Monday, November 23, 2009

Exam dah habis! The happiest person on earth? That's me

Arghhhhhhhhh..sial punye soalan! geram betol dengan last paper tadi..System Analysis Design, huhh..

Dah la mase tak berape nak cukup, penat tau study tapi tak boleh jugak nak score..susah tau SAD, ade part technical and theory. No wonder la there is warning in the text book. Korang ade perasan tak? Here is the quoatation..

"WARNING: This material may be hazardous to your mental stability."

Gile tak? First time ok aku bace buku yang boleh menjejaskan otak ni. Patut la dah tak berape nak betol sikit this few days, hihi

Anyway, no more revision, no more tension2. I'm back to my normal life, normal sounds awesome. Hehh, a big thanks to my study group members. Ini lah first time berdiskusi for final examination. Before this I would prefer to study alone sebab easier to absorb. Kalau ramai2 nanti mula la start cerita. Habis cerita Mak Cik Gayah jual karipap sampai la Mak Cik Bedah jual belacan. Erkkk? Tapi kan, I just learn that it is fun to have a study group, and I'm addicted to it.

*acap tak ikut tema, selalunye tiap kali meeting, kami tetapkan tema okk..kali ni hitam*

*tiada dalam gambar: fatin liyana*
Okkay, I got another issue here, quotation by people..
Pagi tadi tengah2 sikat rambut, tibe2 teringat there was once this girl told me..
"Ko ni kan harap tinggi kat rambut je"
Nah sebijik! Sampai hati kan. Cisss. Sebab dulu2 memang suka buat style macam tu.
And there was even this guy cakap..
"Sudah2 la gubah bunga tu"
Erkk, rambut aku dikatakan bunga, celaka tak? ahahaha
And hari tu mase pergi exam, ade orang tegur,
"Ko pakai bedak ke?"
And I was like taken aback. Macam la aku ni gelap sangat. Cisss

*tinggi ke? biase je kan*
nota kaki: agak2 kalau aku straighten rambut for the third time, mak halau rumah tak?

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I had an enjoyable night yesterday. It was a simple night out for a
steamboat dinner at Moven Peak, the bills amazed me, RM316!
Ouchh, we better go for shopping instead guys, ahaha..
But still, it was fun even there was no movie. Owhhh 2012!
kenape la mesti full house?

Exam mode! The killing weeks

I don't feel like blogging this few weeks, enough with this examination thingy. This semester is a big chaos and turmoil and thanks God it will come to its end soon. Yeahh! soon enough as my last paper is on 24. My dad will pick me up at 26 and so pondering what I'm going to do in the two days gap.

I'm so frustrated as there is no study week for this time around. They people should have not decide to get rid of it just like that. I thought as there is no study week, the gap between each paper would be long enough. But hell, it is even contradicted. There is even 2 papers for me in one day! And guess what? The next morning I have another paper to work out. UTP exam unit is crazy and they don't think about student! Hate them for that reason.

To make it bad, all the three papers are on facts-basis which we have to memorize every single of word. Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Health Safety & Environment and Principles of Marketing. I got enough with three of them, I'm blowing! And just now as for Marketing, I don't know what have I wrote on that lame paper, even there is some facts I mixed up with Small Business paper. Omg, I'm screwed up!But still, I'm hoping for good grade in Marketing. Encik Abu Bakar, give me A ya!

My first paper, Data Communication & Networking (why i'm so rajin to mention this subject's full name) was a mess. The question was like oh my god, you have never expected. Tips given was not helping langsung. Please God, I'm hoping for some miracles, give me A for this paper. Dr Halabi! Tolong lah. I know this won't happen. Tssk

My second paper was like oh my god jugak, tapi not as killing as DCN. It is more direct and linean. I'm so pissed off with my coursework marks, got little marks for project presentation which I was doomed (refer to previous entry). Tapi as it is programming, is obvious that I'm not good at this, I don't hope for a good grade sangat. Tapi Dr Fadzil, tolong lah! Bagi B+ okk!

My third paper, SBE! The subjective question was not expected. The question is not a famous type. I wonder why this Mrs Satirenjit choose the not-sot-important part in the notes, like layouts, and management style. People tend to focus more on other major parts and of course yang not so important would come last. Mrs Satirenjit, please help me! Give me A. I know this won't happen jugak.

The next paper after SBE is HSE, it was held on the same day (Friday). Banyak gila tak cover for HSE, tak sempat nak baca semua but thanks God, luckily it was not bad even there was some questions I was screwed. Felt lazy to go for Friday Prayer that day sebab banyak kot tak cover plus exam at 3pm. Nasib lah, I got a good roomate over here yang ajak paksa. Nanti dia kena walk all the way up to mosque yang jauh berbatu batu tu pulak. Suruh bawa moto sendiri takut. Haiyooo! Anyway, Dr Lidia tolong lah tanda my paper when you are in a good mood.

My next and last paper is on 24, it is System Analysis & Design which require you to do comprehensive reading. Banyak betol subjek membaca semester ni. Courseworks for this subject is not that bad and so I'm hoping for a good grade. Ms Rozana, please make sure soalan tak susah2 okk. God, I want to be in Dean's Lists for this semester lagi. Please help me this time around. I want it so badly. I'm counting on my SAD paper this 24. Can't wait to go back home, I want to have a long peaceful break. Far away from books.

nota kaki: I want to watch 2012 so badly tapi tak de sape nak ajak pergi cinema. I'm so gonna watch this movie!

nota kaki 2: tak faham kenape roommate gelak guling2 tengok gameshow jepun/korea tu, hepinye kau

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Omg! Final exam is approaching

Tadi went out for dinner and order la makanan from this brother. Lepas habis order, my roommate said kenape over sangat mase order tadi? macam nak goda dia je, kejap push your body ke depan kejap ke belakang. Some sort like that la my roommate cakap. And I was like staggered. Was I like seducing him? Erkkk..confuse di situ. Kadang2 kite tak perasan what we did, but other people around might have noticed kan. Hmmm..actually nak cakap pasal my collection of long sleeve shirts. Tak sangka those shirts useful pulak for this semester. As for previous semesters, they will be just remain in the luggage. Perhaps sebab I've got quite number of presentations for this semester and semua pun perlu pakai kemeja. A fact that one has to know is, I bought most of them at the same time. It was a one day out just to shop for shirts, it was fun! It was before going for the interviews which I was short-listed after SPM. Interview Tesl UiTM, Interview Tesl Maktab Perguruan and Interview for UTP.

Mum yang semangat nak beli semua tu, so that I have few selections to make nanti. See how generous my mum as four of them are GMV which costs her RM80-90 per shirt. But for ties, I have to use my own money la, nvm. Teringat lagi for each of the interview that I went, I wore different colours. Semangat! Macam la ade orang perasan if I wore the same shirt for each interview. If ade pun, that person would be my parents la. No one else ya, sebab I don't stumble with same people for the three interviews that I went to. To make it great, I succeeded in all of the interviews, hoorayy! But, too bad I have choosen UTP and now I'm regret. Isshhh, put that aside. I'm going to face final dah pun this Friday. I think I should buka bisnes sewa baju la sebab ramai dah yang pinjam my shirts ni, like acap, otromen, syaf and nizam. At least I got something as return kan, ahaha.. I'm so into money sekarang, I need to shop for few gadgets la during sem break nanti. Owhh, shopping spree! Can't wait people. Ok, get to go. Banyak lagi tak cover for final ni, tapi sempat lagi facing my lap top ni, posting new entry for my blog. I should get back to my work. Wish me luck for final!

p/s: someone said if i have a child, he/she would looks great as a resemblance to his father (me), hehe.. thanx for that.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Housemates

Can someone please remove ikan kat dalam fridge tu? It's sordid tahu tak? Pelik la diorang ni, kalau tak nak masak..please la buang kan. Dah berbulan bulan kat dalam tu, even before
ramadhan lagi. And can I have toilet for my own use please.. tak nak share dengan orang2 ni, ishh.. Yang lagi sordid, sink kat dapur dah jadi tempat buang2 hingus semua, geli nye ya Allah..
disgusting kot.

p/s: sape yang curi my fork semalam? aku sumpah mata ko tercucuk fork tu, puas hati!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A relief

Yesterday was the day, there were two big presentations. System Analysis Design and Business System Development. Everyone put on hope in this, praying everything will be just fine and run smoothly. Kami took quite a long time to come out with the deliverable sahaje. Slept at 5 am dengan other teammates sebab nak siapkan benda ni. But still, we can't complete it on Friday and so, submit the report lambat sikit. It was hectic, macam orang tak de life. Esok and the next day tu sehari suntuk buat lagi. There was no weekend for me. But I know it is a part of becoming a uni-student and i'm still adapting to this eventhough dah 2 tahun staying here.

Done with the report, next..need to mess up with the presentations pulak. SAD presentation took part earlier at 2.30 pm while BSD was later at night. SAD presentation was going well eventhough he did complain there are few mistakes about the diagrams but I count that as a usual mistake sebab other people pun kena tegur jugak. So, it was not that bad. Luckily, the one who evaluated us is not the lecturer, but the tutor instead. Tapi tak semestinye tutor bagi lebih markah, we can't never tell. Leganye bile dah habis SAD, sekarang tinggal BSD.

That evening, buat slides semua, divide part masing2 and do final touch up for the system. And berkumpul kat circulation before moved to the meeting room. The dress code for the presentation is Black & White as proposed by Ima, our project manager. Our turn is scheduled at 9 pm and we went into the meeting room walking warily, it was quite a long pace of nervousness. The slides were greatly presented but when it comes to the system demo, everything turned out to be dissapointing. Crash sana sini and tak dapat run smooth. I was like howling and gobsmacked jugak.

Geram sebab before tu dah test, it was ok. But, when it comes to this-only presentation yang sangat crucial, everything freak out. The system presented to Dr. Fadzil seems to be cumbersome and worthless. And acap, please stop saying that itu salah kau, it is not your fault. It just happened and we ourselves are shocked as we expect the system would be ok and great. I don't know how to think positive like you guys, I know you guys can accept this. But, I can't sebab we have put much effort on this kan.

And of course we want to see it working well. Once I said "kenape boleh jadi macam ni?" and fatin replied, "dah tuhan nak jadikan, nak buat macam mane?".. and I replied back, "so, ni semua sebab tuhan la?" It was rude. Ya Allah! What's wrong with me? I'm so not accepting this. I'm so dissapointed sangat2. But, when looked at other teammates, I don't feel sad sangat sebab I should learn to think positive and accept things that just happened. I felt much better when Dr. Fadzil cakap, he could see our effort on this. I hope the marks for this presentation will not be that bad. We have done our best tapi tak de rezeki mungkin.

Great job ima, acap, meeda, anis and fatin. We did our best and we have tried hard to present this thingy. I think we all deserve a big round of applause. I love you all. Banyak spend mase dengan korang je kan this few days. At least, we have learned something from this.

p/s: Lawak la mase present SAD that evening, banyak kelentong2 je kan and nasib baik tutor tu sporting. Lawak la when ima started the presentation and greet the tutor as 'Abang Sobri' and he looks blushing.. Abang!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Missing them

Err..I hate to say this, but I miss them badly..I miss my family. Baru sebulan lebih tak balik, dah homesick kan. Eh, tak macho la lelaki homesick. Aishh, sebab tu la I loathe to say that I miss my home.

I miss my mum. Dah lame tak dengar mak bising2 suruh pergi sembahyang Jumaat. And nak makan laksa mak buat. Nasi Daging pun.
And semua pun la. Tengok la nanti lepas exam,
i will never be apart from makan. Heesshh, nak goreng frozen foods dalam fridge tu semua, makan sampai gemuk.

I miss my Tok Som and eldest brother jugak. Kalau I'm home now, for sure Tok Som jerit "Syapik, pi beli kanji kat tok mau dak?" dalam bahasa penang yang pekat. And I yang rajin ni pergi la beli kat Tok. Kalau malas, I will just tell her kedai tutup, hahaha. Tengok la cucu Tok yang suka tipu ni, Heishh.. And my brother, selamat bergraduasi ye nanti. Semoga dapat kerja yang bagus2. My abang dah besar and going to start kerja, macam tak all happened so fast. Esok2 dah kahwin pulak.

I miss abah and kak yong jugak. Abah is so grit and would do anything for his naughty sons and daughter. Eventhough I have never thank you abah, but deep inside you are my hero. And kak yong, lame tak tarik rambut kau. Hmm, tak pe la balik nanti aku tarik puas2 ok, hehe. Well done and Congrates for your convo that day. Heishh, geram betol sebab tak dapat pergi sekali. Tapi like abah said, "never mind, nanti kak yong dapat ijazah, kite satu family pergi ramai2" okk la, diploma je kan, so tak perlu kot borong satu family. Abah, next time count me in! And Bang Jan, I'm looking forward your Convo early next year.

Lastly, my adik yang paling aku sayang sebab kau je la adik yang aku ade kan, hehe..I know you don't read this. I just want to tell you, you can't beat my height la, aku makan teengrow balik tau sekarang, hehe..And my friends semua cakap I'm a bit taller. Tak pe, balik nanti kite ukur eh siape lagi tinggi. And I would like to wish all the best for your SPM. Buat essay tu betol2 sikit. Mak dah bising2 that day when reading your essay. Jangan lupe strive for A1 in english ok and of course la other subjects as well.
p/s: I think I should give my parents a call more often, lagipun abah yang pay for my bill kan

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I want this, I want that, I want everything

There are few gadgets and items that I always wish to have. If only I got all of this, I would be the happiest person on earth, the brightest star in the universe and the utmost amazing universe in the tremendous universes. Omg! Ape merepek ni?
1) I want a new laptop. My Dell laptop is still functioning well tapi entah la, bosan la tengok dia tiap2 hari. I want something new and fresh. And so, I want Sony Vaio..

2) I want my own personal digital camera. I plan to have one dah lame tapi still takut nak beli.This could cost me hundreds, so I should consider betol2. I want it slim and small, so it would be very convenience and so, I aim for this Olympus MJU1040.

3) I want a new Sony MP3 Player. My old MP4 player is not functioning well, wondering whether it is because of the charger or something might be corrupted. Sebab dia macam gelong sikit. Did I say gelong? Omg! lame tak sebut this word. Gelong bahase utara kan?

4) I want a new stylish mobile phone. I want it slim, small, stylish, touch-screen and easy to navigate. I want it branded, tak nak la buatan China semua ni. Takut nanti tibe2 meletop macam mane, habis cacat telinga semua. Errr..bahaya2

Those are top 4 gadgets I really wish to have, sangat2. I would be the happiest person....Ehhh, chop! Ni macam ulang balik ayat atas je..haha, ok, pandai2 la sambung lepas 'person.....' tu
And so, kalau ade yang terfikir nak bagi present ape for my birthday Krismas nanti, I have helped to solve your problem. Get me one of them pun jadi la, please2..haha

Half Done

I'm so happy! I don't know why this feeling always cling when it is about to Friday. May be because I only have one single class for Friday and plus what to make tomorrow even better is that, the class has ended this sem. The DCN class. Fuhh.. Plus, weekend is coming la. Omg! I love weekend so much and miss it like crazy, hahaha..normal habit for a student kan. The 2 days off after penat dengan assignment, test semua.

I'm glad this week will come to its end sebab some of my works has finished. Now I can forget about:
1) BSD programming assessment- this one baru habis tadi, GA tu check my programming assigment and run it. And I think it was ok, hopefully.

2) Test DCN yang baru sit pagi tadi. Macam nak tergelak bile dapat question paper. Don't take me wrong, it is not easy, it was damn hard. But I got my own reason, tak payah la cakap.

3) Case Study and Report Marketing dah hantar, while Projek dah siap and tunggu mase je nak submit. Yeay!! And test marketing on last Tuesday was ok, rasenye..eventhough korang tak forward pun tips tu kat aku kan. Nevermind~

4) Test SBE- took last Wednesday. Yang ni pun dapat kertas soalan, nak gelak jugak. Ade la sebabnye. Tapi tak sure la jawapan betol ke tak, aishhh. *SBE stands for Small, Business & Entrepreneurship*

And yang tinggal this week, to submit System Analysis & Design Project on tomorrow and for next week plak, here goes the list:

1) Test SAD
2) Presentation SBE
3) Presentation BSD
4) Presentation DCN
5) Presentation SAD
6) Report for SBE presentation
7) SBE Case Study

Next week is the last week of lecture tapi ade some classes yang dah ended. After that, here comes the exam week. What a mess, there is no study week for this semester. Padahal, subjek this semester lagi extra susah kot. And2 kenape eh jadual exam, exam unit susun macam sial? Teruk betol, dah tahu tak de study week, bagi la gap banyak sikit between each paper. Ni tak, sehari sampai ade 2 papers and esok pagi tu another one paper. Mati laaa...Say goodbye to Dean's List cert.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick Update

It is just a quick and short update, every second is worth like an hour. I have to prepare for tremendous of tests and projects due this week, not to forget lab assessment and the presentations as well. Let's talk about something else, which is more pleasant. I have just watched Papadom this evening. Omg! And I don't believe I did it sebab sempat lagi pergi Ipoh tengok movie walaupun tahu minggu ni sibuk nak mati. Sila salahkan Aznin, Bam dan Qurah ye, hahaha..
Ok, they all tak bersalah. It was me yang nak sangat tengok Papadom tu. Movie pukul 5.20 pm tapi masuk cinema pukul 6 pm. Yess, it was pathetic. Gigih sangat nak tengok kan. Tak paid off bayar RM10 for a halfway movie. Lantak la, janji I can boast to people around yang at least, I have watched Papadom. It was just a short day out. Bertolak pukul 5 pm, sampai tepat pukul 9 pm and terus berkejar pergi meeting for Marketing project. Esok, my plain daily life will starts as usual. Tak suka Isnin.

p/s: Happy 19th Birthday to arwah Hasnur Haziq. May you rest in peace, mind to recite Al-Fatihah for his soul.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I want to do something pleasing, but I know I don't have time for that

I don't feel like studying now, yes I'm getting lazier (is this word exist) day by day. I don't know why, I think this semester, I have skipped many classes. It is such an ultimate record for me. People might say I am hardworking, rajin pergi kelas and what-so-ever, but the ugly truth lying beneath is vice versa. I'm lazy. That's the fact! Bear in your mind please, "Syafiq Izzat pemalas".

OMG! I should have start studying by now since I got BSD test on tomorrow. BSD is such a hard and tough subject for people who dislike programming like me. Duhh, but still I need to put on some effort on this! Did I say some? I mean whole effort! Nothing much to say actually but I like typing and writing. It is such a passion kot.

Please don't ask me why I don't update frequently if so. I tell you earlier I got tonnes of works. I'm getting mad each day. But still, I try to convince myself that tomorrow would be even more pleasing. Owh god, it is a sin. I am deceiving to myself. List of works I should do and submit before final are as follow:

1) Projek DCN
2) Projek BSD
3) Projek SAD
4) Projek POM
5) Presentation SBE
6) Report of presentation for SBE
7) BSD programming lab assessment
8) Revision for SBE test
9) Revision for DCN
10) Revision for POM test
11) Revision for BSD test
12) Take home quiz for DCN
13) and the latest SBE case study

* Heylo Madam Satirenjit, perlu ke bg case study yg kena buat interview segala, dah la bagitahu last minute..aishh *sigh*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A night to remember

The night was over. A big relief to all committees of Syntech Raya Dinner and Dean List Award. Being one of the committees under Public Relation is quite a job actually. The event start as early as 8 pm with the crowd coming to the hall and guess what, Acap and I who were in charge at the entrance counter just arrived at 8 pm something.

Things were so out of control. The rehearsal which took part earlier ended at 7 pm something, so how could we arrive there before 8 pm kan. Nak iron baju lagi, nak siap2 semua. Absurd. Only two people in charge with hundred of guests queing all up was totally a gruesome nightmare.

Then, we need to look for the tag with their names, as to be given to the MC when they were about to go on the stage for the Dean's List certificate. And guess what? Some people's tag name are missing and so, they need to write their name on other paper. Kesian kan. Then, kami la yang kena dengar diorang bising2 semua..aiyoo! Sabar je la~

Dah la kami dua jenis yg agak gelabah, sometimes don't even realize we talked gibberish. Aku tanye kau, kau tanye aku and so it means nothing. Owh god, dengan tag yang tak tersusun and even ade yg jatuh kat bawah meja segala. For god's sake, I felt like going away tau dari counter tu.

This make me reminiscnene balik time jadi committee International Culture Night, so much like this. Kena jaga pintu masuk and check tiket and find seat for guests, not that difficult sangat pun.
It was ok2 la, and the one I will remember sampai bile2 was, when Ustazah Mashitah asked to find seats for her and her family including nenek dia yang paralysed. So, she seeked for front seats. Melopong la gigih cari seats for them.

Tengok picture atas ni, teringat kate Eya, "Kite ambik gambar macam kite berempat je yang datang kan" ahaha..yess, kami ambil gambar berempat banyak kot, macam orang lain tak de kat situ je. omg! Anyway, this dinner is not that bad actually, it was ok. Congrates for the committees and those who got dean's list certificates and other awards that night.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Angkat tangan please!

I'm not intrigued to watch Malay movies when they are released into Cinema because I think it is not paid off. Have been let down for few times is more than enough. But, when it comes to this very Papadom, I feel different and so much intrigued into it. I'm attracted and feel like going now to watch right away without any dawdling. Plus to bear in my mind, when others said it is entertaining and fun to watch. Ok, so who gonna take me to Cinema this weekend? angkat tangan please! Omg! can you see how desperate I am...

Friday, October 9, 2009

my pagi sabtu- lets makan2

Let me tell you how my Saturday starts with. Bangun pukul 7 for subuh prayer, then when I about to go back for sleep, my keling housemates were screaming like people riding on the roller coaster, err..I think worse than that kot. They had a fight. Habis dengan maki2 and sumpah seranah segala dlam bahasa tamil. May be bergaduh sebab sorang nak tengok cerita Kuch2 Hota Hey while sorang lagi dying for American Next Top Model. Mungkin.

Ok fine, terus melantak tidur sampai terskip program Impress: Image Building yang I am short-listed as one of the participants. Program khas untuk Dean’s List recipient kate2 mereka. Back to my intention, memang aku rase malas pun nak pergi sebenarnye, haha..Perlu ke program2 macam ni? OMG! I am so not responsible kan.

And while I was sleeping, I got this dream. My beloved aunty passed away. OMG! There can’t be anything worse than that. Dia sihat, cantik and muda lagi kot. Dah la she is my aunty kesayangan sebab kami adik beradik memang rapat pun dengan dia. Duduk pun sebelah rumah je. Dia la yang jadi mak angkat kami mase my parents fly to Arab Saudi in 2005. Pergi shopping dengan dia semua lah, sebab time tu dia single lagi.

Dia la yang rajin buat biskut raye semua ni, kek segala. Tapi lepas kahwin, dah tak buat plak. Err, I can’t afford to lose her. I mean, in this time-period. Ok, my second dream was about I bought a new handphone. Ulalala~ Nak tahu handphone ape? Sony Ericsson model cabuk tu! Yang jenis budak2 sekolah pakai, yang tak de kamera. Owh god, can I get anything better than this? Kate pun mimpi kan, bagi la Black Berry ke, Nokia E-series ke, and ape2 lagi ke lah.

And sekarang aku rase betol2 macam nak melantak. Pengaruh telan appeton teen grow kot, menambah nafsu aku je. Ok, nak makan Big Apple Donuts, Secret Recipes cake, Thai-seafood Pizza, Ice-Blended Classic One, Mcd? Err, tak mau la. Baru telan time keluar midnight dengan Bam, Qurah, Yana n Nin hari tu. And for tradisional dish, I want rojak, pasembor, laksa mak, nasi lemak, cendol, ABC, cucur udang. And suka goreng ape2 frozen foods yg ade dlam fridge kat rumah tu.

Abah memang suka beli nuggets, burgers beef, sotong tempura bersalut, chicken fingers, sausages, meatballs and so forth. Aiyoo, tak boleh jadi ni, famished! Can anyone treat me for those? And on top of that, tetibe rase nak makan nasi kenduri. OMG! Pelik betul, time kat rumah kena paksa pergi kenduri tak nak pergi. Tetibe je sekarang excited nak pergi kan. Tak pe la, nanti kalau aku terserempak dengan mane2 kenduri around Perak ni, serang je la, wakakaka. Muka tembok!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

19 Syawal

Gaze at the window, looking at the stars. How I wish I can be one of those bintang. Tomorrow is Friday, 20th of Syawal. I have tonnes of assignments and I want to dodge away, far from them if I could. But the fact is, I can't. OMG! I can't stop talking about my dull life, the next horrible path waiting for me to go through on the next day.

Kalau boleh, I want to finish my study cepat2, then get a job. After that, only then I can see how happy I would be. Beli my dreams car, rumah cantik2. Then, kahwin and start a family life. Lepas tu dapat cucu segala and lepas tu mati. Erkk, can I skip that part?When I ponder back, tak bagus jugak if time passed by cepat sangat, because as time passed, my parents pun will get older and then they will....

OMG! can I skip that part jugak? Tak boleh kan, therefore I wish I could make
them happy tau, always be happy. Takut tengok abah sekarang. Abah dah tak
sekuat dulu. Bile buat keje sikit, mesti dah tak larat. And aku ni plak,
keep pushing him suruh buat itu ini.Mak pun dah tak seceria dulu.
Makin garang. Abah pun.
God, can I make one wish lagi? I wish that my parents will be the
happiest parents on earth, tak selalu marah2, selalu
senyum comel. And tak payah keje kuat2 lagi.Ok, I think I have digressed
jauh dah ni. I am 19 years old lagi, tapi dah fikir pasal future semua.
Never Mind lah. Have a wonderful Friday friends.

p/s: I know my blog is lame, and boring as hell but no need to remind me that

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Panic at the disco

Omg! Muzek jahat, sangat jahat. He gave this link to acap and without doubt,
acap bukak la. and then he felt like something was not right and asked me to click
on this button at that website.
Ala..bukan ade ape2 pun, the website is just about to click the
button to listen to samson's song in reverse mode. Not a big deal, plus I'm so curious to
know what's wrong if the song played in reverse mode.
First, I thought it was like, lagu tu mcam ade perkataan tersembunyi
mcam kurafat. I pressed without any delay kan. Semangat nih! Sound pulak
tak loud enough kan, so aku rapat kan muka ke skrin la nak dengar,
acap tengok dari belakang. Sekali keluar gambar2 cik2 Han
and cik2 Ponti. Omg! Clueless! Muzek jahat! Muka acap dah berubah,
and guess what? He ran out of the room sepantas kilat. I was panicked
and grabbed his hand and lari
macam orang gila pergi bilik sebelah. Bilik nin, bechir pun ade kat situ.
Bengong la kau muzek. Sebelum ni kalau tengok cerita2 hantu ni,
aku gigih tutup muka tak nak tengok benda2 ni, tetibe terpampang
betol2 depan muka aku kan. Arghhhhh....geram2! And so, I gotta feeling
that tonight will not gonna be a good night.
Ishk2, keluh kesah..
p/s: acap, knape la kau suruh aku klik button tu? aiyooo~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I got something to say

I always wondering and pondering this few days why on earth,
a Business Information System student need to learn Data Communication
& Networking subject. This killing course is about analog and digital signal,
bandwith, LAN, circuit network and macam2 lagi yang langsung not my
interest at all. OMG! Dengan calculation yang bersepah-sepah.
God, can I make one wish. That when I wake up tomorrow,
I'm no longer a BIS course student. I will accept anything, as long as it is not BIS.
Wait a minute, what have I digressed malam2 buta ni?
Pardon me, I'm just getting a bit emosional as I'm going to
sit for DCN test at 8 am on tomorrow.

p/s: This semester is such an ultimate disaster. Seriously. No kidding at all, especially when knowing that the result for this semester is going to be used for internship. I'm done!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rencah Hidup

It's 10 Syawal and I'm now back to the place I should always be for the next upcoming 2 years. Tronoh. Bestnye Patly dah fly pergi UK pun last 7 Syawal. If I accept offer TESL dulu, we can both fly together kan kan. *Entah berape kali nak cakap pasal ni*
Bile ade kerja melimpah-limpah kat sini, mesti kate menyesal datang UTP, betul kate Nadia.

Enough talking about assigments, give me a break. I want to talk about my unforgettable moments since I was born. Sangat banyak. And so, I might missed some.

1) When I was about in primary school, I have this sampin, a white sampin. I don't like to wear this sampin as people have always asked me, "Pakai sampin ke pakai skirt?". Ciss, ape hodoh sangat ke sampin aku tu haa?

2) When I was in Standard 6, Cikgu Azmar urged his students to come out with a drawing. The idea was to use the painting to decorate the class. Only some worked on it. Me? I bought a 5 MYR wall clock for the class. Motif tetiba je beli jam kan? Bijak tak? Ehh silap..bengong tak?

3) When I was in my primary school age, there was once, I have forgotten what the subject is, but the teacher did asked the students to bring their pets to school. I don't have any pets and so, my father bought me fishes. Guess what? My mother put few tablets of panadol in the bail, on where I keep the fishes. Arwah la semua ikan2 tu. Mak memang tak suka haiwan.

4) In Stantard Five if I'm not mistaken, I cycled back home crying all over. Dah macam orang mati mak. Tapi sebenarnye, sebab Cikgu Amnah pindah sekolah. I felt like a dumb when reminiscing this. Perlu ke menangis-nangis ni haa?

5) In Standard 6, during Kajian Tempatan class, Cikgu Azmar asked Amin Shafiq what tenaga boleh diperbaharui means? He did not answered the question and when it comes to me, I answered, "Maksud dia bila habih guna tenaga tu, boleh guna lagi, tak akan habih" I got it right using my own words for that term. Bravooo. Time ni loghat utara kuat lagi okk.

6) I was in Ipoh riding on motorcycle and stopped at the traffic light as it was red. Suddenly, came this pak cik with his motorcycle aside. Out of blue, he said to me "No plat motor adik terbalik" OMG! OMG! OMG! Malunye aku. So, I have been riding that evening around Ipoh berjam-jam without even notice about the No plat thingy. Malu okk. I was the limelight on the road.

7) Sampai dekat this toll. After paid for the cost, I was about ready to go. Tiba2, Naqib gempak "Enjin mati". And I was like gelabah gile. And tiba2 jugak, akak toll menyampuk telling me, "Jangan panik, relax2" Goshh! Malu okk. Sebenarnye enjin tak mati pun. Kurang asam kan kau, Naqib.

8) While on the way back home, stopped at this kiosk. Selling Air Jambu. Order macam biase la, "Akak, air jambu 3" Tengok2 kn, akak tu customer je. Alahai, macam nak lari je dari situ.

9) I'm not good at playing soccer. First time ever, I played this game when I was 13 kot. Sebab terpaksa. Cikgu PJ yang urged the boys to play soccer, while girls playing netball. I was like an idiot on the field. Nampak bola, mengelak. Nampak bola, lari. No wonder team kelas Gigih selalu kalah.

10) Teringat the moment I went for Choral Speaking Audition kat Gerik after tengok gambar kat facebook tadi. Gigih sangat pergi audition kan. Nyanyi lagu Atomic Kitten, yang macam 'The tide is high, but I'm holding on.....I'm gonna be you Number one' Tak ingat title song tu. Owhh rakan2 choral, miss u all la.

I have live till now with the past moment which has built every phase of my life and taught me
the real meaning of life itself. There are so many things happened in my life. So many things to be talk but I have so little time to write them all here. I'm sharing with all of you part of them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Orang lain cuti raya seminggu, aku cuti 10 hari.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitiri,

Maaf Zahir & Batin.

p/s: sangat kecewa dengan kutipan duit raya tahun ni =( owwh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The fabulous four night out before going back for Eid

I’m at home now finally, *a long sigh* after has been slaved to face the tremendous of tests, quiz and assignment. It was such a tough week though before I could sit here smiling, having a break for Hari Raya. It is such a good therapy to celebrate Raya after going through such an obsolete killing week. Thanks God I’m still alive, I thought half of me has dead. *hyperbola disitu* Worst of all, I don’t even got time to treat myself with some shopping. Owh, I assume this year will be the worst and lamest Raya after all. Pity me.

And and the plan to masak2 with Meeda for breakfasting yesterday was not working out. The plan to shopping sakan at Ipoh as well. Yang dapat pun pergi Pasaraya Sakan je kat Bandar Universiti. And the name itself is lame. Baju2 pun style outdated sangat, there was once I said to Meeda, “kampong sangat baju2 kat sini” and she’s nodded. What such an awful misery life I have to go through.

Can you imagine after susah payah with tests and when we just want to have some fun to chill out the dismal day, but at last need to learn the truth that we were not mean to do so. Road Tax Meeda mati. And so, kami breakfasting nearby Taman Maju and Bandar Universiti je. Don’t have the gut to go to Ipoh. Police are now everywhere as far as eyes could see. Musim Perayaan kan. Menyemak je la.

Teringat this Pakistanese ke Bangladesh entah, the owner of this shop. Biase la, yesterday we all did some window shopping around Bandar Seri Iskandar *I don’t know how could this dilapidated small town could earn the title ‘Bandar’ * Kesian dia, because after I used his toilet, and after we snapped picture in his shop dengan baju2 but at last, end up with nothing. Hahaha.

Mesti dia frust kan. Sorry, we just want to release this craziness after facing the test early in the evening. Tapi kau yang jadi mangsa kan. Tak kesah la. Janji I’m happy, hehe. Okk, tomorrow I’m going for last minute shopping with my brothers. And I hope there are still a lot of big catch of baju2 cantek ok. Hey, boutique owners, spare me some nice Baju Melayu!

baju raye kami sedondon, kuning keemasan woo~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09 09 09

19th of Ramadhan

Hari ni 9 September 2009 and 19th of Ramadhan jugak! OMG! Semua 999. So, I assume hari ni should be a very wonderful and exciting day la kan. Tapi sayangnye, on this 09 09 09, my day is so damn dull dan bosan. Pagi2 lagi dah kena jawab online quiz for SAD, lepas tu ade kelas BSD and right after that at 5, test SBE yang serabutkan otak tu and malam tadi test HSE yang saye suka gila! hahaha..Owhh, itu je yang saye buat on 09 09 09. Kan dah kate tadi, it doesn't make my day sangat hari ni.

Kerjanye berkepit dengan buku je hari ni. Bosan la. Nasib baik esok kelas pukul 12. Yeay!! Harus la tidur lepas sahur and bangun just right before 12 pm, hikhikhik..Hari ni dah dull, so tak nak la my blog pun jadi dull kan. And so I decide to put pictures yang ambik gune my laptop webcam ni lately. *macam la letak my pic boleh ceriakan blog, haha* Lame tak gune webcam and sekali guna, berdozen-dozen gambar snap. Puas hati. Eh, tak puas lagi, nanti nak snap2 lagi. Owhh, suka woo bile tengah bosan2 bace lecture notes and berhenti kejap menggedik bergembira depan webcam. Try la buat. Sure addicted, hahaha..

bergembira bersama rumet

Tidakk! someone helps me! rumet nak bunuh aku....
*tapi sempat lagi posing kan, ngek ngok*

get away from me, mr orang lidi

i'm obviously out when it comes to smiling

glittering~ teringat raya, ehh..tiba2 je raya kan? tak de kaitan kot, huhu

Arghhhhhhhhhhh! lari! makhluk ape ni?
p/s: Dah dapat vision, weekend ni mesti bosan and tak happening sebab ade 3 tests next week~
get me out of this prison please, owhh shopping jom!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berderai hati

16th of Ramadhan

Tadi time going to this kedai, terserempak dengan member and aku tegur la, "Beli ape?" and "Puasa tak?". Asking question "Puasa tak" memang macam bangang tapi orang selalu cakap saje2 macam nak berlawak la kan. Sebab of course la semua orang pun puasa kan. Bila tak tahu nak cakap ape dengan orang, aku selalu tanye "Puasa tak?"

I made my way back tapi Acap sempat tanye, "Kau gaduh ke dengan dia?". Bila pulak aku gaduh kan, and Acap said dia terdengar this lad muttered, "Sombongnye" which is refered to me.
OMG! Aku tak perasan langsung. Rase kecil hati sangat, may be sebab I'm too sensitive tak tahu la. Tapi bagi aku, bile orang cakap macam tu, memang cukup terasa la. Sangat sangat.

Look, I'm so sorry, I memang tak pandai macam mane nak bertegur sapa dengan orang and I admit sometimes my smile pun kadang2 macam plastik and dibuat-buat, I'm so sorry. I never mean to. Aku memang tak tahu macam mane nak bertegur and so, kadang2 I prefer to avoid from seeing someone. Elok2 relation baik, tiba2 jadi buruk sebab terserempak sekali and tersilap cakap. Baik tak payah jumpa kan.

p/s: Sorry kalau aku nampak sombong, I didn't mean to behave so. Ok get to go.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Celoteh Ramadhan

15th of Ramadhan

I have been fasting for half of the month dah pun, time has passed by so fast before I could recaptured what have I done during this holy month. Dah agak lame tak update and so I got quite number of stories to tell.
1) Bechir (my foreigner friend from Chad) ajak meraikan Independence Day last week, but I don't feel like going. Ape yang perlu diraikan sebenarnye? Setakat tengok mercun2 je, not my interest la. On the next day kan, boleh pulak dia kate "Pity on you" sebab tak ikut dia semalam. Nak bagi aku rase menyesal konon. Sorry la, I langsung tak kisah. I have been living in Malaysia dah lame pun, and every year pun dah sambut kot. Sampai dah tak berperasaan excited sekarang.

2) Lagi kan, Bechir berdebat dengan aku n Nin pasal Culture and Melayu segala. Ade ke patut dia kate Melayu asal dari Africa? Bodoh Ngok betol kan. Bukan ke dia yang asal dari sane? And on top of that, dia kate We don't look like a typical Malay. Sebab style rambut kami tak macam Melayu. Owh sengal kan Bechir. And he said I look like Chinese. Lawak tak?? Gila kan. Langsung tak de rupa Cina aku ni. *bangga sebenarnye, tq2 Bechir* Tapi tahu tak, esok tu dia bagitahu Nin yang aku macam orang Bangladesh Jamaica. Ngek Ngok punya Bechir.

3) Okk lupakan pasal dia, nak cerita pasal semalam. Lame tak hang out dengan Syaf and semalam he was back, joining the club. Lepak dengan dia dari sebelum berbuka sampai la lepas sahur tadi. Tengok Nur Kasih same2, main tenis sekali and lepas tu muncul la idea liar nak intrude swimming pool.

*omg.omg.omg! fuck pak guard! LARI..*

4) Lepas dipaksa oleh diorang aku pun join je la, tapi tak mandi pun. Tengok diorang je. Tiba2 nampak Pak Guard waving hand suruh keluar. Aku dah gelabah anjing. And ingatkan kena saman tapi actually kena ceramah agama dowh. Start cerita pasal budak UIA mati lemas pukul 3 pagi sebab ceroboh pool sampai la pasal amalan2 di bulan puasa. Masing2 dah tahu pun pasal berita UIA tu tapi still buat2 tanye, "Bile jadi?", bla2..dah macam reporter, wakakaka. Nasib baek Pak Guard ni sporting.

5) Dah midnight sikit, kami pun keluar plan nak minum kat Food Court. I ordered a cup of Ice Cream. Dia letak Nata de Coco, sedap. Boleh tahan jugak Food Court ni, ade dessert segala. Tak payah la pergi McD jauh2 nak cari McFlurry kan. 'McFlurry' Food Court ni pun not bad.

6) Then mase nak masuk entrance, kena marah dengan Pak Guard lagi. Sebab tak renew sticker motor. Ish, apesal aku tak pernah tahu pun pasal benda ni kan. Ingatkan dia nak marah Si Syaf ni sebab keluar tak bagi kad pas keluar masuk tu. Alih2 aku gak yang kena kan. Pak Guard sangat pilih kasih. Tak suka.

7) And bile dah malam lagi, Syaf and I tengok movie. Oleh sebab ni bulan puasa, kena la layan cerita hantu. Owh yeayyy, sebab bulan puasa kan hantu kena ikat, pandai tak kami? Tengok cerita Histeria. Acap and Nin masing2 dah pengsan terbongkang. So, kami tengok dua orang je. Dah lame plan nak tengok cerita ni tapi takut nak tengok and dah alang2 Syaf ajak, layan je la. Yang bestnye kan, kami dua2 memang takut cerita seram. So, bile hantu muncul, masing2 tutup muka dengan bantal. Sampai habis cerita, muka hantu macam mane pun tak tahu, hahahaha. Baik tak yah tengok kan.

p/s: Next week ade test HSE and SBE, dua2 held on the same day, dua2 subjek kena membaca plak tu, pengsan~

Monday, August 31, 2009

Very the old school betol la Syafiq Izzat ni

Bercinta sudah lama
Berkasih dan bermesra
Sedang enak membuai rasa
Perpisahan tercipta
Mengapa sementara
Cerahnya cinta kita
Mendung tiba tiada ku pinta
Gelapnya suasana.....

Ever heard of this song? Gosh, I must admit that I'm so intrigued, I'm melting all the way down. Suddenly, I fall in love with these lagu2 90an. It all started when I first hear this song, Kupendam sebuah duka by Dato' Khatijah Ibrahim.

I keep my fingers to do the rest, searching for other songs in 90's. And to my goodness, I found tremendous of them. Sedap2 and best2. I should have listened to them since before tau.
No wonder abah suka buka tv1 layan lagu2 retro, lepas ni boleh la join, hikhikhikhik

Here goes the list of some songs yang I like:

1) Udang sama udang- Rafeah Buang
2) Menunggu Nasi Minyak- Ahmad Daud & Zaleha Hamid
3) Janji Manismu- Aishah
4) Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah- Ibnor Reza
5) Jejaka Idaman- Raja Ema
6) Rayuanku- Rohana Jalil
7) Sinaran- Sheila Majid
8) Warna- Sheila Majid
9) Menaruh Harapan- Zaiton Sameon

Omg! You guys should listen to them sometimes tau, asyik dengar lagu urban je kan, kena ubah angin jugak kan. Udang sama udang tu best tau, very2 classic and simple sangat, cepat2 download cari. Ni snippet of the lyrics..

Udang Sama Udang
Masak Gulai Dalam Kuali
Jikalau Masih Bujang
Carilah Teman Berhati-hati

Naik Bukit Bendera
Bukit Bendera Di Tempat Kami
Kalau Dah Sama Suka
Hantar Pinangan Ikatlah Janji..

p/s: ye, saye sangat lame!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alahai kain pelikat

Kain pelikat lalalala
Kain pelikat lalalala

Another new record for me, cepat2 tepuk tangan. Rekod pakai kain pelikat ke masjid, hebat tak?
Hebat kan. Malam tu malam ke-5 tarawih. Dah masuk malam ke-5, baru tergerak nak pergi masjid buat terawih. And I could see my mum's smile that night. Anak dia ni dah pandai pakai kain pelikat. Hoyeayy! Dah besar rupanye anak ketiga Encik Azmi ni.

Selalunye I pakai jugak kain pelikat tapi dalam bilik je lah, kiranye ni first time pakai betol2 depan public. Pakai kain pelikat colour purple match dengan baju raya last year. Terasa macam alien dekat situ. Dah la tak pakai kopiah or songkok. Kalau dekat masjid UTP tak pakai songkok tak pe sebab student2 pun semua free hair je semua. Tapi kalau pergi masjid dekat rumah, I feel awkward sikit, masjid tu dah la bersepah-sepah dengan orang tua, tersilap langkah merana okk.

Nanti pakat dok bisik la, tu anak sape tu? "Anak Azmi!" "Ala, yang baru pindah tuu."
Err, ayah aku jugak yang famous, aku tak pun. Buat ape kan. Eh, back to kain pelikat tadi, macam mane ek orang boleh tahan pakai. Aku dok situ tak sampai sejam pun dah asyik trauma takut terlondeh. Takut! Nanti kang pak cik2 tu dok gosip lagi. Rase macam nak pakai sekali dengan belt je. Tahan lama sikit.

Kalau dekat bilik, boleh jugak adjust2 buka balik sebab ade privacy, tapi kalau kat masjid? Pengsan! Eh, tapi ade toilet kan. Cuma aku je tak pernah2 masuk toilet situ. Kat corok mane pun aku tak tahu. Ape2 pun, I rase sangat2 seronok sebab dah berani pakai depan public. Rase seronok jugak sebab kami satu family semua pergi terawih. Walaupun abah dengan mak pergi masjid lain. Nak buat 20 katenye.

p/s: Bestnye buka puasa dekat rumah bile kite mintak ape je mesti dapat. Nak laksa? Zusss, laju je mak lari pergi dapur buat. Nak air kelapa? Zasss, laju je abah lari pergi bazaar. I love my family!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thing I afraid the most during my study this sem, Quarantine

p/s: post ni may be agak panjang, dah try summarize kan, tapi takut affect the whole story --->

I have this fever. Followed by this killing flu, sore throat and here comes the cough. First, I thought it will not be that harm till I feel extremely warm that night and I couldn’t have a good sleep plus to bear in mind I’m not yet ready for the SAD quiz scheduled at 8 am. Then, BSD class. The 2 hours class is killing me. Tak selesa tahu tak?

Then, because I can’t endure this pain any longer, I walked my way up to UTP clinic accompanied by Acap right after BSD class. Clinic, the place I want to avoid the most. Bile dah sampai, sambil buat muka comel, I told the receptionist that I’m sick. You know what this brother said? “Datang balik pukul 3 nanti, kami dah tak ambik patient time ni”. Owhh I see, kau nak sangat pergi lunch kan. Kalau aku pengsan terbongkang depan kau macam mane?

Ok then, nekad pergi klinik balik pukul 4. This misi check my temperature, and she was like gobsmacked and called up her friend to see the reading. She asked, “demam ke dik”. Of course la demam kak. And dia tanye lagi, “larat lagi tak ni?”. Ok now, it horrified me. Muka aku nampak pucat gile ke? Suhu aku tinggi sangat ke? Macam2 guess comes spinning to my head.

Jumpa doktor, and she said I need to be quarantined. Shit, I have been expecting this. This is the ultimate reason why I don’t want to do this check up. Sebab tahu mesti kena kuarantin. She said, “suhu tinggi sangat ni” sambil dia garis2 my card (patient card). Okk now at least I know my temperature, 39.1 darjah celcius. Orang lain suhu 38 pun dah kena kuarantin, apatah lagi aku ni kan.

Ade Indian girl ni, temp 39.2 and dah menangis- nangis segala. Over kan. Akak misi tu la yang kena pujuk dia sambil cakap, “Jangan la nangis. Muka tu dah la buruk, bila nangis lagi la bertambah- tambah buruk ya amat”. Errr ok, yang last sentence tu aku tambah.

Then, di bawa ke tempat kuarantin, blok duyung yang sangat classic tu, down to the earth sangat. Siap ade tali2 merah keliling blok tu. Dah macam construction. Apa bahaya sangat ke budak2 suspek H1N1 ni? At 6 pm, I call my dad kate nak balik kuarantin dekat rumah je.

sempat menjamah makanan budak2 kuarantin. Tak berape nak sedap, tapi boleh la setakat nak hidup.

And that night, my parents datang fetch to get me out of that prison. Bosan okk blok duyung tu, even internet tak dapat2 buka apahal. Lucky me for the need to stay there for only couple of hours. Pergi klinik dengan my parents untuk dapat pelepasan doctor kuarantin dekat rumah.
Ade la sejam jugak dok tunggu. Kesian my dad n mum. Datang jauh2 and kena lagi tunggu. Bila nak sampai rumah macam ni kan. Pukul 10.30 pm, dah setel semua, boleh la balik rumah.

Doktor bagi cuti MC kuarantin seminggu dekat rumah okk. Means sampai 26 August. Pengsan. Apesal la lame sangat. Habis la my assignments semua terbengkalai. Nasib baik la tak de test lagi dalam waktu terdekat ni. We all sampai rumah dalam pukul 1.30 am. Kesian my dad, sepatutnye time ni dah tidur. Esok dah la kerja kan.

Out of this unlikeable thing that happened, I get something as reward. What will it be? The first five days fasting of Ramadhan dekat rumah. Hip2 hoorayyyy. Err, perlu ke bergembira? Macam akak receptionist cakap malam tu, “rezeki adik la dapat puasa kat rumah”. Owh, I hope to get well soon. To get back to class like other people.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun weekend

OMG! it was the best weekend ever. We had such an enjoyable and fun
weekend at 2 different spots. Ipoh and Teluk Senangin.
Shopping mode at Ipoh and Beach mode at Teluk Senangin. Isn't great?
I would say it was such a great combination after all.


Jam baru kami~ cantik tak? It's Polo Club okk, err..beratus jugak la habis kan..

Lite2 dinner at Secret Recipe

Actual Dinner at McD
Anyway, kami tengok movie. Aliens in the Attic. Best tau, worth off sangat.
Kalau rase nak gelak guling2 gedik2 lepas tension study (study ke?) pergi la tengok.
Aliens yang comel2 tapi jahat, rase macam nak pijak2 je..


Teluk Senangin. Cantik kan. A beatiful beach with a big wave.

Err..dahan pokok tu patah lepas kami snap. Percaye ke? Tipu je

Suasana petang redup2 ala2 lalang, inspirasi anep. Cantik~

Thanks la Anep, sebab bawa pergi jalan2 ye. Thanks jugak Xixi, Fazly n Nin.
Kalau tak gila meroyan la aku kat sini, kebosanan~
Convofair pun dah tak semeriah mane. Owhh,
my happening, hilarious and wonderful weekend, i will miss u..
Eh, minggu depan dah start puasa.
p/s: ade bnyak lagi pics, sangat banyak..nanti upload kat facebook okk.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I wish I'm better than this.....

I took about hours, to just staring at the RFC 2026 text thingy.
I'm trying to do this DCN assignment but,
I don't understand any.
It's killing me, deeply. I wish I'm better than this.
I'm trying. I'm such a big loser, satu kerja pun
tak boleh buat.
Suddenly i miss you shean.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nak 20 sen please

Life can be boring jugak sometimes kan, or should I say most of the time kot, huwaaa~

I need a vacation, a road trip or something. Hey, jom la keluar pergi mane2 afiq.

Lame kot dah tak keluar dengan geng kau; alan, akmal, syuaib semua tu.

Tiba2 rindu pulak kan~Uhhh, I should do my assginments by now tapi rase

sangat malas. Sangat risau sekarang, mood study pun tak kunjung tiba. What should I do huhh?

Macam mane nak start ni, tak tahu la ape nak jadi sekarang. Layan Simpsons je selalu.

Menceriakan my days la, funny sangat! Anyway kan, tak puas hati sangat kenape

semua cafe dah pakai this biodegrable cointaner? Dah tak pakai polisterine lagi

kalau nak tapaw/bungkus. Kalau free tak kisah, tapi ni kena caj 20 sen.

Dah macam tax dekat fast food restaurant pulak kan. Memang la 20 sen macam tak banyak.

Tapi kalau aku tapaw makanan 10 hari dalam 1 month, dah kira habis RM2

dah for cointaner je. Kalau tiap2 hari aku tapaw,means 30 hari, dah spend RM6 for

cointaner je. What the fish sungguh. Baik aku kumpul buat derma bagi kat masjid ke.

Sedekah dekat beggars kat pasar malam tu ke. Dapat jugak pahala kan.

Boleh jugak tolong orang susah.

Okk, mungkin perlu bawak cointaner sendiri kalau nak tapaw lain kali.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have this feeling

No..No..No.. Bukan feeling jatuh cinta, cuma feeling awkward
sangat lepas cuti. Like this is not me. Pergi kelas pun
macam blur2 lagi, waaaa~ sedihnye, rase macam
nak hempuk je kepala ni. Ni semua salah cuti H1N1 la ni, terperuk kat rumah seminggu,
masuk2 sini dah blur. Macam tak tahu ape2, macam
orang bodoh. Risaunye semester ni. Lecturers pun macam nak rush je,
ye la dah tertinggal time-frame diorang. Assingment and Project
due lagi. Kuiz and test lagi. Presentation lagi. They are killing me tau.
Dah dapat rase semester ni macam zaman kehancuran je,
dengan subjek2 yang pelik2 belaka. Owhhhh, sedihnye. Next year dah nak intern,
macam mane ni. Macam tak prepare ape2 langsung. Ramadhan pun
dah dekat. Cepat pulak masa ni kan. Aku rase macam dah baru je
puasa Ramadhan last year. Tup, tup, tup..dah puasa balik.
Nanti raye pulak. Macam baru je raye, tengok2 raye lagi.
Baju raye pun dah bersepah-sepah kat rumah tu. December ni dah nak
msuk 20. Tuanye aku. Boleh tak kalau nak sekolah balik? Rindu laa~
Cehh, dulu mase sekolah, nak sangat cepat2 masuk U, sekarang dah masuk U,
baru terhegeh-hegeh nak masuk sekolah balik.
Ish2, life is so unfair and complex though.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Rajin pulak aku update blog sekarang ni kan. Ni haa tag from anep.

1. Beside ur lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
Hmm..perlu ke cakap, hahaha..Mane2 je la, tak kesah pun
*Opps, cakap macam sundal kan*

2. How did u feel when u woke up this morning?

I feel great! Sebab boleh tidur lena tanpa sebarang gangguan. Aku tido sorang2 ok, rumet tak balik lagi semalam. Diorang kate Village 5 berhantu, tapi tak pernah lagi aku jumpa. Owhhh, minta dijauhkann~

3. Who was the last person / people you took photo with?

Entah la, tak ingat dah pun. Dah jarang snap2 sekarang ni

4. Would u consider urself spoiled?

May be, mungkin, perhaps

5. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?

Shean, kite still best friends kan. I miss you sangat2

6. Do you want someone to be dead?

Buat mase sekarang, tak de..Esok lusa, may be ade

7. What does your last text message say?


8. What are you thinking right now?

Bile nak cut hair ni, ish2.. da macam sakai je. Ade sape2 nak teman pergi Glamourous?

9. Do you want someone to be with you right now?

Owhh yess, sp2, can you come here? Dah lame tak jumpe u, borak2 sembang2 chat2..

10. What was the time you went to bed last night?

2:45 am..takut woo tido sorang2

11. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?

Owh baju padini ni ke? muahahaha..padini la sangat! Baju ni beli kat Carrefour Perai je

12. Is someone on your mind right now?


13. Who was the last person who text you?
My coursemate, Anis

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz.

1. Naqib
2. Aznin
3. Acap
4. Ucop
5. Nizar
6. Afida
7. Keon
8. Fareez
9. Ikre
10. Ah Ho
14. Who is no.2 having a relationship with?
Midah! Eh, silap..should be Nurul kan kan

15. Is no.3 a male or a female?

Acap, kau lelaki ke pompuan ek?

16. If no.7 and no.1 get together , would it be a good?

No good at all, hahaha

17. What is no.1 studying about?

Study pasal civil, congrate for the DL award

18. When was the last time you chatted with them?

Varied, ade yg dah gile lame..ade yang baru tadi

19. Is no.4 single?


20. Say something about no. 2.

Bile kau nak propose Nurul haa, dia dah tak sabar tuu, muahahaha
Cepat2, jangan lambat, nanti dirampas orang, agagaga~

21. What do you think about no.3 & no.5 being together?

OMG! Boleh ke? Dua2 laki kan

22. Describe no.9.

Dia kawan baik saye dekat Gerik dulu. Dia suka kutuk orang n
suka belanja orang. Suka main tenis dengan dia.

23. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight?

Ade aku kisah? Tapi kite kan satu homeroom dulu,
tak baik gaduh2 nanti ustazah G marah

24. Do you like 8?

Suka2, dia kawan baik saya kat Beseri dulu. Eventhough kami slalu gaduh
tapi at last mesti baik jugak. That's what friendship is kan.
25. How about 10?
Ho Choon Seong! see, I can still spell your name correctly! hahaha..hey, I miss
u la dude, come back to Malaysia and let's meet up.
Yang kena tag tu, rajin2 la buat ye. Jangan malas2.