Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh ye ke.

Ok post kali ni I prefer guna Bahasa Melayu. See, tapi still jugak rojak
dengan English. Biase lah, so Malaysian kan. I wanna talk about the quality of
me yang agak lurus bendul. Not all the time, tapi most of the time la kot.
There'sa difference kan. LOL

I tend to believe ape je orang cakap although it sounds absurd and
doesn't make sense langsung. Bangang kan?
Ok, contoh pertama masa Intern kat MITCO dulu.
Abang Khairil, one of the staffs in Polymer Division bawa we all pergi

Dia cerita pasal Singapore. Singapore kan is an island. Dia cakap there's
a pillar holding Singapore and this pillar makin lama makin haus.
So Singapore akan bergerak nanti. It will move ditolak ombak.

Abang Khairil cerita lagi yang Singapore sekarang sibuk dok buat pengayuh
gergasi keliling the island so nanti dapat control bila ombak tolak.
Sounds sangat ridiculous and siape la nak percaye kan.

But I did. Haiyooo. Bodoh sangat kan bila fikir balik. And of course geng
breakfast yang lain dok gelak kan je. How could I believe those words
from Abang Khairil. Lagi pun dia ni suka menipu.

Second story, time kelas Corporate Finance tadi. Sebab tu la baru terasa
nak tulis post ni. Lecturer cakap pasal makanan time dulu-dulu besar.
Pau yang dia suka makan kat Tg. Malim dulu besar
tapi sekarang kecik je.

Farid who sat beside me cakap dulu zaman 1930-an pun,
Burger McD besar macam satu tray and Fries memang
penuh satu tray. Tapi sekarang dah kecik. My reaction was,
"Owh ye ke? Seriously?"

Oh my god, I have a problem in believing too much from people.
I should reduce some. Or many pun will be way better. T___T'

Kulit Kayu Manis

When I was desperate to get rid of those acnes last time when I was doing my internship,
I tried many ways. One of the famous traditional ways is to use Kulit Kayu Manis.

I know about it when I google from Internet. I bought the KKM immediately
at the retail shop. Grind the KKM and add some water and then put it on the acnes spot.
Don't try this way I warn you...

Because you will be shocked of how scorching your face would be.
Panas nak mampus KKM ni plus it doesn't leave
a good effect on your face pun.

My forehead turned red and it was worse from before.

See my face? Panassssss.

I did cried some more sebab it was too hot. It burned your skin alive.
Don't use KKM I warn you. It does't work! Tapi I don't know la kalau it works
for some people.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love them banyak-banyak.

Can I talk about my parents? Wait. Do I need to ask?
It's my blog kan. So yeah, I can talk about anything I want. (boasting)
It is just a random topic cause suddenly I think about them.

A week semester break as expected was not enough.
I spent too little time with family. Too little time with friends as well.
So many plans can be executed if let say the break is for a month. Sad.

Ok back to the topic. Parents. I feel intimidated actually.
Because my parents are getting old as time passed.
I want them to be healthy as always. I just want them to see
what will I be once I graduated. The job I will be doing.

How my married life would be later on.
So many things I want to give back to them in return
of their endless love and support. I just need time and yes, I
am struggling with it now.

Can't wait to finish my study soon so that I can work.
I want to give some amount of money to them.
I want to bring them to vacations.
I want to buy beautiful stuffs for them.
I want to buy anything they want.

And I would always take care of them once they are not capable.
Like they did the same to me when I was young.

Abah, Mak. I want you guys to be proud of me.
Like I always proud of you guys. (Nangis laju-laju)
I love them a lot!

Your Thoughtful Son.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This is so freaking out.

I have a Twitter account and I am active updating status recently. Many times lots than Facebook. I found that Twitter is simple but yet exhilarating. I make my account private and so I do receive request from followers. I just approve all even I barely know who they are.

So just now, I decide to view my follower's tweets. There is this girl, I approved her request 3 days ago. I don't follow her back so I don't know what she has been tweeting in her Twitter. I read line by line and Oh my God, I was so in shock. I found these tweets from her Twitter.

A stalker? Please laaaa. I don't know what the ridiculous tweets are for. It is true when people said Social Network could be intimidating. I hope she means the other person. It could be other Syafiq Izzat in Malaysia kan. OMG, whatever excuses I'm giving, I start to freak out. Seriously.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm in the middle of the examination week. I had my first paper this morning. It was Management Accounting. Alhamdulillah, harap-harap boleh dapat A. The questions were quite tricky, journal entries were so manipulating. I have no idea at all tapi insyaAllah boleh skor. Nasib baik coursework marks membantu.

Next paper is on Wednesday. There's quite a gap. Boleh la rehat-rehat sikit. Tapi the next papers would be on Friday and Saturday. Berderet la pulak. Never mind, lets put effort on this. I really hope to get Dean List for this semester. Well, siape yang tak nak kan. I better work hard. I have only like two more semesters to go.

Baik pulun sekarang, kalau tak nanti menyesal. ;) I said two more semesters just now right. It should be another one semester but I decided to extend. I was expected to graduate on September this year and the convocation would be on October. Awesome right? I know! But there's also few lacks.

There are 6 more subjects for me to take before graduating. So, if I take all these subjects in one semester (final sem), it would be a burden. Plus, it includes Final Year Project some more. 4 months to complete the project? I could not count much, so I better extend to one more semester.

So that I could divide the 6 subjects well and I can study in ample time. At first, i have the thought to graduate as soon as possible but then when I ponder, it's not about the faster we could graduate, it's about to maintain a good result and graduating well in first class honor.

I've spoken to mum and she said better to extend. I believe in mum, like I always do. So people, I will be graduating on January 2012 and the convocation would be in 2012. Never mind, Convocation is just a ceremony, nothing much bak kata Dr. Fadzil. The sad part is, the batch is like torned apart since half want to extend and some are not.

Well, everyone has own reason and decision to make. Lets work hard and do what we are supposed to do. Lets work hard for the final exam. Fighting! I start to miss my family, it has been quite a while. Only got 1 week semester break after done with the tiring exam. 1 week can't be enough. Hell no.