Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rencah Hidup

It's 10 Syawal and I'm now back to the place I should always be for the next upcoming 2 years. Tronoh. Bestnye Patly dah fly pergi UK pun last 7 Syawal. If I accept offer TESL dulu, we can both fly together kan kan. *Entah berape kali nak cakap pasal ni*
Bile ade kerja melimpah-limpah kat sini, mesti kate menyesal datang UTP, betul kate Nadia.

Enough talking about assigments, give me a break. I want to talk about my unforgettable moments since I was born. Sangat banyak. And so, I might missed some.

1) When I was about in primary school, I have this sampin, a white sampin. I don't like to wear this sampin as people have always asked me, "Pakai sampin ke pakai skirt?". Ciss, ape hodoh sangat ke sampin aku tu haa?

2) When I was in Standard 6, Cikgu Azmar urged his students to come out with a drawing. The idea was to use the painting to decorate the class. Only some worked on it. Me? I bought a 5 MYR wall clock for the class. Motif tetiba je beli jam kan? Bijak tak? Ehh silap..bengong tak?

3) When I was in my primary school age, there was once, I have forgotten what the subject is, but the teacher did asked the students to bring their pets to school. I don't have any pets and so, my father bought me fishes. Guess what? My mother put few tablets of panadol in the bail, on where I keep the fishes. Arwah la semua ikan2 tu. Mak memang tak suka haiwan.

4) In Stantard Five if I'm not mistaken, I cycled back home crying all over. Dah macam orang mati mak. Tapi sebenarnye, sebab Cikgu Amnah pindah sekolah. I felt like a dumb when reminiscing this. Perlu ke menangis-nangis ni haa?

5) In Standard 6, during Kajian Tempatan class, Cikgu Azmar asked Amin Shafiq what tenaga boleh diperbaharui means? He did not answered the question and when it comes to me, I answered, "Maksud dia bila habih guna tenaga tu, boleh guna lagi, tak akan habih" I got it right using my own words for that term. Bravooo. Time ni loghat utara kuat lagi okk.

6) I was in Ipoh riding on motorcycle and stopped at the traffic light as it was red. Suddenly, came this pak cik with his motorcycle aside. Out of blue, he said to me "No plat motor adik terbalik" OMG! OMG! OMG! Malunye aku. So, I have been riding that evening around Ipoh berjam-jam without even notice about the No plat thingy. Malu okk. I was the limelight on the road.

7) Sampai dekat this toll. After paid for the cost, I was about ready to go. Tiba2, Naqib gempak "Enjin mati". And I was like gelabah gile. And tiba2 jugak, akak toll menyampuk telling me, "Jangan panik, relax2" Goshh! Malu okk. Sebenarnye enjin tak mati pun. Kurang asam kan kau, Naqib.

8) While on the way back home, stopped at this kiosk. Selling Air Jambu. Order macam biase la, "Akak, air jambu 3" Tengok2 kn, akak tu customer je. Alahai, macam nak lari je dari situ.

9) I'm not good at playing soccer. First time ever, I played this game when I was 13 kot. Sebab terpaksa. Cikgu PJ yang urged the boys to play soccer, while girls playing netball. I was like an idiot on the field. Nampak bola, mengelak. Nampak bola, lari. No wonder team kelas Gigih selalu kalah.

10) Teringat the moment I went for Choral Speaking Audition kat Gerik after tengok gambar kat facebook tadi. Gigih sangat pergi audition kan. Nyanyi lagu Atomic Kitten, yang macam 'The tide is high, but I'm holding on.....I'm gonna be you Number one' Tak ingat title song tu. Owhh rakan2 choral, miss u all la.

I have live till now with the past moment which has built every phase of my life and taught me
the real meaning of life itself. There are so many things happened in my life. So many things to be talk but I have so little time to write them all here. I'm sharing with all of you part of them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Orang lain cuti raya seminggu, aku cuti 10 hari.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitiri,

Maaf Zahir & Batin.

p/s: sangat kecewa dengan kutipan duit raya tahun ni =( owwh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The fabulous four night out before going back for Eid

I’m at home now finally, *a long sigh* after has been slaved to face the tremendous of tests, quiz and assignment. It was such a tough week though before I could sit here smiling, having a break for Hari Raya. It is such a good therapy to celebrate Raya after going through such an obsolete killing week. Thanks God I’m still alive, I thought half of me has dead. *hyperbola disitu* Worst of all, I don’t even got time to treat myself with some shopping. Owh, I assume this year will be the worst and lamest Raya after all. Pity me.

And and the plan to masak2 with Meeda for breakfasting yesterday was not working out. The plan to shopping sakan at Ipoh as well. Yang dapat pun pergi Pasaraya Sakan je kat Bandar Universiti. And the name itself is lame. Baju2 pun style outdated sangat, there was once I said to Meeda, “kampong sangat baju2 kat sini” and she’s nodded. What such an awful misery life I have to go through.

Can you imagine after susah payah with tests and when we just want to have some fun to chill out the dismal day, but at last need to learn the truth that we were not mean to do so. Road Tax Meeda mati. And so, kami breakfasting nearby Taman Maju and Bandar Universiti je. Don’t have the gut to go to Ipoh. Police are now everywhere as far as eyes could see. Musim Perayaan kan. Menyemak je la.

Teringat this Pakistanese ke Bangladesh entah, the owner of this shop. Biase la, yesterday we all did some window shopping around Bandar Seri Iskandar *I don’t know how could this dilapidated small town could earn the title ‘Bandar’ * Kesian dia, because after I used his toilet, and after we snapped picture in his shop dengan baju2 but at last, end up with nothing. Hahaha.

Mesti dia frust kan. Sorry, we just want to release this craziness after facing the test early in the evening. Tapi kau yang jadi mangsa kan. Tak kesah la. Janji I’m happy, hehe. Okk, tomorrow I’m going for last minute shopping with my brothers. And I hope there are still a lot of big catch of baju2 cantek ok. Hey, boutique owners, spare me some nice Baju Melayu!

baju raye kami sedondon, kuning keemasan woo~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09 09 09

19th of Ramadhan

Hari ni 9 September 2009 and 19th of Ramadhan jugak! OMG! Semua 999. So, I assume hari ni should be a very wonderful and exciting day la kan. Tapi sayangnye, on this 09 09 09, my day is so damn dull dan bosan. Pagi2 lagi dah kena jawab online quiz for SAD, lepas tu ade kelas BSD and right after that at 5, test SBE yang serabutkan otak tu and malam tadi test HSE yang saye suka gila! hahaha..Owhh, itu je yang saye buat on 09 09 09. Kan dah kate tadi, it doesn't make my day sangat hari ni.

Kerjanye berkepit dengan buku je hari ni. Bosan la. Nasib baik esok kelas pukul 12. Yeay!! Harus la tidur lepas sahur and bangun just right before 12 pm, hikhikhik..Hari ni dah dull, so tak nak la my blog pun jadi dull kan. And so I decide to put pictures yang ambik gune my laptop webcam ni lately. *macam la letak my pic boleh ceriakan blog, haha* Lame tak gune webcam and sekali guna, berdozen-dozen gambar snap. Puas hati. Eh, tak puas lagi, nanti nak snap2 lagi. Owhh, suka woo bile tengah bosan2 bace lecture notes and berhenti kejap menggedik bergembira depan webcam. Try la buat. Sure addicted, hahaha..

bergembira bersama rumet

Tidakk! someone helps me! rumet nak bunuh aku....
*tapi sempat lagi posing kan, ngek ngok*

get away from me, mr orang lidi

i'm obviously out when it comes to smiling

glittering~ teringat raya, ehh..tiba2 je raya kan? tak de kaitan kot, huhu

Arghhhhhhhhhhh! lari! makhluk ape ni?
p/s: Dah dapat vision, weekend ni mesti bosan and tak happening sebab ade 3 tests next week~
get me out of this prison please, owhh shopping jom!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berderai hati

16th of Ramadhan

Tadi time going to this kedai, terserempak dengan member and aku tegur la, "Beli ape?" and "Puasa tak?". Asking question "Puasa tak" memang macam bangang tapi orang selalu cakap saje2 macam nak berlawak la kan. Sebab of course la semua orang pun puasa kan. Bila tak tahu nak cakap ape dengan orang, aku selalu tanye "Puasa tak?"

I made my way back tapi Acap sempat tanye, "Kau gaduh ke dengan dia?". Bila pulak aku gaduh kan, and Acap said dia terdengar this lad muttered, "Sombongnye" which is refered to me.
OMG! Aku tak perasan langsung. Rase kecil hati sangat, may be sebab I'm too sensitive tak tahu la. Tapi bagi aku, bile orang cakap macam tu, memang cukup terasa la. Sangat sangat.

Look, I'm so sorry, I memang tak pandai macam mane nak bertegur sapa dengan orang and I admit sometimes my smile pun kadang2 macam plastik and dibuat-buat, I'm so sorry. I never mean to. Aku memang tak tahu macam mane nak bertegur and so, kadang2 I prefer to avoid from seeing someone. Elok2 relation baik, tiba2 jadi buruk sebab terserempak sekali and tersilap cakap. Baik tak payah jumpa kan.

p/s: Sorry kalau aku nampak sombong, I didn't mean to behave so. Ok get to go.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Celoteh Ramadhan

15th of Ramadhan

I have been fasting for half of the month dah pun, time has passed by so fast before I could recaptured what have I done during this holy month. Dah agak lame tak update and so I got quite number of stories to tell.
1) Bechir (my foreigner friend from Chad) ajak meraikan Independence Day last week, but I don't feel like going. Ape yang perlu diraikan sebenarnye? Setakat tengok mercun2 je, not my interest la. On the next day kan, boleh pulak dia kate "Pity on you" sebab tak ikut dia semalam. Nak bagi aku rase menyesal konon. Sorry la, I langsung tak kisah. I have been living in Malaysia dah lame pun, and every year pun dah sambut kot. Sampai dah tak berperasaan excited sekarang.

2) Lagi kan, Bechir berdebat dengan aku n Nin pasal Culture and Melayu segala. Ade ke patut dia kate Melayu asal dari Africa? Bodoh Ngok betol kan. Bukan ke dia yang asal dari sane? And on top of that, dia kate We don't look like a typical Malay. Sebab style rambut kami tak macam Melayu. Owh sengal kan Bechir. And he said I look like Chinese. Lawak tak?? Gila kan. Langsung tak de rupa Cina aku ni. *bangga sebenarnye, tq2 Bechir* Tapi tahu tak, esok tu dia bagitahu Nin yang aku macam orang Bangladesh Jamaica. Ngek Ngok punya Bechir.

3) Okk lupakan pasal dia, nak cerita pasal semalam. Lame tak hang out dengan Syaf and semalam he was back, joining the club. Lepak dengan dia dari sebelum berbuka sampai la lepas sahur tadi. Tengok Nur Kasih same2, main tenis sekali and lepas tu muncul la idea liar nak intrude swimming pool.

*omg.omg.omg! fuck pak guard! LARI..*

4) Lepas dipaksa oleh diorang aku pun join je la, tapi tak mandi pun. Tengok diorang je. Tiba2 nampak Pak Guard waving hand suruh keluar. Aku dah gelabah anjing. And ingatkan kena saman tapi actually kena ceramah agama dowh. Start cerita pasal budak UIA mati lemas pukul 3 pagi sebab ceroboh pool sampai la pasal amalan2 di bulan puasa. Masing2 dah tahu pun pasal berita UIA tu tapi still buat2 tanye, "Bile jadi?", bla2..dah macam reporter, wakakaka. Nasib baek Pak Guard ni sporting.

5) Dah midnight sikit, kami pun keluar plan nak minum kat Food Court. I ordered a cup of Ice Cream. Dia letak Nata de Coco, sedap. Boleh tahan jugak Food Court ni, ade dessert segala. Tak payah la pergi McD jauh2 nak cari McFlurry kan. 'McFlurry' Food Court ni pun not bad.

6) Then mase nak masuk entrance, kena marah dengan Pak Guard lagi. Sebab tak renew sticker motor. Ish, apesal aku tak pernah tahu pun pasal benda ni kan. Ingatkan dia nak marah Si Syaf ni sebab keluar tak bagi kad pas keluar masuk tu. Alih2 aku gak yang kena kan. Pak Guard sangat pilih kasih. Tak suka.

7) And bile dah malam lagi, Syaf and I tengok movie. Oleh sebab ni bulan puasa, kena la layan cerita hantu. Owh yeayyy, sebab bulan puasa kan hantu kena ikat, pandai tak kami? Tengok cerita Histeria. Acap and Nin masing2 dah pengsan terbongkang. So, kami tengok dua orang je. Dah lame plan nak tengok cerita ni tapi takut nak tengok and dah alang2 Syaf ajak, layan je la. Yang bestnye kan, kami dua2 memang takut cerita seram. So, bile hantu muncul, masing2 tutup muka dengan bantal. Sampai habis cerita, muka hantu macam mane pun tak tahu, hahahaha. Baik tak yah tengok kan.

p/s: Next week ade test HSE and SBE, dua2 held on the same day, dua2 subjek kena membaca plak tu, pengsan~