Thursday, January 20, 2011

Part 2: Internship- Geng housemates, Geng Vista.

There are too many things to be said and I don't know where actually to start. For the second part, I rather talk much about my housemates, the Vista troop. I lived in Vista Angkasa along the internship period. A place like no others, the place I learned the real meaning of independent. There were 8 of us boys, lived under one roof before one decided to move out. 7 of us remain still and keen to move on with life. Cewahhhh, macam Survivor je. There was also another group lived in Vista, the ladies. I name us Geng Vista lah senang.

We were like a family, one big happy family. Ouchh. Who knows we could live well under one roof. One thing people should know about me, I don't really have many friends out there and there are only bunch of people who are really close to me. So here the point is, even I lived with my own coursemates, we were not close. We barely spoke to each other in lectures dulu, never greet each other while met. But now, yes we changed.. thanks to 6-11-8, the home we get to know each other better.

At first before going for the internship, knowing who my housemates were, was a lethal and unlikeable news. I can barely breathe, am only comfortable with some of them. Here we go, we have Nuar (rarely or never have spoken to), Wafi (this guy is ok, regardless), Nabil (never have spoken too, all remains on online chatting), Khir and Nizam (they both are ok), Acap (this one I know best).

I took a risk! But all risks did actually gave you return. And I am more than excited to learn the return I got is so worth it. I have a line of new friends. Jump to joy, how appealing is that. Lets have a look here, we are scared at first to greet people but then when we actually manage to find the bond, everything would be just fine. Yeahhh, just fine. Give it a try, a worth bounty waits behind.

To describe each of my housemates. Ok first..Nuar, this guy was the one I feel intimidated. First glance, he doesn't seems friendly at all and his way looks outrageous. No way we could be friends. But soon, I found he is appealing and am comfortable with his way. He is kind of kecoh jugak actually. Looks are deceiving, I already told you in the first part. My problem with him would just be, he is kind of ignoring when we are talking to him. Hahaha. Blah la lu.

Ok next, Nabil. First thought, this guy looks arrogant. He only befriend with some people and no way he wants to be friend with me. I pun jenis tak kisah if anyone wants to be my friend or not. Ade aku kisah? But later, I just found there is something common between us. There are lots actually. I feel cosy when I talk to him about personal thought and life itself. And he always wants to know more. Such a good listener I bet. And always ajak keluar, wayang wajib! lol That's the best part of him.

Wafi is another housemate I found very understanding and pleasant to be talk to. He is mature, which I can not deny since every one admits so. He always wants to know how people think about him. Very curious about the issue in the country, and given worldwide. He is like a moving news to me. That is actually good and I am impressed and obliged, very much indeed. Glad I found and have him as a friend. But sometimes, he annoyed me when he likes to repeat the words we uttered. Hahaha but nvm, it could be hilarious sometimes.

Khir and Nizam, two best friends of one another. I know them since in foundation but we were not that close. We are friends since before and yet living under one roof is just another platform keeping us closer. Khir was like the house leader which he always settled down the bills all. Thanks him for that. Dia ni jenis yang kepoh jugak la, and agak pervert sikit. Muahaha. One thing bothered us housemates, he rarely took the turns to dispose and throw the garbage. Tapi no biggie lah.

Nizam. I just know this guy doesn't like to socialize. He was like keep doing his stuffs in the room. Rarely going out of the room, had a single chat with us. He is ok actually, very kind and I like his optimistic way. It just that sometimes I think he prefer to be alone and he is happy so. I feel good when talking to him sebab he got something which we feel cosy to share anything with.

Acap. I don't have to say much about this guy. I know him since in Form 1 and we are best friends. He is very determine in his work and always try to do something out of his ability. Always want to be at the top. Sometimes, I just think he puts too much stress on him. Be it in any forms. For me, he is born clever and he doesn't need to try harder. You are great the way you are. Cewahhh.

Itu housemates, geng boys. Geng perempuan Vista pun did rock my days. We have Kusyah, Iela, Eli, Yana, Mady, Rai, Zawn, Hanis and Shiera in the list. Tapi jarang la dapat lepak dengan diorang. Selalu jumpa pun Kusyah and Iela sebab we were placed at MITCO. Hehehee. Dapat lepak ramai2 same2 pun time bowling that day. I'm so glad to know more about my coursemates. I see another side of them yang I have never seen. I'm glad I choose to stay at Vista Angkasa. I'm just lucky. I love you people. I love you.

Now I already start to miss Nasi Lemak Vista which I usually buy lepas kerja and the pasar malam was a paradise as well. Rindu mak cik comel yang jual keropok lekor tuuu. Ok, enough. In the next part, I would talk about geng pejabat, the wonderful people I never expect I would meet. Till next time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Part 1: Internship- the unforgettable phase of life

So, that's it. The internship period has officially ended last Friday. Many I have learned from the 8 miraculous months and I do feel time did flies. I still have this fresh memory when I first stepped into the company. The mix feeling of thrill and nervous conquered me all day long.

There were nine of us placed at MITCO; Me, Acap (best buddy), Adeera, Mira, Piqa, Fit, Iela, Kusya and DJ. The only person I'm close with pun is Acap. Yang lain, I barely know. Before this, I was always at my comfort zone, befriended with those who are in the troop.

For the internship, I would say I took quite a risk since I only know Acap and itu pun we are not in the same department. I was placed with Iela and Fit in Finance Division. Honestly, one of the best desicions I've ever made in life, was to choose MITCO instead of other offers I got; CPDD KLCC and Infineon Kulim.

I've met wonderful people that I've never get the chance to meet, the best leaders in their class, the gorgeous peeps I've ever encountered in life. I was placed at level 14 with other Polymer Division's friends; Mira, Adeera, Kusya and DJ. Piqa and Acap were placed at level 15.

Since the day, we are like best friends. How deceiving and twisted life could be, a barely spoken bunch of folks turns to be best friends here. This is one of the things I've learned, to get out of your comfort zone and befriend with other people, you will soon know you just love it. Love to make friends.

The first day I met my supervisor, I felt scared. First thought, he is a foreigner, might be french. Second thing I've figured out; face could be deceiving. He is Malaysian despite of the look he got, and he is very friendly and cool in person. He is the Manager of Financial & Management Accounting Department of MITCO Japan.

I was given a workstation and be placed next to Fit. Fit is another friend I encountered in life. Whenever I feel bored, she would be the answer. Moreover, there's no person sitting on my right's side and behind me. She's the closest person I could talk to.

That is why I said 8 miraculous months at first. Internship is just full of miracles, it taught how real life would be instead of a cliche daily routine of a student. We encountered and anticipated various of people and we make friends with them. How cool is that. I am more than happy UTP decided to have 8 months of internship.

I shall continue to write and share about my internship on the next post. Too long and too wordy could be boring.