Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been quite a while

Omaigot, it has been quite a long while kan since my last post. Been so busy lately on weekdays and on weekends I don't have time to update because I would go out like most of the time and when come back later, would be so tired. Life here is better accordingly I would say but it just that money which matters a lot. Can u imagine that I have spent about RM700 in 3 weeks time. I would say it was the first time ever, I ended up calling my dad for his generousity to bank in extra money into my account. First time duit tinggal RM10 je dalam account okk.

I feel so bad sebab I don't manage money properly till need to bother my parents. Sometimes kan, on weekdays pun I would go out watching movie dengan my housemates after balik kerja. Macam mane duit tak cepat habis? Haishh, I need to be more thrifty. Need to put aside all those wants, just focus on my needs first. Dah banyak kali keluar shopping beli new kemeja and baru- baru ni beli bag baru. Live in KL is like you want to have all cool stuffs around you.

Omaigot, I feel like want to shop everyday je kalau boleh, nasib baik duit in my account tak banyak. If not, everyday I would have new stuffs to show off. Well, time passed very fast amazingly, I have been doing my internship for 7 weeks dah pun and looking forward nak habiskan cepat-cepat. What a dull and tedious routine I have to go through everyday. Doing the same thing everytime and weekends have never been so appealing. The most awaiting time I would say.