Friday, September 7, 2012

Helloooo !!

Hello fanssss (bajet ada fans ahaha). Ok, tak lawak. Been on hiatus for months alreadyyy and yeahh I am back to blog. But no guarantee I will keep my blog updated. lol. Few updates about me... talking about job, not yet stable.. still struggling though. Wow I sure need timeee in order to adapt. Kadang- kadang feel like quitting, kadang- kadang rasa macam go on je la dulu. Uhh

Hey, other than that.. I do part-time job. As usher kat Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, KLCC. At this DFP, there are concerts going on along the year and as a new usher, I've been given 2 concerts per month for me to usher. Why a part-time job? All I can say, it is not about money. It's for fun. Saje cari experience. Isi masa yang ada during weekend and after works time. Plus, boleh tambah kawan. Hehe

Before cauuu.. here, few raya pics.. I know some of you miss to see my piccas kahkahkah