Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Susah betul nak berubah jadi lebih baik kan. Kalau berubah pun.. just sekejap je lepas tu back to old habits. Pengaruh kawan pun satu. I wish my friends can really understand me. Macam kalau keluar pergi jalan2 ke tengok wayang ape ke make sure singgah surau jugak. Ni sembahyang hari hari pun banyak lopong lopong. I always feel bad each time I missed solat. I know I'm not that religious but I really hope I can be better. Other than that, tak nak lah cakap benda benda mengarut and pointless. One thing with me is I have a bad mouth. I always talk bad about people and stuffs. Exaggerate things apatah lagi. I don't want to say much. I'm saying my apologize to those people who I have made mistakes or have said bad words or anything that might hurt feelings. We don't live forever right and we never know about our 'expiry' date. Good night and have a good day ahead.