Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cakap mengarut

How to say this? Go away if you don't want to hear my groanings. It is just that sometimes I feel like I'm just a nobody, worthless. I don't have talent like other people have. I'm not intelligent like other students could be. I'm just me. This is sad, yeahh..I mean it. To add somemore to the list, I am not a good son, neither a good brother and even a good friend. This is much sadden.

Owhh my, could you see how miserable my life is. Everything seems to be not at the place it should stay. People would say, it is not called life if there is no such thing. But, on my second thought.. I would say my life is sucks. Can't help with that, I don't know why I said this. I'm tired of my life, perhaps. I need to chill out.

advice of the day: restrain yourself from

jealousy, you have no idea how lethal it could be

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working on something

Don't worry, you are at the right blog..trying to renovate this blog, changing the layout and so on but it seems like urghhh..Macam ade yang tak kena, kan kan? I guess need to put some effort in editing the coding kot, I wish I'm good at this. Later la, I will look for other layouts kot.

I'm into editing pictures recently, this is the outcome, la jugak, bile bosan tak tahu
nak buat ape, boleh try2 this thingy..anyway, those pics are the collection from foundation to 1st year undergrad. Notice the different hairstyle that I have tried. I miss my rebonded hair!

click to enlarge

advice of the day: there is nothing free in this world,

if only there won't be that pleasing.

As example, like just now I found extra tennis balls left at the court,

but of course they are defective. What do you expect?

A brand new ball? X.O.X.O.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ini zaman moden

Tengah bace cerita2 panas kat satu web hiburan tadi and ade some people comment about this celebrity yang pakai tudung ala2. This guy is funny, I mean the one who reply back what this guy has said.

The comment:

Salam 1Malaysia, alamakkkkkk..pakai tudung ketinggalan zaman ler..ini zaman moden..macam mana negara nak maju..sikit2 tutup..ini tak boleh..itu tak boleh..ini haram..itu haram….wake up from ur dream….

The reply:

wahai ‘rakyat jelata merdeka’…jgnlah sibuk2 nak wat provokasi kat sini eh. dah agama ISLAM suruh cover aurah tu faham2lah. apa ko ingat yg freehair tu moden sgt ke?? so, pompuan org asli kat utan tu terlebih maju ke?? ada akal pikirlah bukan letak kat lutut.

I like the part yang, "so, pompuan org asli kat utan tu terlebih maju ke??"
Hahaha, agree with this person! orang asli yang free hair tu kirenya maju la eh?

Today sucks

Second day of lectures, it was not that appealing especially the Economics class that was held in the afternoon. Ape la yang dia mencarut sorang-sorang kat depan tadi? Nothing is stick to my mind. Economics is not a kind of subject that I will adore this semester. I can tell by the 2 hours class just now.

Blame the 2 months semester break because I think it turns me to a dumb machine. Owhh, I can't go on like this. I need to change! Ya..ya..ya, there it goes, semangat bukan main tapi still remain in this comfort zone.This semester I take 6 subjects which are Advanced Database System, Economics, Internet Programming, Professional Communication Skills, Corporate Ethics and Management Information System.

There will be no MIS class this week because the lecturer is not around. *Clap2*. ADS is the continuity of the Database Systems I took earlier last 2 semesters. So, I have to recall back what I have learn earlier. Economics is the reflect of Principle of Economics that I took when I was in foundation. Internet Programming is a new stuff for this semester.

Corporate ethics & PCS, I don't know what to talk about these two. Talking about Internet Programming, I don't know what's wrong with this lecturer. He is so obey to rules and doesn't consider about students. He doesn't consider to give more space for the students who want to take this subject. Padahal boleh je minta registry tambah slot, susah sangat ke?

The worst part is, he said we can register for lab session at 4 pm. So, I wait all hours long facing the laptop to register for the lab in elearning. I wait and wait but there is still no news regarding this. So, getting fed up..make my way to PCS class and DAMN! The class for PCS is overloaded. Supposed to have 3 groups this evening and each group could have max of 25 people.

There are too many and enormous total of students enrolled for PCS and yet there are only 26 groups altogether. So, many could not take this course and perhaps we have to drop this course. It is so insane and absurd! I don't understand with the registry and management here. Everything turns to be turmoil and out of control. Sampai berebut rebut semua nak masuk kelas pun. Kesian..

p/s: This semester could be the worst of all semesters. Semua pun kena drop, so tak payah la further study, senang.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Air Asam

I went back to Penang on 15th for a week since there is no update about the event. It's a waste to stay here counting days for the class to start on 25th. And yesterday I have arrived here, back in UTP. The 2 months break was fantastic and full of joys. But still i think it's not enough, haha..Feel lazy to go back to lectures, attending classes and lab.

Ok, cut that part, I have something to tell. Last time during I was in Penang, my mum and I went to this warung, nak beli lauk. I'm intrigued to order air asam drink, and mum wants it to be take-away. Ok fine.

So, I told the guy, "Air asam 2, bungkus". I thought he would go to make the drink but however, he was about already prepare nak bungkus kan air asam yang cicah ikan bakar tu! OMG! I was clueless and tell him straight away " Bukan air asam tu, tapi air asam minum" dalam sleng ala2 KL.

Ok, he got my point and then shout to other guy to make air asam, minum. OMG! And then, once more I told him, "Air asam bungkus 2, bukan minum. Ok, now he got my EXACT point! Great! It was embrassing kot, sebab other workers kat situ (mostly mak cik2 tukang masak ni) laughed and smile.

Famous kejap di situ. Owhh malu2, tapi tak pe la sebab famous kan. And I have decided to no more stopping by at that warung walaupun mak asyik cakap, "Sedap la air asam kat situ, lain kali kite pergi lagi" Owhh, nightmare!

I've learn a lesson, lain kali nak order air asam kat kedai lauk2 ni kena cakap macam ni, "Air asam minum dua, bungkus" to dodge from any misunderstanding, huhh..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bosannn! So decided to upload few recent pictures found in my phone

pic 1 & pic 2 : night day out for pizza and shopping on my birthday

pic 3 & 4 : out to pantai with family

pic 5 : it's turkey, jiran sebelah punye.. suke tengok turkey, comel!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Random talking

It's a new year, it has been a hard time to climb to 2010 after what 2009 has offered earlier.
Do you know what I fear the most? It is getting older! We are now in 2010 means that unofficially I am a 21 years old lad. Damn, I hate that number. But officially, I am 20 years old and 18 days lad. Thanx god I was born in December, so that I won't be old sangat, haha.. Is that count?

Huuhhh..I don't know what to do now, I'm so bored. This house is so quiet, to the point that you could hear bunyi cengkerik kat hutan yang miles away. That sounds creepy, is. But, when you know it's in the morning, you won't be afraid sangat. A bright sunny morning in Tronoh, like always. Rain is extinct in this vacant land.

I could not sleep well semalam, may be sebab I let the light to be switched on. That's the only way to get rid of this shiver all night long. They people said this place is haunted. Well, I don't believe those words sangat, but still we have to be cautious kan. Errr..

Hey, sape la yang pandai sangat suruh aku balik awal2 ni. Thanx to you coz now I'm trapped in this boredom. I thought the meeting would takes part immediately as they said we should come back on 11. But hell, there is nothing kot.

Owhh menyesal nye balik awal. I should have stay in Penang for 1 or 2 days more for shopping and jalan2. I miss Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Perai City Mall and Penang Megamall. I don't like shopping in Ipoh simply because there are less choices here. And the worst part is, the traffic. I mean, it is easy to get lost in here. Asal nak pergi other spots instead of Jusco mesti sesat. I would blame perancang bandar. Bersepah- sepah sangat jalan tu, roundabout lagi la.

Anyway, result will be out on Friday, 15th. Owh god, can you make me jump for joy this time although I got a nerve saying that this time, it won't be that good. Arghhh, put that aside. Hopefully, it will be promising.

p/s: ada buah kedondong, pelam, kuining and kuah rojak that I bring along from rumah..tapi tak makan pun. Ishhhh, buat penat je bawa. Okk, time to makan!

I'm back!

It has been ages kan since my last post, I left this blog without any updates.
That's because I'm enjoying my every moment kat rumah and sebab connection yang macam $%& tu. Forget that part.

Heyyy..hey, hey..I'm now back in UTP, ramai lagi tak balik and now I'm alone! I hate this moment, I'm bored to death. Ni baru first day, sabar je la oi.
New semester buka on 24. Ishh, it is couple of weeks to come. What should I do in between? Errr...

Anyway talking about last semester break, I have a good time at home.
There were shoppings, road trips, out for makan2, out for jalan2 and of course there were a lot of kenduris.
I like kenduris, I have missed only few. It is quite an achievement for me. I don't know why but seems like I have start to like kenduris bit by bit.

May be because I know that I need to gain some weight.
I'm so thin to the point that relatives thought I'm the youngest in the family.
Could someone please remind them that I got one little brother! Owhh, for god's sake!
And that day ade people kat pasar tanye whether we are twins. Hellloooooo, we are three years apart okk.

He has just finished his SPM while me, going to be 2nd Year 2nd Sem student in here.
Plus, I don't think there is resemblance between us. It is way contradicted. Twins?? Tolong la,

I want to tell you guys about this. I got some incomes while I'm at home. It is just easy to gain money. Mum gives me RM50 if I go along with her to the mosque for Isyak prayer and a short ceramah. Could you believe that? I went to few ceramah jugak la last break and for each time I went, I got RM50! Mum is so determine. But some times, I went ikhlas jugak..not merely for money.

I got a lot more to tell but may be later I will update some more.

p/s: AJL last night was entertaining. Time could be so cruel some times. Last night I was at home watching tv with family but tonight I'm alone in this creepy and spooky room doing nothing.