahh!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is pretty cool huh

Dah tak larat nak update day by day so I will update week by week. I want to tell about my life in KL instead of my internship thingy sebab I don't have much thing pun nak cakap about internship. In KL, I could see different kind of people daily and that's what make my day brighten and fresh sebenarnya.

While in LRT, I could see ade budak yang macam tak betol tengok cermin pintu sambil betol2 rambut and tersengguk sengguk. Ade budak2 yang bengap tak tahu bagi orang-orang tua duduk, kesian ok biar mak bapak sendiri berdiri lama macam tu. Bile mak dia duduk, tergedik-gedik nak duduk jugak. Lepas tu mak dia yang tua tu kena berdiri. Hoi budak, aku pelempang ko karang, ishh apesal nak emo2 ni, aku pun tak tahu.

Ade jugak yang berhias mengalahkan orang nak pergi kenduri, ni haa..rambut siap penuh dengan bunga2 yang nerayap. Ape kau ingat nak pergi show? Entah2 kerja dekat DBKL je kan, wakaka.. And bile dalam LRT kan I would feel guilty nak duduk sebab nanti bile ade orang tua/ cacat/ pregnant datang mesti kena let go seat dekat diorang jugak kan.

Macam that day, I got a seat and in front of me ade lady yang tengah berdiri. I didn't notice yang dia pregnant sampai la dia dah nak turun kat stesen mane entah baru notice. Omaigot, patut la jeling2 je kan, rupa-rupanye pregnant, nak seat aku la tu. Rase guilty sangat nih, so that's why lebih baik aku berdiri je lah dari Stesen U sampai KLCC eventhough mahu lenguh kaki kau singgah 8 stations in between.

Lepas tu kite macam tak sure, macam eh perlu ke offer pak cik ni my seat.. tengok uban baru 3-4 helai. Tak pandai la aku nak agak2 umur orang ni. Lagi kan, macam tadi ade Indian lady ni, tak sure la dia pregnant ke tak, sebab pregnancy bump or memang perut dia buncit. Nanti kalau aku offer seat, tak pasal2 kena sepak pulak sebab macam perli dia buncit. Tapi kalau dia betol2 pregnant macam mane, Omaigot!

See, cakap pasal LRT pun dah yang malas nak update ni..nanti sampai besok pun tak habis, aishh..Dan I'm so weird lah why people keep on looking at me eh? Sebab aku pakai kemeja with tie ke? Sebab aku hot sangat ke? Tak pernah nampak gaya eksekutif muda? hahaha..tak paham la, whatever lah.

This is my office's pantry..kecik je. Sometimes beli lunch kat bawah and makan kat sini tapi selalunye makan kat food court BSN lah, sebab murah and makanan pun boleh tahan. Living cost dekat sini sangat la scary. Semua benda mahal2 and I would think twice even nak beli benda yang basic pun. Sehari makan + tambang pergi balik KLCC adalah around 20MYR. Kalau sebulan dah 600MYR ye and tak masuk lagi sewa rumah semua ni.

Arggghh, berape sen sangat la yang tinggal untuk shopping nanti. Kena lah pandai simpan duit and belanja makan kena pandai cut. Cakap pasal makan ni, kesian hawkers kat sidewalk along Vista ni, kena halau dengan DBKL sebab masuk TV, aduan rakyat. Kesian la jugak sebab dah lama kan diorang berniaga kat situ and ramai jugak customer diorang termasuk lah aku ni kan. Nasi lemak dia sedap okk, tapi lama2 tiap2 hari makan, rase sedap tuu kurangg.

Nak cerita ni yang that day ade sorang girl ni yang macam bengong. I was right behind her mase dia gune machine ATM kat KLCC tu and pelik la kan kenape dia ni lama sangat. So aku usha2 la ape dia buat. She wants to transfer money tau from her account to another account. Then when the machine request for the recepient's account number she didn't key in and press yes je. She did that repeatedly. Keluar kad masuk balik. Keluar kad masuk balik. Macam nak pelempang je dia.

Apesal bengap sangatt. Dah kau tak isi recepient's account number, sah2 la transaction gagal. Ni dok ulang buat benda yang sama sambil garu2 kepala. Meh sini aku sekeh kepala ko. Lepas tu, I fed up la kan and tegur la dia and dia baru sedar dia tak isi number account tu, aishh. Nasib baik dia let me withdraw duit dulu. Nak tunggu dia siap, tahun depan je lah.

Ade lagi la banyak kind of people I met. Tu yang best stay KL dapat tengok orang macam2 jenis. Pelik2. Talking about my internship kan, this week ade improvement! Hari ni best sebab my manager tu macam ok je. He guides me on the project I need to work with and I think today la aku paling banyak cakap and mesra dengan dia pun. Kalau tak sebelum ni, jangan haraplah. Well good news, he is not that fierce sangat and kind of friendly jugak.

Dia ni kite kena banyak approach, tak boleh tunggu dia approach sebab memang dia tak kan approach lah. Takut jugak la nak approach dia kan sebab kalau boleh nak dodge away je dari dia tapi dah kau asyik termenung je kat situ dari pukul 8.30 sampai 5.30, baik approach je dia tanye kalau ade ape2 keje. He is way so busy gila, jalan sana sini. Pick call here and there. Always dissaper macam tu je kadang2.

Tadi for the first time jumpe General manager for Finance Division and believe me I think I like this woman so much sebab sporting gila and the way she talks pun sangat selamber and sembang like kawan2. Muka macam cina2 sikit and free hair. Hari ni baru jumpe dia sebab sebelum ni cuti panjang kot. Yeayyy, nanti nak get to know her better.

Tak cakap pun last weekend buat ape kan, ni nak cerita. On Saturday pegi Sogo with Nabil saje la jalan2 kan, survey2 tengok ape yang murah. Nanti dapat gaji senang nak serang, hihi.. Sogo sangat lame okk cuma tu lah, banyak sales, murah bersepah sepah and berebut rebut mak cik2 dok pilih handbag. Congested sangat mall tu, crowded.

On Sunday pulak, pegi Carrefour Bangsar South dekat2 dengan Vista Angkasa ni je. Nizam lead the way sebab he knows where the location is. I thought dekat so jalan la ramai2 kan padahal it is miles away. Gila kau berpeluh peluh jalan tengah panas gigih nak beli barang runcit konon2 nak masak kan. Pfftttt, penat gilak ok tapi tak pe lah seronok jugak jalan ramai2 tengok view around kan.

Tengok la diorang ni, gigih kan. Nak beli telur mane satu pun nak discuss macam tu, hihi.. Biase la kan, tengah kesempitan duit kot, sob2. Last2 tak beli jugak, muahaha..Discuss je lebih, whateverr. Tapi sekarang kitchen dah ade telur, ayam, beras semua. Wafi la yang gigih pergi shopping that day. Rajin betol nak masak kan, for me baik beli je.

This is my bed. Ade rupa macam bed kah? sedih kan, huk huk huk..Tapi I would say mine la paling comfortable sekali sbab orang lain semua guna tilam kejung2 je. Me, pakai tilam Vono ok and berlapikkan toto. Wahhh, eksklusif kan, muahaha..Kesian la tengok diorang yang lain, tu la offer lagi kat aku kan, nak ke tak tilam Vono dalam bilik master tu. Sah2 la aku nak. Baik gila diorang, sanggup tidur atas tilam kayu and bagi aku tilam Vono!

Jangan suruh aku bayar sewa rumah lebih sudahh, hihi..Wahh, hari nak keluar pergi mane yek, dapat banyak sangat jemputan ni. Tak menang tangan, hehe. I'm looking forward for next week jugak. Third week of internhip, yeayy! 30 weeks to go, wahhh..lame gila kan 8 bulan tu, huhu.. Staff kat sane suka bergossip and I always eavesdrop diorang. Sembang pasal Siti Nurhaliza lah, pasal maternity lah, Sultan Brunei bercerai lah. Nak join conversation tapi segan, hahaha

Tak de maknanye nak join, semua issue perempuan kot. Banyak gila staff perempuan kat Finance Division tu okk. General Manager and Senior Managers semua perempuan. So riuh jugak la office tu hari2 dengar cerita itu, cerita ini. Second week memang ade improvement and therefore tak sabarnye nak tunggu next week, hehe..Dah dapat project kan, kena buat banyak research to come out with the system Encik Alfeez nak. Sorry lah sebab post kali ni panjangg gila.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jumaat, fifth day..yeay esok cuti

Di Petronas Twin Towers untuk hari ke-lima..yeayy, semakin lama adalah semakin best cuma itulah, I think I'm homesick kot, nak balik rumah! Tapi tak tahu lah bile, tak sempat kot..balik kerja at 5.30 pm on Friday lepas tu nanti kena datang balik Ahad before malam sebab Isnin kerja. Sedih kan!! Tadi sembahyang Jumaat kat Masjid As-Syakirin KLCC, omaigott ramai gila orang okay, tak tahu la berape ribu semua tu..

Hari ni kat office tak de kerja pun, cuma buat2 sibuk je lah. Bila boring, baru la cari supervisor yang garang tu tanya what can I do for you untuk hari ni. Dia pass gua kat Kak Zurina and this akak agak sombong la. Dia boleh buat muka, tarik panjang okay bila manager suruh dia ajar me something. Okay fine, aku tak kisah.

Tapi dia ajar jugak la and aku tak faham pun ape yang dia explain tu, so no point lah kan. Baik surf internet je, huhh..I think my supervisor tu actually baik kot cuma it's me je yang tak kenal dia lagi sebab orang lain macam comfortable je dengan dia. Tadi time jumpe dia pun, ok la..not bad. Cuma may be dia selalu busy sebab tu macam selalu ignore me. Whatever.

Kad akses pintu masuk yang sangat penting okay, tak de benda alah ni jangan harap kau boleh masuk any one of the towers. Gua suka rantai silver tu, nampak macam nice bila pakai, kad pun cepat je siap, first day tu dah dapat. Tak suka kad matrik UTP yang buruk lagi usang, dah la print my name as Izzat. Tak kisah sebab sekarang I use this new card, hehe..

Gambar ini bukan lakonan, gua memang sibuk and rajin buat kerja, wakaka..Shafitra siap gelak okay time ambik gambar ni sambil cakap "Blah la ko, buat2 rajin". Tahu tak time bila me and Shafitra paling suka? Time lampu berkelip and padam! Sebab it means it is time for lunch or to go back home. Sebijik macam kat library UTP ok.

Time library nak tutup, mula la lampu berkelip kelip, haha..kat sini pun konsep dia sama rupanya. Baguslah Petronas ni, hihi..Cara efektif untuk halau orang di samping dapat jimat kos elektrik. The best part kan mase lampu berkelip, me and Shafitra would look at each other sambil sengih- sengih. Boleh pulak masing- masing berpaling at the same time. Nampak sangat tak de kerja kan, tunggu time nak lunch and go back je. Esok Sabtu yeayy, time untuk bergembira!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fourth Day of Doing Internship

I'm so jealous with my other coursemates because they have bundle of joy while doing their internship. Well I have to say that I'm not yet there to achieve that kind of nerve. I blame this on my manager. Well, he doesn't seems like my supervisor pun. That day pun Kak Farhana dah cakap that we don't actually have supervisor.

But, because he is the manager's divison that I'm in, so supposedly he is my supervisor la kan. He is weird!! He is kind of ignoring me, I'm so sad noww. Yess, supervisor is the most important thing while you are doing internship. You will be assessed by him and he is the one who monitor and evaluate you for the 8 months period.

So, if you get a friendly and super nice supervisor then you are at least can take a short breath. And for me, I'm dead..I'm so unlucky I got this guy as my supervisor. He doesn't even give me works to do. He passed by my table tremendously, I count how many times he going back and forth here and there.

Why don't he stops at my table, greets me and give me some work to do. I'm bored as hell tahu tak. He should be on leave hari ni tapi dia datang jugak, ade something to settle on perhaps. I'm like invisible to him, heylooooo..don't you see me here! Tapi nasiblah semalam time he's on leave, Kak Honeyzah bagi homework.

So hari ni sehari suntuk siapkan that work. Banyak gila, buat dari pagi masuk kerja, pukul 5 petang baru habis. 2000 rows of data ok need to be managed, in excel. There are about 32 pages altogether the account receivable of customers that need to be caculated. At least I done something today, so tak de la boring sangat.

Esok I don't know la what to do. He is not coming, cuti lagi sampai Selasa. Damn! Jeles bile kawan2 lain cakap supervisor diorang bawa jalan2 pergi skybridge, belanja makan la, bwa pergi main bowling la, bagi kerja suruh buat I got none of them, I'm isolated! I should not have choose MITCO at the first place, my mistake and I regret for that. Fullstop!!

p/s: Esok jumaat, lepas tu Sabtu and Ahad, jump for joy! Tapi tak boleh keluar sakan, gaji tak masuk lagi

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday- Third Day of Doing Internship

Today is better than the first two days. Today I tend to know more staffs in the department and work with them. Guess what, my manager/ supervisor take a leave today for a week long. So I guess I don't have to come la tomorrow since there is no one to assess and monitor me. For the first hour, I was bored to death and so walked to Abang Nizam pretending to ask, "is that Mr Alfeez on leave today?" Dah tahu tapi saje tanye. Lepas tu since dia tengok I was like clueless, tak de job nak buat, he screamed to his other colleague, "Siti, ni kesian anak buah ko ni tak de keje, merayap sampai ke sini dah haa".

Omaigot, malu okk..satu department kot boleh dengar. So Kak Siti yang macam penolong Mr Alfeez tu pun bagi la a file with thick documents about GST (Good n Services Tax) of MITCO Japan. She gave a long explaination about how the transaction works between supplier, MITCO Japan and customers. After that, I need to go through the file, make some study about it. Baca2 and buat2 paham then at 1 pm out to lunch with Shafitra, Iela and other coursemates kat food court luar. Oh yess, food court BSN ni murah ok..

Nasi goreng ayam kunyit and air oren at RM4 je. Wowww, so I know where to go for lunch later on. I ate one table with my colleague (staff MITCO), Abang Shahrul and another one (Azim) yang intern kat situ jugak, tapi dah dua bulan..
They were friendly, surprisingly. Lepas habis makan, off to pray then naik level 14 balik, continue my work (work la sangat).

Dekat2 pukul 4 tu, Kak Siti datang balik to my place tanye paham tak pasal GST. Cuak okie takut dia soal siasat. Dah la aku surf internet je tadi since Internet connection dah boleh pakai kat situ. Nasib baik la, dia baik and lepas tu tanye her other colleagues, sape2 yang nak aku buat kerja ape2, omaigottt..gua dah seram sejuk, belajar account satu semester je kot, tu pun basic je.
Then Akak Honeyzah datang bagi homework. Dia kesian tengok aku tak de keje ke or dia ambik kesempatan suruh aku siapkan keje dia, whateverr la..

Lagipun aku memang tengah boring so layan je la. Kena total up sum and average collection period of Receivables for MITCO Japan transactions. So, work with microsoft excel je la. Nasib baik there is no such thing like programming. Tapi nanti manager nak suruh buat projek, he already told me he wanted an integrated database project for MITCO Japan Finance dept, matiii laaa.

note: sape kate lif KLCC laju? lembab nak mati ok, lif vista angkasa lagi lajuu

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday- Second day of doing My Internship

I'm in KL now, staying at Vista Angkasa far, life is okay.. new housemates seem to be not that bad. Well at least not as what I imagined it would be. It is way better, hehe

my new home for 8 months with 7 other housemates

Started my internship yesterday and believe me, it is not fun at all. Most UTPians would say doing internship is the best and joyous part of being a student. Well, it doesn't work for me I guess. My division's manager is not that friendly, he is as fierce as lion. But, some lions can be tamed and laid down. I hope this one is included in that kind of tame lion.

Yes, first day would always be boring. All people would say so because there will just be a briefing and a walk around the office to introduce the staffs. What you do next is to sit on the chair with desk provided till the clock reaches 5.30 pm. Okay, that is way so tedious.

Today is the second day and guess what, I did the same routine I did for yesterday, board on putra lrt to KLCC at 7.45 am, once arrived I would walk through the sidewalk with the advertisement of Maxis and Dell moving up and down all sides long. Impressed!

Semalam excited tengok advertisment ni gerak atas bawah. Tapi hari ni tengok terus nak muntah. Dah tak menarik ok, go change to something more incredible please, hihi.. Masuk office macam usual tadi and greet Mr Alfeez, the manager with Good Morning. I asked if there is something I can work with. I'm attached to Finance and Service Division under Petronas MITCO Japan.

He then passed me few papers of accouting sheet for me to go through and understand. A large table with numbers all around. Well, what do you expect when you are attached to Finance and Management Department. My eyes go drooled and I feel like going to sleep right away. Office hours from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm to just stared at those papers really make my day worsen.

Fortunately, there is Shafitra sitting beside, her desk is next to me, thank God for that. I spent most of my time in the office chatting with her and discussed few things about the accouting thingy. Well, lucky me to get her to work with in this department because she is kind of clever girl.

I would always wait for the clock to reach 5.30 pm, it is like counting down the time to go back with the hope to have better time while on the way back. I haven't tell you guys how my first day started. It was horrible to be remembered.

Not my first time to KLCC but the first time to climb all the way up to level 15 to report duty and to be attached to work with Finance Department of MITCO Japan at level 14, tower 1. Kak Farhana fetched 10 of us to the top. Before to be allowed to enter the tower offices, you will be needed to take pass at the counter. Then you scanned your card and you will be allowed to enter.

Not that easy, after that there is a check up like one usually need to go through when he is at the airport. Your bag will be scanned in and out like x-ray and you will walk through a door with detector sensor. When it comes to my turn, guess what..the thing sounds three time, beep beep beep. Owh nooo, what have I done, My name is Syafiq Izzat and I'm not a terrorist.

Okay, it was because of my handphone, coins and keys. Ok fine! What's next? Sebab bunyi beep macam2 tu I was late and tertinggal. Kak Farhana and 8 others dah naik while me and acap like orang gila cari diorang. We don't know the elevators system of KLCC is complex and so we just took on any elevator we could find there.

Guess what, the elevator that we were in..there's no button for level 15. Omaigott, it is so weird and absurd. We decided to go down to the ground and lucky us, Kak Farhana was there looking for us. She said elevators in KLCC are divided to odd and even numbers for different levels. Damn weird!

During lunch break, for the first day I ate at KLCC's food court. Nasi Ayam and a can of soya drink costs me RM8!! Ok fine, I could have the same menu at only RM4.50 if I'm in UTP now. For the second day, I ate outside with other colleagues and it costs almost the same, RM7.30. Babi! Penat je jalan keluar jauh2, harga lebih kurang je dengan food court.

I have so many things to tell lagi ni..nanti I update some more.

view from my house, cantik kan tower tm tu..yang colour biru tu la vista angkasa apartment, dah macam berek polis je aku tengok, sedih

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bencinya Israeeeeelll, arghhh..geramm

Tadi tengok-tengok yahoo news pasal Israel serang aid ship to Gaza tu la kan, lepas tu ade la makhluk-makhluk yang komen-komen kat bawah article tu.

Mula-mula suka la tengok sebab ramai komen kutuk Israel

Lepas tu ade setan dua ekor yang kutuk Palestine, omaigott! keji betul diorang ni

Ni ade lagi yang komen sangat lahanat ok, kurang ajarr..Siape yang serang
siape dulu kan, Boleh pulak kate "Good job Israel, stay strong"
Ni spesis bangang orang panggil, bodoh sangat

Masing-masing komen sangat irritating ok, geram sangat bile bace
yang sokong-sokong Israel ni, nasib lah ade yang backing..yeayy Zaza

p/s: yeay, dah sampai rumah..esok and lusa nak shopping sakan beli barang untuk intern nanti, exam sangatlah susah okie, hancur lah harapan untuk DL ;(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I feel like going far away from UTP and pretend like there is no examination

I feel so depressed! May be I put too much stress on me, tskk..
forcing myself to study like there is no tomorrow. But still when
others ask few questions, I would gaze and take a long while to
answer them, doesn't matter how much I have covered but
then still tak tahu itu ini. Always need to refer notes. tskkk
The nerve that conquered me all day long and whispered
as if the first paper would be tomorrow is not helping langsung.
Well, it is a day after doesn't make much difference
isn't. Oh my god, please help me at this very time.
I need to score hard for Advanced Database Systems,
I see a chance to score for this subject and hence
I hope I can do it well. I just need to make a review on
every topics covered and make sure to understand well.
I can't lie to myself, just be honest to yourself please Syafiq Izzat!!
Back to years when I was in school, mum had always insist
me to ask questions if I don't understand. She said shy to
ask is BODOH SOMBONG. Well, she got point there! So, I
better ask others if I don't understand any, don't keep it
but spill it out..oh yeahh! Go go for my first paper this Monday.
Wish me luck. I wanna have a good time in the examination hall.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Fail satu paper dah, gulpp! Habis la pointer semester ni, macam mane ni? mati la aku, macam mane nak berhadapan dengan Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU), parents, kawan2 semua ni?

Ok lah, cukup lah berlakon. Cut that part off sebab aku tipu je. Final exam start pun belum. Belajar kat UTP ni boleh sakit jantung tau, ade je surprise time nak exam ni. Tengok lah final draft exam yang baru ni. First paper is scheduled on last Monday (10 May) which was the first day of study week. Logik tak exam time study week baru nak start? haiyoooo, exam unit ni kenape eh?

So, adakah semua student BIS sudah fail paper ADS? gulpp..tidak2! Ini semua kecuaian exam unit yang pandai2 tukar schedule and konfiden je label this as final draft. Dah elok letak 17 May tiba2 ubah 10 May, in a sudden pulak tu..Minggu ni untuk belajar lah, mane ade examm!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I loathe when my belongings lost to nowhere to be traced. What make it even more bad is, when it happened over and over again. You buy one then it lost then you buy again, then this word counts again, LOST! I hate..

I lost my spoon, big deal pun but the annoying part is to buy another one, malas aku nak redah pergi rahmath for the sake of a spoon. So, yesterday my roommate nak pinjam spoon sebab dia nak makan.

Rumet: pinjam sudu

Me: tak de, hilang la

Rumet: ala, sudu kat kitchen tu siape punya? nak pinjam kejap

Me: budak cina tu, dia guna makan pork

Tipu je sebenarnya, tak tahu pun sudu budak cina (housemate) or budak lain punya, muahaha. So off me go to tapau makanan jugak. Then sampai bilik tengok rumet tengah makan dengan spoon.

Me: eh, ko guna sudu sape tu?

Rumet: aznin

Me: oww, ala... aku nak makan dengan ape ni?

Rumet: tu sudu BABI tu ade

Okk....rumet marah, lariiiiii

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Study Week is now ON

It is now study week, omaigott..cepatnye time passed by. I'm so not ready for final, macam mane ni? haiyooo, but still I have to put on my best effort sebab I want Deans List so badly for this semester. Chaiyok2! Of course la I want something memorable before going for internship nanti. Ni haa timetable final exam, macam ok jugak la gap dia dari last semester yang macam lahanat tu.

First Week

Second Week

Last Week
Yang bikin gua panas tu kan, why lepas paper Corporate Ethics, esok tu terus paper Internet Programming? Bagi la gap 1-2 hari..ish2, dah la IP tu susah.
Name je study week, tapi tak start lagi study ni, mati la..risau ni, budak2 lain sah2 la dah start study, budak2 UTP ni semua gigih2, menggelepur masing2 nak jumpa lecturer tanye soalan2 past year semua..tskkk. Relax2 la wey. Sometimes kan, I think it is a waste je to sit for exam semua ni sebab we just study for the sake of examination je. Knowledge yang dapat tak la seberapa pun, nanti time training baru la realize yang tak tahu buat itu ini, sebab kite sebelum ni study untuk exam, tak apply pun lepas tu.
Risau sangat for internship ni, dah la start 7 june, last exam paper habis 1 june..ada 6 hari je nak prepare untuk internship semua. Huwaaa, I need to do revision dulu in finance ni sebab I got finance department. Baju2 semua tak shop lagi. Rumah sewa tak dapat lagi. Plan je yang dah banyak. Nak shopping kat pavillion la, nak main ski time my birthday la, macam2 lah. Macam duit internship tu banyak sangat je..Cakap pasal study week ni, tak start study pun lagiiiii. Ok, kena start by nowww. Eh esok la start, sekarang kan dah pukul 2 pagi, tidur dulu lah, hehehe.. Esok kena start study!!! Yeahhh, study! Ok bye, good nite

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Could life be more pleasant?

1. This week is the last week before study week, jadi banyaklah presentation and project due semua. And minggu ni sangat malas ok nak pergi kelas, especially Corporathe Ethics tu.

2. Sangat kecewa sebenarnya dengan PCS, presentation semalam sangatlah disappointing, ingat nak redo tapi tak boleh. Ok fine.

3. Projek Internet Programming sangat memeningkan, macam mane nak buat add cart and then it appears at another page (form) eh. Dah dapat tahu markah test, test 1 dah agak pun..memang teruk! 12/20 je okk, terasa sangat bodoh di situ. Nasib lah test 2 dapat 18/20, so average marks adalah 15/20. Nasib baik okk, kalau tak skor test 2 tu mati gua.

4. Macam mane ye nak skor MIS ni? Susah la nak menghafal-hafal ni, first test gua dapat 26/40 je kot. Aishhh, khamis ni second test..6 chapters pulak tu cover, tak study lagi ni, mati gua.

5. Advanced Database Systems (ADS) macam best pulak kan, kihkihkih..aku memang suka database2 ni walaupun ADS ni memang susah gila. First test adalah sangat bernasib baik ok sebab dapat 38/40. Second test that day sangat susah and I don't hope for good result sangat.

6. Corporate Ethics adalah membosankan, yess I have to say this. Bukan lecturer yang tedious, tapi the subject itself. Perlu ke belajar ethics2 ni, please la..Test that day hanya dapat 28/40, kecewa ok. Dah la ade satu test je for this subjectt.

7. I'm not into economics la I guess because I don't have interest langsung. Orang lain semangat je present tadi sebut2 pasal ekonomi negara semua. Aku langsung tak paham okk, sangat. Tests sumpah aku rasa dapat teruk..tskk

8. I got my new IC, last weekend balik rumah and drove myself to Bertam to collect my new IC, tak suka IC baru sebab lighting kurangg, huhh..hihi, bajet kulit cerah kan

9. Dinner dengan family kat luar to celebrate mum's birthday and went out for shopping at Jusco Perai..too bad I don't give her any present for her birthday.

10. I didn't go to Techies Dinner bukan sebab boikot okk. I have my own reasons (alasan sebab balik rumah logik tak?), tapi now I have to say that agak regret tak pergi sebab orang kata dinner this time best, pfftt

11. Still looking for house to be rented around KL. Mati laa, bulan 6 dah nak intern tapi rumah still tak jumpa. Merempat tepi jalan la macam ni, aishhh..hari tu dah dapat apartment tapi melepas sebab dah ade orang bayar deposit dulu, geramm

12. Next week adalah study week, I'm longing for this, hehe..first paper will be on 17th of May and last paper on 1st June..fuhhh, jauhnya gap. Lambat lagi nak habis sem ni

13. It's 5th of May!! Happy Birthday rumet, hihihi..dah tua ko, patut la nampak kedut2 semua, muahaha

Monday, April 19, 2010


I had enough vacations, sekarang masa untuk serius study walaupun mood untuk study tak jugak datang. Cakap pasal vacation, bukanlah vacation sangat a road trip je. Last wednesday went to KLCC for gamelan discovery. Terima kasih la rudy sebab ajak pergi kan, tiket masuk memang dah free. Satu tiket katanya berharga RM40 la jugak, mahal ye tambah2 lagi untuk tengok show gamelan yang hanya lah sejam saje. Patutlah bukan main ketat lagi dress code nak masuk dewan filharmonik Petronas tu. Sneakers yang aku pakai ni pun not allowed, diorang suruh tukar dengan kasut hitam yang provided kat bawah. Alaaahh, macam ade VVIP sangat je kat situ nak usha2 guest yang datang, sangat tak paham ok motif untuk dress code semua ni. Bukannya aku pakai selipar, sneakers okk..adidas lagi, pfttt..Tapi kan bila masuk dewan filharmonik tu rasa cantik sangat. Dengan lampu2 all over the ceilings and it is kecik je, comel sangat and bertingkat-tingkat. Owh tak cakap pun pergi KLCC naik ape kan. Mula2 ingat naik bas UTP, tapi tup2..naik bas lain. BAS CATAR! Wahhh, nightmare tahu tak naik bas yang bergegar-gegar tu for 3 hours lebih. Terus teringat cerita rombongan Cik Kiah ke sukan komanwel, muahaha..Air-conds pulak tak berape nak sejuk kan, meroyan la semua kat dalam tu, aku sorang je? Malam tu time nak balik baru lah sejuk sikit and diorang pasang movie dalam bas. Movie pulak tak boleh blah, cerita vampire ke ape entah, tapi yang tak famous lah..Seram kot malam2 letak cerita macam tu. So, solutionnya mestilah paksa diri tidur. Anyway show gamelan tu sangat la high class and well prepared, semua main macam professional. Kalau aku time main gamelan for Co-q dulu, bukan main tergedik-gedik lagi nak ketuk benda alah tu, nak refer notes je setiap kali ketuk. Mananye nak ketuk lagi nak ingat melody dia lagi.

Cuti 3 hari sebab Isnin Perak cuti, so sangat la bosan and semalam pergi Teluk Senangin dengan meeda, aznin, qura, and teha. Tak plan pun nak pergi actually, time lunch dengan meeda pukul 1 tu tetiba je meeda ajak pergi pantai. Then ape lagi, ajak2 yang lain and pukul 2.15 zasss terus ke Teluk Senangin. Best ohh sebab lama gila tak lepak2 pantai ni. Dah la semalam tak berapa nak panas, redup2 je..molek sangat lah tu..Lepas photoshoot and makan2 semua terus pergi Giant Sri Manjung, shopping2 sikit then pergi karoeke nearby Giant tu. Wahhhh, best ok first time sebenarnya, muahaha.. kampung sangat kan. Lepas 2 jam berkaroeke kat situ, dalam kol 9 malam cam tu, pergi dinner dekat shabu-shabu, tempat steamboat. Famous ok tempat ni, bersepah je budak2 utp kat situ. Ingatkan tak ramai..dah rase macam makan kat kafe V5 pulak. Ok jugak la food kat situ and murah kalau nak dibandingkan dengan steamboat Moven Peak kat Ipoh tu, cekik darah je tahu. Owhh, lain kali nak pergi shabu-shabu, tak nak dah Moven Peak, hehe..Lepak2 kat situ sampai dah pukul 11 lebih and sampai UTP dah midnight. Best sangat, dapat pergi pantai, shopping, karoeke and makan besar. Complete! So sekarang kena back to business, study! Owhh, malasnya..

Friday, April 16, 2010

I miss my..

I miss my old days, I bet everyone would miss their younger days at least once in a lifetime. Once is too little, I would say at least for 8 to 10 times. Still, it is too little isn't? How life has driven me this far, get me to know every inch of this wide world better than I did last 20 years. How matured I have been now although my siblings would say I'm no more than a secondary school lad. Ignore them, they envy with me because I always look younger for people at my age. *a boasting laugh* Every time I wake up in the morning, the first breath would be the best give ever. Luxury stuffs would not be valuable if you find yourself in the another world. I would always remind me to have a better day than before because we never know whether we would still be given the 'gift' the next day.

I teach myself to appreciate every single moment I walked through. Time is cruel, there will be no second chance. If there is, it would not be pleasing like the one we first had. I had a very compelling moment when I was kid. Compelling here means how innocent I was since I don't have to indulge with complicated things I'm facing right now, sometimes less works better. I miss the time I went for kindergarten with my grandma aside. She would never left me because she knew how dependent I was. I went for kindergarten in Pekan Darat (my grandma's place) and I'm happy to say that currently, my family is staying here next to her house. Sireh pulang ke gagang. I'm back to the place once my childhood flourished; get to see the place I used to bicycle and play around. This is the best thing one could ask for.

I thank God for everything; for giving me life, family, education, friends and others. I really miss my childhood days, how pleasing life was on that time. You don't have to mess around with books, notes or whatsoever printed stuffs that will drive you to bonkers. All you have in your head is playing. I realize that life without education is like a villain. You have no importance to anybody. I try to digest my grandma's words to my head; my both grandmas. They always want to see me succeed in life, they are like my foster mums who taught me every single thing. I love them and would always pray the best for them. I miss my days with them as well. How time has grown, I'm a big boy longer their littles boy.

p/s: Sometimes I think time is too damn fast, it plundered evertyhing before I could strike them into my memory

Monday, April 12, 2010

Syafiq Izzat membebel

Dah lame tak tulis post panjang-panjang, so kali ni nak membebel puas-puas sebab lepas ni may be dah tak de mase nak tulis lagi. Eh, bukan tulis..taip sebenarnya. Sekarang rasa lega sikit sebab commitment untuk event semua dah habis. Show Tronoh Theatre Shop (TTS), Bangsawan Tuah Jebat dah pun habis dengan jayanya, clap2. Seronok oh masuk TTS ni sebab dia macam lain sikit (ke banyak?) dengan event-event lain. Dalam show ni, I'm part of the management crew in charge untuk set-set semua. Tak berani lah nak cuba jadi pelakon sebab I know I'm not given with that talent, nanti semua audience gelak pulak sebab I don't have big voice untuk dilontarkan. Eventhough mula-mula tu memang penat and frust sebab meeting pun mesti tiap2 hari, petang and malam pulak tu. Tapi lame-lame dah macam best pulak, tanya la my roommate berapa kali dah I'm groaning sebab malas nak pergi Multipurpose Hall for meeting and training. Selalu je mengeluh and mengomel but now tak perlu lagi, hehe..sebab show dah habis. Suka sangat mase show hari Sabtu and Ahad lepas bila ramai audience suka dengan show Tuah Jebat ni, rase puas. Tapi aku tak lah menyumbang ape sangat pun. Bila tukar dari set gua ke istana, jelas dengar bunyi from audience macam, "whoaa"..means diorang suke dengan set tu, hehe..Good job lah semua orang! Memang honestly aku suka tengok set-set tu, nampak cantik sangat. Ok lah kan sebab show ni tak de lah besar mane tapi dapat buat set-set yang cantik. Ramai yang puji lepas habis show malam Sabtu tu.
I have to admit yang memang I did learn something new from TTS ni, macam-macam. Sangat banyak untuk disenaraikan. Next semester I'm going for internship so tak dapat lagi lah bersama TTS. This semester pun ade satu show je, Tuah Jebat..tapi tak pe lah, at least I got experience. Suka tengok lakonan semua pelakon TTS, hebat2 kan semua. Sesiapa yang tengok show ni perasan tak ade tombak-tombak lembing cucuk dari platform singgahsana sultan? Aku lah yang jolok-jolok benda alah tu, hahaha..Aku dengan E lah yang semangat duduk dalam kotak sempit tu dari awal scene 6 tu untuk jolok2 dari bawah. Siapa yang tahu cerita Tuah Jebat ni mesti tau kan ade babak orang kampung jolok lembing dari lantai istana. Well, it is more or less adapted into the scene. Banyak sangat kerja untuk show Tuah Jebat ni sebenarnya, set pun dah involve berapa meter kain. Banyak jenis kain pulak tu, scene gua lah, istana, kamar permaisuri and kampung. Anyway, memang berbaloi lah masuk TTS this semester! suka sangat. Good job untuk semua pelakon dan crew Bangsawan Tuah Jebat.

Cukup lah story pasal TTS, move on to my life. Owh sedih, rase macam banyak yang tak kena. Banyak sangat masalah nak difikirkan sebenarnya. This week kena setel kan lab 6 ADS, prepare untuk lab test and kuiz MIS. PCS pulak tinggal satu lagi presentation, persuasive..still thinking tajuk ape yang nak dipresentkan, kalau boleh nak something yang totally different but yet sangat intrigue. Masih belum ade idea lagi. I think I need to do something la untuk insafkan diri sikit. I have too much joy to the point sangat jauh dari tuhan sebenarnya. Rasa berdosa sangat tapi still repeating the same mistake. Selalu fikir pasal mati sekarang ni tahu tak, risau sangat kalau-kalau tak sempat taubat macam mane, wasiat pun belum buat lagi macam mane? nanti berebut pulak adik-beradik nak ambik my Blackberry tu macam mane. Aishh, solat subuh dah berape kali tinggal in a row. I'm dah too far from the light sebenarnya, that's why I have to keep myself reminded to stay on the right path. Banyak betol obstacles tau. Ya Allah, tolong lah hamba mu ini supaya kembali ke pangkal jalan. Masalah yang ade kat dunia ini datang dari Allah and so, kite kena lah minta pertolongan dariNya kembali supaya dapat permudahkan semuanya untuk kita lalui. Okk, insaf sekejap. Kalau dekat rumah, dapat la insaf sikit sebab ade tazkirah percuma ye. Lambat sikit nak pergi Friday prayer, merasa lah khutbah Jumaat dari mak. Dah tak payah susah-susah pergi masjid, tapi still kena pergi. Wajib kan. And sekarang I'm so worry pasal my obligation semua, macam solat yang aku buat selama ni sah and diterima Allah ke tidak. Sebab we never know our mistakes kan macam rukuk tak sempurna, belum lagi bacaan- bacaan dalam solat. Entah kenape benda-benda macam ni selalu spinning in my head, twirling. Tapi still tak refer buku panduan solat, terus je solat macam biase. Oh my God! Berdosa sangat ni. And kalau baca Al-Quran, betol ke aku baca tajwid semua ni. Lame kot tak practise baca sejak foundation. Sekarang baru nak belek-belek balik.

Itu pasal agama, sekarang pasal relationship dengan orang sekeliling. Dah macam tak ade significant rasanye. Semua member time foundy pun entah tercampak ke mana. Susah betol nak jumpa. My life sangat la bosan ok kalau tak join mane2 event. Tak de siape nak ajak keluar hang out Ipoh ke, mane-mane ke..sedih kan? Tak pe, nanti next semester dah nak going for intern, I have new surrounding and friends to make. Lantak laah regardless of what happened while I'm studying here. Sebab lonely kadang-kadang tu makes me think balik, whether the decision to study in UTP was a wise choice. Boleh je pilih TESL dulu, lagi best kot. Tapi decision has been made, nak buat macam mane. When I told mum about this, she suggests me untuk amik KPLI lepas habis study in UTP. Oh my God, that is beyond imaginary, macam sia-sia je aku ambik course BIS kat UTP ni sebab nanti nak ambik ijazah perguruan KPLI tu pulak. What can I say is there is no turning back, just go on with life. BIS pun BIS lah, sampai ke tua pun kena kerja dalam course ni. Irony kan, sebab dari kecik nak jadi cikgu English tapi last-last masuk UTP. Well, money matters. Siape suruh elaun cikgu cibai sangat. Tapi sekarang elaun2 budak KPLI dah tinggi tau, menyesal decline offer dulu. Ingat senang ke nak dapat. Proses same je macam educamp nak masuk UTP. Ingat lagi mula-mula sampai institut perguruan tu kena buat english essay, lepas tu go for individual interview then last sekali group interview pulak. Aishh, same je proses dengan UTP, dah la elaun lagi banyak, dapat pergi UK pulak tu..Tak pe lah, nak buat macam mane, benda dah jadi kan, what I can do now is praying the best for my future. Things happened for reasons kan. I hope my brother tak kan repeat my silly mistake ni and good luck esok untuk interview JPA program oversea. All the best budak!

note of the day: how pleasant life could be if we know how to colour it well

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Of my internship status

Half of my prayer has been answered, I got a call from Intel Kulim asking whether I'm interested to do my internship at their company. Of course I am intrigued, with pleasure! But it's a bit too late since I have accepted offer from Petronas Mitco earlier, so I know I would have tough time dealing with SIIU if I want to decline the offer for Intel. Petronas would have bad impression on me, but well we have right to make choice, don't we. To make it even pleasant, the position in Intel is in Manufacturing department, more likely handling with Database, I like! Just like what I want, as long as there is no such thing like programming, everything would be fine. Finance department in Mitco is also quite a catch, I'm so in dilemma. People said Mitco is doing good and the internship there would be awesome. But still the main issue here is far from home and the living cost is high, 1k a month won't be enough. Have to wait for next week to know whether I'm choosen for the placement in Intel, really looking forward it. Please pray that I will get the placement there, half of my prayer has been answered..but how about another half?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paper toy

Comel kan paper toy kat atas ni, hihi.. this was part of activities included in CRAFT or known as Creative Art Festival held on last 22-24 March. Teka yang mane satu my papertoy? Yeshh, yang paling buruk tu lah, hahaha..comel la benda2 ni, geram tengok. Macam nak pijak2 kan.

Yang menang adelah ketiga-tiga papertoy kat bawah ni, sangat kreatif dan cantik. Rajin betol nak colour2 and ubah papertoy tu. Well, the effort seems to be worth la sebab menang kan, tahniah2.


First runner up

Second runner up

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just an update

So many things to talk about but I don't have much time to spit them all. Last time, I was kind of busy with CRAFT thingy, need to find sponsors for the event and I ended up with none but members in the department managed to approach few. It was not that bad as there was a rush to find them in only 2 weeks time. There were two sponsors, Animasia and Maestro Publication, Maestro sponsored for magazines. The company gave me a call asking how many magazines do we need. I said 200 copies would be enough and they agreed to supply 200 copies of Intrend magazine. The next day, there was another call asking whether we want to have Top Gear magazine as well. Never say no to free items. So, there were 200 copies of Intrend and Top Gear each. My room was quite a mess with bundles of magazines, 400 of them altogether. How generous those people are as one Intrend costs RM7.50 while Top Gear costs RM10.00 each.

I haven't yet tell about this bus accident, don't I? I was on the way back to UTP boarding on a bus and out of a sudden, there was this fool car which crashed into the left side of the bus just right where I sitted. Crazy driver of Tronoh, don't you see there was a bus on the road where you were about to cut in? Thanks God no one was injured and it was only a minor one.

This weekend is kinda busy, there is a trip from UiTM Shah Alam from this Accounting Club or best known as Abaccs if i'm not mistaken. The Public Relation members of Syntech are the one who in charge with this trip. So, we have to arrange everything for the 3 days trip. Tomorrow would be the last day, today was such a hectic day with tour around UTP, simple game, video montage and tour to Lumut. Anyway, it is a new experience and it is good to learn something from the trip. I met Armi Arfifi as well since he's one of the participant. He is my ex-schoolmate of MRSM Gerik and Beseri. How time has changed, he is quite a piece compared to the time he was in school. The most important part is, how could he be so talkative like that? Oh my god, what has got into him. No wonder he is one of the MPP in UiTM Shah Alam, good for him.

I wonder when my new IC would be ready. I don't want to bring along that temporary IC which size is about half of the A4 paper. Urghh, troublesome! Talking about internship, I have accepted the offer from Petronas Mitco. I don't know whether it is a good choice or not but if I get other offers around Penang I would dump Mitco. I would go for place around my home so that I can save money for my own use. Hope everything would be ok and runs smooth.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Come on, cheer up! We can't go back to the past

Sometimes I don't know how my life is, it could be distraught and pleasing at the same time. But mostly I would say distraught will always be the prominent one. So many things need to be settled down. Internship thingy makes thing becomes more complicated. Tests, assignments and projects are like usual, never get less. It will always increasing and if only it can be measured, KLCC would not be the tallest one in Malaysia, my works would preceding. Yes, how hyperbola it is.

As I'm growing up, I could sense something in me is getting fade. It is a passion and tendecy to do things. If before I would enjoy studying like bonkers but now for me, it is a grind. I lost my passion and I know I have to get it back before it's too late. The MIS first test last time was a terrifying moment, I can not be very sure to answer every single question. Every questions look awkward. Yeahh, I admit that I had put only some effort into it because the week before mid-semester was busy like crowded cars on a road in a crowded city with crowded people. Huhh

Sometimes, I got a thought like, 'When I'm graduating and find myself a job, it would be the greatest moment ever'. I want to finish my study as quick as possible but I know later on when I work, I might have different thought like, 'Bosannya kerja, I wish I can go back to my student's life'. Everyhting seem to be not in the way we want it to be. The only concern is how we enjoy our very moments and how to decorate it well to be more pleasing.

We will never be contented of life. Once we at school, we would want to finish schooling as soon as possible. But then when we come to university, we would miss our school and have the thought university is not that fun compared to school. And so, we want to finish studying in university as quick as possible and go for job. Once we at job, we would miss university's life. This will never stop even when we got married things will be much complicated. Need to manage the bills, maintenance, wife, children, house and job itself. Belum masalah2 lain lagi. As we think our life is a mess now, it would be much more messier later on. So, just enjoy what you are doing right now.