Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Brother Got Married ?!!

Hellooooo... ni hao maaaa. Lama tak update dengan cerita yang panjang. Ok meh nak update satu hihi. Last middle of May my brother has got married. And of course a new member in the family, Kak Ain. I am happy for them. The solemnization and wedding receptions for both sides went well Alhamdulillah walapun banyak yang last minute actually. My saudara mara bagus la sebab dorang support pakai baju theme sama so it looks nice. I was the one yang pick the theme color for family to pakai. Grey and Coral. Masa akad nikah pakai hijau. Best pulak tengok abang kawen ni. Rasa macam nak kawen jugak haha tapi it's not easy as that =,= Ok for the rest of the story, let the pictures speak.. hehhe

Before the akads.. somebody was nervous. hekhek
The bride before the akads
Alhamdulillah dah sah..
Pengantins yang ceria. I was the best man of my brother. Penat betul kena kipas haha

Our extended family. +1

I personally love this candid bila semua tak readyy haaha. Those are my auntiesss + cousins

The sums up for reception belah Kapar
The reception belah our side. Pengantins wore blue, we wore coral

Sesi anak beranaks
This was during the akads with my brother. 

Thank you besties for cominggg

Our big family belah abah... 

Taraaaa... and bawah ni is my masterpiece. I buat sendiri wedding reception guestbook ni for reception belah our side. Hahaha macam buruk je tapi jadi lah kannn.. janji ada and people can write their wedding wishes. Semangat betul bintang. hiks

Monday, June 2, 2014

Moving on..

We gotta dream big cause we can. Look up and rise.