Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magic does happen sometimes.

This is just a thought. Well, a deep thought perhaps. Have you ever feel like your day is so terrible and awful, very much to the point that you become so upset and vex about it? Keep thinking about it for the rest of the day. I bet everyone had been in the situation. Well, that is life literally.

Let me tell you my situation. I have this extended proposal of Final Year Project which I need to submit on 4th March. My supervisor is so strict and we had a meeting last Friday (18th Feb) and she said she wants the draft by Wednesday (23th). She wants it to be by least 10 pages.

Do you have any idea how chaos my life has been for last week? I got 5 days to complete the draft which contains Project background, Prob Statement, Objectives, Literature Review, Gantt Chart and Methodology all. I've not even borrow any single book in the library to come out with the research.

A day before the draft submission, I made myself to the library and borrowed four books and that night was a living hell. I stayed up doing the draft from scratch. I'd only completed 2 pages before and I have like 8 pages more to do for the rest of the night since she wants it to be 10 pages.

I did it recklessly with big worries in head how mad my supervisor would be with my draft. She is strict and many have warned me about her, that she expects a good and quality work from her student. "I'm so dead" I could only think of that. Later, I've finally managed to complete the draft and by total, there are only 8 pages. Tak sampai 10, mati.

I was worried but I just submit the draft into her pigeon hole. By Friday, 2 days from the submission, we would have discussion about the draft. She will go through it precisely. So, last Friday, there was this meeting. I came late, and other friends have been on chairs discussing with her in her office.

The moment I sat, Fatin made her eyes pointing to the paper on the table. It's my draft. I saw words in red ink on top of the draft clearly said, "Excellent job! Well Done." I was speechless and I lost the anxiety I had that time. I'm so relieved, very much indeed.

We discussed about the progress of the project and I was so shocked she (my sv) likes my draft of the extended proposal. She praised and complimented me, I felt like being on the top of the world. Ok, enough of being proud. Well, I'm just astounded of how it turned out.

I already imagined, she would howl and be mad at me with such a poor quality of work but then it turned out to be the best among we five. God has been nice to me. Of the story, what I'm trying to say is that, don't be upset with something you think awful because you will never know how pretty and amazing it will turn out.

Well, magic does happen sometimes and I'm glad it happened to me. Thank God for everything.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The last part, part 3: Internship- Geng office.

It's been too long before I could come out with this one.
The last and best part of the internship; the people.

I'm sharing you the happy and delirious pictures of us.

I'm so gonna miss the best moments I've anticipated, in every inch and nook.

Of the laugh..

the smile..

and the joy....

we shared together.

Of new collection of friends I've made along the way.

Be it among the interns or even the staffs.

Of the wonderful sisters completion; Kak Sue, Kak Mai and Kak Liyza..

and awesome & cool brothers; Abang Amir Abang Taufik, Abang Khairil,

Bro Daus, Shahrul and Hanis.

Of the girls who made my days during the precious 8 months..

with their perfect blend of own personas.

Of the happening staffs....

very supportive and super cool indeed.

Of a new bff I've encountered along the way.

All these wonderful and terrific moments,

it will be kept well and always be placed in heart.

forever and after.

Thank you all for making the 8 months the most unforgettable and pleasing one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Terrible days.

Post internship part 3 will come later after I dapat gambar dari Adeera, tak sempat nak mintak dari hari tu lagi. Now, lets talk about cuti CNY. Cuti Chinese New Year this time semua pun macam tak kena. I went back to Butterworth by train last Wednesday.

I almost missed the train tapi thank god, I made it. Have a blast with Naqib and Wan on the next day. Dinner makan besar with family on the next day.
Naqib belanja Haagen Dazs.
We ate at Mutiara Bonda, Juru AutoCity. The food was okay. Sedap lah jugak, I like sotong goreng tepung tu. Sedap and murah. Malam time makan dengan family tu pun I order sotong goreng tepung. On weekend, mak pulak masak sotong goreng tepung. Puas makan.

Tu je lah the best part of cuti CNY this time. Ahad and Isnin (today) were terrible days. It was awful. I bought bus ticket back to Ipoh from Butterworth on 2.30 pm Sunday. I waited there sampai 6.30 pm and bus still tak sampai. It was ruthless. To let the passengers waiting for hours.

The lady at the counter said the bus was at Taiping. Still on the way. Next hour, tanya lagi. Ok this time dah kat Juru. Then tanya lagi for another time. She said bas rosak. What the %$@#! Entah-entah bas tu memang tak wujud. It was a chaos, many of the passangers were in rage and scorned the lady. Bermula la episod maki memaki. I asked for a refund and bought bus ticket of another company on Monday morning at 10.30 am since Ahad tiket semua dah sold out.

So pagi tadi, I came to Penang Sentral and waited for the bus. Shit! Banana fruits twiceee. I waited for the bus for hours, the lady at the counter said bas rosak and still kat Penang. I had the thought the bus was not exist at all. Tunggu punya tunggu, finally the bus arrived at 1 pm. 2 hours and 30 minutes of waiting and finally the dilapidated bus came.

I was so in vex. My dad and mum called plenty of times offering to drive me to UTP. But I said no, I will just wait. Tak paid off for them to send me back driving for hours. I arrived at Ipoh around 3 something and rushed to take my motorcycle I parked at KTMB. I ride all the way back to UTP dengan weather yang mendung and kilat and petir all around.

I was so terrified and all I could do was praying hard supaya hujan tak turun. I was lucky enough as when I reached UTP, baru hujan turun. Hujan lebat and I was in wet a bit. I got this dizzy head and I felt like fainting. Shean texted me and I replied to her accordingly before went for a nap. I feel like meeting her tapi entah la bila.

I should submit the Final Year Project proposal on today before 12 pm and I skipped two classes for today. I feel so awful. Blame the bus, the company all. I should have arrived here on Sunday lagi. What a fate. Sigh~ Anis submitted the proposal on behalf of me and I hope the proposal will be accepted. InsyaAllah.