Sunday, July 31, 2016


So recently I started doing Uber. And guess what, I think I like it. That is actually weird because socialising is not really my thing but I don't know, I somehow enjoyed talking to strangers and transport them from places to places. Best of all, I got extra money to spend yeayy. And it's worth it. As of now, I have completed 7 trips and gained around MYR90. Not that much I know.. but ok laa for a start and lagipun I just drove nearby je. I think this is a good deal for now and I should keep on doing this for extra pocket money. Well.. until I figure out the right business I shall commence? lol. 

This Uber thing taught me to improve my comm skill as well. I always have problem in speaking confidently in public and I think this could be the right solution too. Isn't great. From the 7 trips I did, 3 of the riders were foreigners; Korean, Somalis and Australian. Local Malaysians riders were great too. Except for that one uncle yang sempat lagi promote kat I to join MLM kinda business pfft. I hope I can stick well to this Uber thing. Tapi weekends je lah kot since I am working on weekdays Mon-Fri.

With the Australian rider, Ms Georgina