Friday, September 7, 2012

Helloooo !!

Hello fanssss (bajet ada fans ahaha). Ok, tak lawak. Been on hiatus for months alreadyyy and yeahh I am back to blog. But no guarantee I will keep my blog updated. lol. Few updates about me... talking about job, not yet stable.. still struggling though. Wow I sure need timeee in order to adapt. Kadang- kadang feel like quitting, kadang- kadang rasa macam go on je la dulu. Uhh

Hey, other than that.. I do part-time job. As usher kat Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, KLCC. At this DFP, there are concerts going on along the year and as a new usher, I've been given 2 concerts per month for me to usher. Why a part-time job? All I can say, it is not about money. It's for fun. Saje cari experience. Isi masa yang ada during weekend and after works time. Plus, boleh tambah kawan. Hehe

Before cauuu.. here, few raya pics.. I know some of you miss to see my piccas kahkahkah

Friday, May 25, 2012

Need To Stay Strong.

Sometimes I ponder, it is way more pleasing to do something you love although the pay you may get is little. What's the point gaji banyak tapi you do the things you dislike and not compassionate. It's torturing somehow. You will be not happy and feel frustrated, devastated and bad about it. So kids, if you love painting, hey just go for it. Don't think about the pay. Who knows you might later become a famous artist and get known from your high profile painting. It is about passion. Passion drives success. 

I don't really like my job actually. Perhaps it is too early to judge but I can tell by how others work. I mean the colleagues. And on top of that, I can't mingle well with them too. There's a barrier between us, of course putting age gap aside. I don't know but it is just so hard to blend together with them. The key to a happier working environment is of course the people. If you have a good relationship with the people, then 3 quarter of your problem is just gone. poof. 

I have to blame myself as well. I have this trait of mine who is very shy to talk to people. I talk so little. But hey, I did improve. It is just that I can't get to their level, just yet. My manager is okay. She seems nice and understanding. Oh I wish I can slit this side of me yang timid away from me and start to be a new person but I just can't. It sticks hard and clinging well to this body. Oh god. I just want to be little more talkative and you know, socialize with the people. Sometimes, I think it is not just me but the colleagues yang sombong. I did greet some of them and they just abandoned me. Harsh.

I know I have to stay positive and keep on going. That's what I'm doing by the way. Try to smile and put aside all those bad thinkings I have. Look into my eyes and you will see too little room of happiness but enormous amount of sadness. But hey, I have to be strong and keep on going. I don't have many options after all. Sad life of mine, I know. How I wish I can be young once again and start going to school like before. No worklife. Just schooling. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazing PIPE

So I went to PIPE for the last 2 weeks. Just settled at home evening tadi. What is PIPE? PIPE stands for PETRONAS Induction Program for Executive. All new PETRONAS executives have to undergo this induction course. The program runs for 2 weeks long and I must say it was fun. Ada CSR to rumah anak yatim, ada outdoor activities, briefing, classroom lectures, exercise. Other than that, meeting people from different backgrounds inspire you. Some are already married and stok bapak2 and mak2 orang. 

The people are all great. They spoke well, did presentation well, mingle well, publish themselves well. I am like nobody. They overshadowed me in every aspects. Being a shy person, I felt so tiny and even macam tak wujud kot. Well.. tapi I did participate and they know me as budak Thai along the program sebab I spoke Thai masa drama presentation and whatsoever haha. I just go spontaneous and somehow it worked. Lets the pictures speak. I rest my case. Esok kembali kerja. OMGGGG! zzZZzzzz.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A New Phase

Time flies.. it's 12th of April already. So I have been staying home, been on hiatus mode for quite long.. approximately 3 months. I need to report duty on this Monday, 16th of April at KLCC.. my new to be workplace alhamdulillah. I've been offered as Executive ERP in Corporate ICT Development, Finance Division of PETRONAS Holdings. I have mixed feelings. I feel excited as I will finally work and get paid like other adults but (there goes but) I am afraid. I am afraid of many things, in fact I have lots of thinking in my head, like.. How my boss would be like? Can I do the works given by him? Will I get along well with the colleagues? and many more. Well, I got this kind of thinking too when I was about to go for internship last time. It is more or less the same. However, my internship went well and it was a very pleasing phase of my life.  May be, I put too much thinking. I am going to KL this Saturday and I already got the place to stay. My new home for I-don't-know how long, may be years? It is located in Gombak. Putra Villa Condo. I googled up and it seems like a nice place to stay. Well, at least let's hope it would. Anyway, wish me luck for the new phase of life I am about to take. wuhooo.. I feel so nervous and excited at the same time :)

Thanks Mr. Google for the pictures.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Caca merba

I don't know what to plan for future. Do we need to have one? Or it comes by itself along the way? See, I'm such a noob. But yeah, I do have plan on what car to buy, and how my future house would be like. Materialistic. Yes, I am. Everyone pun, I'm sure. I always want to try investment kind of thing. In fact, I do have Maybank Investment account but it is not active. Back then, I was persuaded to do investing as one way to keep growing your money. I didn't had the chance to learn much so I quit half way. Too bad. I have not start  invest even a buck. Risk. Yeah. The word I'm afraid of. We might get huge return but we could also suffer from loss. Well, that's pretty much describe what is investment anyway. Risk and return. I don't know why suddenly I babble about this. Well, the fact is I am bored and kind of.. have nothing to do. Pretty much going online and then start to ponder, hey why don't I update my blog and here I am typing this. urghhh. I'm bored, penniless and jobless of course. I don't know how much longer should I wait. Part time in the meantime? Nahhh, I'm too lazy for that. I am choosy some more. I don't just pick up any job, even if it is for temporary. I want a good and promising job. Petronas, please make it fast. I'm dying here. I need money to spend!! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Every person has their own personality, may it be good, wicked or modest. To have a personality doesn't mean it is the permanent one portrayed in oneself. What I'm trying to say is, everybody does have many personalities.. well if it is not everybody then I would say mostly. Try to think back, what is your real personality. Sometimes we are confuse who we really are. Pathetic isn't?

I have to admit I have many kind of personalities. I'm different in front of my family. With friends, I turn out to be another me. With a special group of friends, another kind of me. With strangers, the timid kind of me. I'm sure everyone has many personalities. The thing is, which one is the real us? With whom we feel more comfortable and unleash our true self? Showing your true colours.

We sure know the answer well but does it really tell us it is the real personality of you. Well. that is another kind of question. Sometimes I hope I would just have one personality, stick to it so that I don't have to be hypocrite. Being the real you everytime and everywhere. Sounds great.. but nah, it won't be fun then. Both have pros and cons. Like people said, we have to adapt and change our personality to the situation. Could it be so? Have your own thought people ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm not really a smart student, I'm average. Sepanjang 5 tahun kat MRSM iaitu 10 kali semester, sekali je pernah dapat DL (pointer above 3.50).. tu pun masa Form 3. Masuk Beseri, lagi jahanam result. Form 4 and Form 5 were not my best achievement. Result SPM pun tak membanggakan. So once I entered UTP, I decided to make a goal, to graduate with CGPA 3.50 ke atas.

I want to cover and pay back what I missed in my study before. I'm proud I have finally achieved one of the goals I set in life although tak de lah membanggakan sangat pun, bukannya first class.. but still, it is really something to me. Next, I hope to get a good job and something I won't regret to spend my entire life working on it. Pray for me. 

Final Semester Result.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Langkawi Trip

The Langkawi Trip with family last week was fun. It was a splendid joy. It was a spontaneous trip after all. Actually, abah and his police mates, they have shooting punye practise kat Langkawi tu for a week starting from Sunday 29th Jan. Alang2 tu, Bang Jan suggests la we all semua pergi Langkawi jugak makan angin. It was a brilliant idea coming out from him, rarely happened. lol.

Abah dah pi dengan kawan2 dia on Sunday tu. Kami follow up on Monday. Kami plan Rabu balik rumah. 3 days 2 night je. So pagi2 tu on Monday, we moved to Kuala Perlis with happy faces of course. Lama tak family vacation uols. Padahal dah pergi Langkawi berape kali dah dalam hidup. Kami stay kat Langkawi Chalet, tempat abah and geng dia stay. Tempat tu teruk uols. Macam haram buruknya.

Frontier 6~ our ferry to catch

Boarding on the ferry

Ok malas nak cite panjang, cut it short.. aktiviti first day kami pergi Oriental Village naik cable car, this was our second time. Tapiiii tetap excited and teruja nak naik cable car yang tingginya 700m dari paras laut tuu. Kagum!!
Abah bg makan rusa lahappp

Yang depan ni single, yang dua orang kt blakang ady taken k

On the cable car yang quite frightening sebenarnya

On the peak of Gunung Machincang

Second day paling best! Kami mula2 pi Underwater World. Dah besa pi tapi mak nak tengok penguin comel lompat2. So layan kn jeee. Tak banyak berubah pun tempat ni. Lepas tu yg paling best petang tu kami ambik boat trip. Ok ni yang first kami try, tak pernah buat kat Langkawi. So excited level dia lain macam sikit. Pakej dia pi Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah. Pulau Dayang Bunting best, tasik dia cantik gila, mat saleh2 ramai seksi2 selamber je bogel terjun mandi. By bogel, it means half-naked. lol Kat Pulau Singa Besar, eagle feeding Kat Pulau Beras Basah, baru mandi manda. Pulau ni cantik gila kot. A must visit island. Pasir dia putih melepak and the sea, sangat crystal clear and biru dia jernih cantik. Awesome!!
Budak hensem!

Kak Yong excited. Mak jumpa kawan baru. Anak pompuan dia cantekk!

Dayang Bunting it is! Pregnant Maiden pun boooleh

Super fun boat trip!

Third day, hari nak balik rumah. Masa ni shopping je lah. Masa kat Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, Kak Yong bust keputusan mendadak bagi duit, offer untuk bayar satu malam lagi. Haiyo, pemurah pulak minah ni. So, rezeki jangan ditolak. Kami pun zasss, ke Pantai Chenang cari hotel lain. Dapat la AB Motel. Betul2 depan laut, and bilik pun okayy. Best. Third day, jalan2 tepi pantai and malam tu jalan2 kat Kuah, pergi pasar malam semua. 
Tanjung Rhu it is

The band. Yang pakai baju kurung tu vokalis.

The super IDK-what-to-name

Fourth day, hari untuk pulang. sob sob. Pusing2 satu Langkawi and singgah Tanjung Rhu beach. Pegi Jett Point ambik ferry kol 2.30 pm. Sampai Kuala Perlis, lepas tu singgah pulak Pdang Besar, borong ape yang patut. Then last, dinner kat Aida Bertam Kiosk. Syazwan belanja. Sampai rumah dah malam. Then nice, terus tido wuhooo~

Boleh kata this is the best trip to Langkawi so far kot. hihi. Sebab mostly, Bang Jan yang belanja. Kak Yong and Wan pun ada support. Aku je yang tak support, sebab tak de duit. Penganggur la katakan. 

Goodbye Langkawi. With loveee~

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Terasaaa !!

Kenape aku macam terase je seperti aku yang dimaksudkan beliau?? arghh, firasat aku je nii.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Techies Dinner: Unwrapped.

Techies Dinner was held last 31st December 2011 at Tropicana Ballroom Ipoh. The last grand dinner with the course mates. The theme was Hollywood costume. I didn't have anything in my mind on what character to play. But after all, I go for ghost rider since I bought a black rider jacket with a black trendy pant. The items bought:

1. Red glasses
2. Red scarf
3. Black jacket
4. Black pant
5. Brown belt

Altogether I've spent like RM290. Yeaa for a one night event, it's kind a waste. Tapi tak pe la. Bile lagi kan. I'm graduating in two weeks time. A night before, I tried the outfit and came out with 7 options on how to style up the outfit. muahaha. Tak de keja la katakan. Final paper pun satu je. Here we go:

Option 1: The concept is sexy. lol. wearing singlet, black pant and
shawl wrapped around the neck. Memang tak laaa kan.

Option 2: A different style of styling up the shawl. It covers up
the upper body altogether. Lebih menutup aurat mungkin? hikhiks

Option 3: Here comes the jacket.

Option 4: The jacket itself, zipped up!

Option 5: The jacket + the shawl and glasses

Option 6: Hana Tajima? kahkahkah

Option 7: Fesyen tudung ala2 rock gituu. macam makcik pun ade.
kahkahkah makin
banyak option makin merapu.

Itu la tujuh2 options yang sempat try. lol. After that gigih la kaler kan rambut.
Orennn kauu.. taaaraaaa

Here the pictures during the event, ended up styling option no. 3 cuma tak pakai singlet
kat dalam, ganti dengan tshirt grey blink2. Tengok la kawan2 yang lain. Masing-masing pakai letup-letup. Suka tengok semua orang dress up. Awesome.

Btw, I really enjoyed the night. The last Techies Dinner before graduating :'(
Good bye comrades. Gonna miss you guysss.