Thursday, January 19, 2012

Terasaaa !!

Kenape aku macam terase je seperti aku yang dimaksudkan beliau?? arghh, firasat aku je nii.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Techies Dinner: Unwrapped.

Techies Dinner was held last 31st December 2011 at Tropicana Ballroom Ipoh. The last grand dinner with the course mates. The theme was Hollywood costume. I didn't have anything in my mind on what character to play. But after all, I go for ghost rider since I bought a black rider jacket with a black trendy pant. The items bought:

1. Red glasses
2. Red scarf
3. Black jacket
4. Black pant
5. Brown belt

Altogether I've spent like RM290. Yeaa for a one night event, it's kind a waste. Tapi tak pe la. Bile lagi kan. I'm graduating in two weeks time. A night before, I tried the outfit and came out with 7 options on how to style up the outfit. muahaha. Tak de keja la katakan. Final paper pun satu je. Here we go:

Option 1: The concept is sexy. lol. wearing singlet, black pant and
shawl wrapped around the neck. Memang tak laaa kan.

Option 2: A different style of styling up the shawl. It covers up
the upper body altogether. Lebih menutup aurat mungkin? hikhiks

Option 3: Here comes the jacket.

Option 4: The jacket itself, zipped up!

Option 5: The jacket + the shawl and glasses

Option 6: Hana Tajima? kahkahkah

Option 7: Fesyen tudung ala2 rock gituu. macam makcik pun ade.
kahkahkah makin
banyak option makin merapu.

Itu la tujuh2 options yang sempat try. lol. After that gigih la kaler kan rambut.
Orennn kauu.. taaaraaaa

Here the pictures during the event, ended up styling option no. 3 cuma tak pakai singlet
kat dalam, ganti dengan tshirt grey blink2. Tengok la kawan2 yang lain. Masing-masing pakai letup-letup. Suka tengok semua orang dress up. Awesome.

Btw, I really enjoyed the night. The last Techies Dinner before graduating :'(
Good bye comrades. Gonna miss you guysss.