Wednesday, January 28, 2009


tup tap, me is now, a first year, 2nd smester student of BIS.. 2009 has been approach and the february is waiting for its turn soon..i would murmuring alone,"cepatnye mase passed by"..
my sister always said me now is 20 years old..soon, i will howling exclaim that i'm still 19 simply bcoz i will only reach 20 on the upcoming december, i don't know why she is so envy with me, perhaps because i'm still young,haha..she was born on late of november, so i don't see the point on what the heck she should be jealous with, may be it's because the two years gap between us,huhu..talking about age, i don't like when people think that i'm still a school-student..some of my relatives would think so and to make it worse, some might even think that i'm the youngest in the family..heylo, i have a lil brother,ok.. i'm in a great turmoil and dilemma..there was an incident last few years when one kid around 13 suddenly approached me asking for my UPSR result, goshh, did he know that i was 16 on that time and i have taken UPSR ages ago..he might has the assumption that i have just sitted for UPSR, i was so pissed off, vague and speechless..when i told my family about it, they can only bear to laugh, a hilarious joke for them, but a tonne of thorns for me indeed..what else i should expect from them?time by time,i have been used to it and don't really care much about what people said..i learn that there is a good point there, as people think that you are younger than your exact age,hehe..x nmpak tua..

Friday, January 23, 2009


look at those pictures one by one, zoom it out..what would u say?

how little we are in this world and it is so amazing that God has created every single of us, and even other tiny insects, like ants, mosquitos..they are so perfectly created, kebesaran yang Maha Esa..
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Friday, January 16, 2009

the naqib's tag

5 things in my bag
1. calculator
2. pensil case
3. books
4. keys
5. receipts

5 things in my wallet
1. ic
2. family pic
3. cimb card
4. license
5. fuluss

5 favourite things
1. my dell notebook
2. my moto
3. drive
4. shopping
5. my watch collection

5 things yang ingin dilakukan
1. get myself to be chubby
2. lepak2
3. makan
4. study
5. have a nap

5 things yang sering dilakukan
1 makan
2 tido
3 cakap kosong
4 buang mase
5 tv's-while at home

5 people yang beta nak suoh buat tag nih
1 my abah
2 my mak
3 my tok som
4 my sister
5 my brothers
they all don't have blog, so just ignore..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

helloo 2009!

here i am, back on blogging..i missed to write a lot of wonderful moments lately, a lot of things to be share..last 25 december 2008, i turned 19 officially..people are going up to be 20, but i have just reach the age of 19..i really don't want to be 20 if i could, being in 20's means that you are already old in the phase of teenagers..i don't want to talk much about the result of last semester that i have just obtained, enough to say that it's not to be proud off, really a bad starting for me in degree..congrate to my friends who manage to get dean's list..i have to learn about finance for my new subject this upcoming semester and of course i could not run away fom programming that i quite loathe..ouhhh, at this time i would say, "menyesalnye decline offer tesl dulu"..if not, me n patly are waiting to fly to UK together by now..but like what acap always said, there must be a reward in something that we have passed through or choose..anyway, helloo 2009!hope this new year will be a great beginning for me, aja2 fighting!