Sunday, October 18, 2015

Knock Knock- Movie Review

There is this new movie showing in cinemas right now. The title is Knock Knock. No no.. bukan lagu Elizabeth Tan k. lol. Ok here is the short synopsis. Two lost girls happened to be in a foreign neighborhood where mostly nobody is around (can you believe that?). They were looking for their friend's house for some kind of party but the rain was so heavy so they were stranded and decided to stop at this house. The house belongs to a family; a couple with one young boy and daughter. The married guy (Keanu) was left alone at the house because he needs to complete his work whereas his family is out for a beach vacation planned sometimes back. The story starts when those two 'innocent' girls turned out to be wild and psycho. They tied, tortured him and did all those kind of gruesome stuffs a psycho would do. To be honest, there is nothing interesting about this movie. From the beginning to the end, it went flat. It is not a thriller movie as what it's supposed to be. Those two girls are more like spoiled kids and just being dramatic. I don't get Keanu role as well. He is so helpless in the movie. Come on la.. you are a young and sturdy guy, you can fight back or at least run or drive away and ask for help. Duhh. seriously it is a below than average movie. The ending is boring as well. I would strongly advise those who plan to watch this movie to think about it again and I dare to say you would thank me big times. You are welcome.


Pisyek Kumar said...

Fuyyo, buat review dah sekarang. dalam english uols. Kagum Pisyek kejap. :P

syafiq izzat said...

Haha.. tak payah nak kagum sgt