Sunday, November 30, 2008

diari cuti

last saturday, my neighbour's daughter get engaged and i only get to know the night before.. i knew there will be a ceremony laid upon the road but don't even knew that it will be an engagement, i thought it will be a wedding ceremony instead..with the tent built early..wondering why my parents did'nt tell us about the case before, posted in my blog previously, they only told us it was a kenduri arwah when we arrived at the house, i always thought it was a wedding that case, i turned back home because i was wearing t-shirt and jeans which were not suitable to attend kenduri arwah, surely..i knew my parents did'nt prefer to tell us because they did'nt want us to escape and decline from attending the ceremony, does'nt matter what it is, engagement, arwah, wedding and whatsoever..

yesterday, went out with naqib, the actual plan was to send his sister to her workplace, tesco extra and here we were, heading to penang megamall..planned to watch quarantine but to make it bad, the time was not suitable and we watched antoo fighter instead, hmm..don't know how to judge the whole story but, giving 3 of 5 stars will do..unfortunately, naqib find out he lost his wallet and believed that it was left in the cinema..went back to find, but did'nt manage to trace..pity him, of course wallet is valueable with variety of cards, ic, driving license, money and etc..ouuhh ya, i managed to get my new eyewear..cost me a fortune to find one..a great evening for me but not for naqib, i guess..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


went off to Ipoh yesterday, had an enjoyable night after the last exam paper..hopefully, i'll get at least A- for computer oganization, don't dare to hope for an A because noticed that i have made some mistakes..bowling, shopping, makan2 n went back, on the way back at 10 something, syaf got a call saying that, a foundation first sem student died of breathing complication while playing football in the evening..pity him, foundation students are scheduled to sit for exam on next week..arrived at utp, sent back the rented car to its place and rushed to do all the packing, my parents are coming on tomorrow morning..

around 2 am, acap,syaf, n aznin came to my room, pillow chat with them, acap n syaf decided to sleep at my room, while aznin going back to his room nearby..this morning, my parents arrived around 11 am and here we are, off to penang, yeayy!the sem break is now commence..on the way back, got a message from wan ibrahim (gerik skolmate n UTPian) saying that hasnur haziq (also a UTPian n skolmate) involved in an accident..ouhh, hope he will get well soon because i thought the accident is not that serious..later n later, got a message from nadia (skolmate) asking, is it true that hasnur has passed away..??

i was clueless and in a great shock and wondering how come the news that he involved in the accident is spreading very a message from hazmi, kucai, etc n a call from payeh saying that hasnur has passed away.. i have assumption that he has passed away in the accident that they talked about, scrolled to hadi's blog just now and only then i know the actual tragedy, he crashed with a buffallo while riding on motorcycle with his friend on the way back from Restoran Selasih, at 4 am nearby UTP..pity him, never expect to lose such a kind-hearted friend like him, i'm not so close to him but surely we can simply sit down n have a warm chat whenever we meet in the campus..

he used to be my skolmate both in MRSM Gerik n Beseri n sometimes we did spend time playing tennis together, mostly in Gerik i thought, he is a superb tennis player, really! to both of them (the foundation student and Hasnur), hope they will get a bless from, i learn something from the tragedy, life is short and at anytime we will return back to Him..thanks god, when i drive all the way back from Ipoh last day at 11 pm, we arrived safely, n nothing bad happened, hope that the owner of those buffalos to be more alert, don't let your buffalos wandering here and mum has start nagging and don't allow me to go out late at night or early in the morning..sigh~hope their soul will be blessed by Him in the world of hereafter..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

hepi anniversary mum,dad..

17 november!happy anniversary to abah n has been 23 years kan since abah n mak get married..hope abah n mak will always be happy, semoga dipanjangkn umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..thanks for everything, for always there when i need both of you, for being the one who comfort me, for fulfilled my dreams along this while, for taking a good care of me, and for the wisdom words when i'm going to sit for my exam paper.sayang abah n mak!

p/s:happy belated birthday to my roommate as well!hepi 19..

Saturday, November 15, 2008


went off to play tennis yesterday around 11 pm..great!we have a new companion to play along with us this time..12.45 am, the next plan was, going out to mcD, was a super brilliant suggestion and i'm so2 delighted to go..tup tap, the clock showed 2.45 am and there was no news regarding about the plan, may be they did'nt manage to find car..ok fine, went off to sleep and out of sudden at 3 sumthing, somebody intruded into my room, saying out loud.."bangun2 syafiq, jom pergi mcD"..what a pleasant surprise..aznin n syafril stand close to my on that time, gasping cluelessly..totally in shock and gazed at them while thinking, "am i dreaming?"

okayy2, seems that..they have managed to find car, thanks butang for the car.. then, off to mcD..before that, have decided to fill in fuel..have a stop at Esso nearby UTP, syafril filled up fuel for 50 MYR..when he pressed the nozel, it was like not working well, and when aznin continued to press, out of a sudden, the fuel spilt out! gosh, the tank was full..50 MYR may be is too much for kancil..rushed to the counter and asked for the balance money..the journey goes on, acap slept during the whole journey, pity him, we should not have urged him to go along with us..arrived at mcD around 4 sumthing in the morning!hurray..

i'm craving for big mac..move to the counter to make order but then stunning upon the counter..ouhhh no, the menu has been change to breakfast set big mac!feel like howling coz seems like the journey to mcD was not paid off..then, order je la ape yg ade..after that, jalan2 around Ipoh, as what we expected, not many vehicles were there on the road at early in the morning..jalan2 tanpa arah tujuan yang nyata..then, went back to UTP dissapointedly, no big mac for least, i have experienced the nocturnal life, to be awake in the morning and jalan2 all that..went off to sleep at 6 am n woke up at 12 pm..ouhh, have to do revision for Structured Programming, the exam paper is on this monday..

Monday, November 10, 2008

nama saye izzat..

My name is Izzat...sengal!went to Pocket D this morning to make a new matrix card. The good news is i have the all new matrix card with my recent looks, but to make it bad, the name printed on the card is Izzat! Yess, I'm Syafiq Izzat, but not Izzat! "Syafiq" should be more preferable, *sigh* but still have to put on blame to me because I don't tell him to put on "Syafiq" instead..i thought he should know better, which one is my first name n what people always used to name on the previous matrix card was also Izzat, the same as the new one..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

hariku indah~

semalam best, kami berempat(acap, me, aznin n syafril) keluar ke Batu Gajah, sape syafril? dialah kawan acap-kenalan di matrik..tujuannya nak ke rumah acap actually sebab nak park motor aznin for the next 2 months sampai la new semester commence..kitorng sewa kereta dari luar, dekat2 seri iskandar je pn..dah dapat kereta sewa, aznin drive balik ke UTP nak jemput acap n syafril, takut weyhh cara ko drive, seriuss,hu2..tngok2 meter minyak dah kat 'E', sengal sangat!..syafril la karakter utama dalam this story sebab dia lah driver kami..
lepas pergi rumah acap, kitorng ke Pizza Hut, dah lame x pergi Pizza Hut, last time pergi pn kt Queensbay dulu dengan family..kami order banyak la jugak, set of pizza untuk 4, add on salad, lasagna, masala meatball, n set udang tempura, sotong sume 2..tamakk sngt2, but at the end, tepaksa la tapau extra pizza yang x habis 2,hu2..the total bill amazed us, guess what?da smpai RM100++..bankrup la kami nmpaknye..on the way balik to UTP, tngok2 minyak banyak lagi, x kan la nak return kereta dengan minyak yg banyak lg 2, rugi la kan..dah la mase mula2 td, dia kasi minyak betol2 kt 'E', ape lg..let the revenge begins..kitorng pn went straight to lumut, x jadi nk msuk simpang ke UTP, nak habiskan minyak,ha3..tanpa arah tujuan yang nyata actually..
then stop kt masjid near to UiTM 4 Maghrib prayer, n performed Isyak sekali, guess what? x smpai satu saf pn makmumnye..masjid punye la besar ya amat, pelikk betol la..ok2, smbung story, kitorng terus lg smpai la rase minyak 2 cukup2 untk on the way balik UTP, ouhh, x sempat smpai lumut pn..then tukar driver!aku plak take over drive..waahhh, takut sangat nak pegang stereng sebab masih trauma dengan accident hari tu, but thanks God, kitorng sampai UTP dengan selamatnyee,weee..then, pergi hantar kereta tu balik, misi kitorng berjaya.. minyak tinggal kt takuk 'E'!hahaha, serve you right, brother..
kalau la mak tw aku drive, mesti kne bising, aishh, pelikkan..aku yg accident dulu, tp mak yang lebih la, takut pisang berbuah dua kali..nasib baik, x de bad things happen..the journey was super fun and near to perfect sampai la when i found that my matrix card was missing..aiyaa, naseb baik my first paper starts on wednesday, sempat lg la rush nt buat matrix card baru..kalau x, x amik exam la aku nampaknye..anyway, thanks buddies for the great hang out, syafril was such a good driver eventhough u break the traffic rules quite sometimes kn,hu2.. exam x abis lagi, kte dah enjoy sakan, hohoho..get back to study!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

berbaju pink

lelaki berbaju pinkk?pelikkan..people always feel weird when they see guys wearing pink..yaa, i'm also behalf of them, but the question is whyy?pink also is a colour, like others and why is that pink is only for girls, it is like the colour is specially created for girls, how about guys?black is for guys??girls also wear black and there is no condemn or criticism from other people..assorted colours make a beautiful day, roughly i have shirt in variety of colours, black, white, red, yellow, purple, blue, green n what so ever..but pink??i have none, it is not that i really2 want to wear pink but just wondering why..admit that i'm not yet dare to wear pink because surely can't stand people's badmouthing and when people gaze at you for the whole day.. so, better avoid to..ouhhh, sorry for the mumbling, just insist to know, whyy is that pink is only for girls..lelaki berbaju pinkk?sngat2 x sesuai, betul ke?


say goodbye to intro to oil n gas(OnG),huhh..finally!the last test has just gone..a simple B grade will do, i don't really rely much on OnG..the ultimate disaster indeed for this chaos and turmoil semester..just get to know Academic Writing coursework marks and it will just blow me up, another big hit to the pointer surely, ouhhh, never expect you will ruin me that harm!!i hate deeply!dean's list???arghhh, feel like is so so frustrating, this semester is very challenging, full with hidden thorns although the path looks so nice to be walk through..i hate you, third semester is the worst of all!!don't feel like studying any longer, although i know i have to, either i want or, study, study!but yet, at the end, the result will just hurt's not paid off..ouhhh, i'm so so fed up with all this, no wonder anak mak cik nora just prefer to work after school..what a staid life of mine..

Monday, November 3, 2008

erti hidupp??

at this moment, ade orang yang sedang sibuk bekerja shif malam, ada yang sedang tidur nyeyak, ada juga yang keluar makan2, hang out dan ada yang sibuk study untuk test hari esoknya..

sesekali terfikir, kenape kita mesti buat semua tu, inilah lumrah dunia..ade yang beranggapan dunia hanya sementara, jadi kite mestila enjoy sementara mase masih ade..

tapi, betul ke sume tu?kalau betullah dunia ni sementara, kenape kita nak enjoy2?, bukanke kite perlu banyakkan buat kebaikan untuk akhirat yang kekal nanti..

sesekali terfikir, kenapalah manusia diciptakan kalau untuk dimatikan kemudiannya..
mungkin hidup ni hanya persinggahan sementara untuk kite semua..

sebagai satu ujian yang sangat maha besarnya, lebih penting dari pada sit for exam, lebih penting dari hantar assignment on time, lebih penting daripada semua bendalah..

apa erti hidup sebenar-benarnye??
*just a piece of mind*

Saturday, November 1, 2008

debaran final

study week is now begins..counting days for the final examinations, 5 papers have to be go through..start with:

1)Management & Organizational Behaviour(MOB)-12 November
2)Academic Writing(AW)-13 November
3)Islamic Studies(IS)-14 November
4)Structured Programming(SP)-17 November
5)Computer Organization(CO)-20 November

Another subject, Intro to Oil n Gas is really a gross, we don't have to sit for the final exam because the coursework marks itself evaluated as 100%..fine, it should be a good news, but only now i found that, it's a bad news instead!first, they said there will be 3 tests and 1 project, each stands for 25%.. till this moment, the project is not yet given to us while there is no actual date for test 3..heylooo, we are now in study week and it should be no more test for this particular week..heard that, the project has been cancelled and the percentage of the 3 tests each will increase to 33%..what the fish!first test consists of 10 questions stands for 33%??
second test of 20 questions for 33%???ouhhh, so fed up!it will give a big hit to GPA surely.. the only option is to study and get ready for test 3 to cover the lack in the previous tests..

Have to score in MOB, CO, IS and AW for this semester..I don't rely too much on SP because I know I'm not good in programming..but surely, can't just let it be, still have to make revision and improve the lack.. friend of mine got the highest coursework marks in SP and I really depends on you to teach me,k..Another thing, I have passed tennis assessment on last Thursday and it means that, there will be no more criticisms after this, hoorayyy! dah x payah la nk tulis kt blog jerit2 mcm orang x betol psl kne kritik ngn mr coach..anyway, thanks coach for everything..he praised me last Thursday, he said.."first time I saw you, you're nothing but now....bla2...

ouhhh, have to slave myself to study!I don't have the gut to, but surely forcing myself to do so,
I'm craving for Dean's List, missed it last semester and thereby, I should get it back!have to..
I have to get back in track..study2!