Saturday, March 12, 2016

Men's dilemma and whatnot

I read somewhere that men aged between 24-29 are having the most difficult part in life. Well, I have to agree with that. At this period of time, men are pressured to be something, to be someone. I am having the same dilemma. What should I become? 

Yes.. I have been working for like 4 years. But at some points, you will realize if what you are doing now is something you really wanna do in your life. Life has lots to offer anyway and you just need to explore. I am tired working in office hours, doing works require you to do frequent follow-up, strategic thinking and planning.

I can't really get away from my current job. You know.. I have few commitments already. To bank and to my employer of course. I have 9 years bond to work and serve for the company because of my university scholarship back then. So.. I have 5 years more. Counting and counting..

Ambitions are to be chased not forgotten. When I was in school my ambition is to be a teacher. That is the only thing I could think. But then I took a Business IS course and when I was in university, I start to think what should I be? There was a time when I'm thinking to be a flight attendant. All about being pretty and serve customer on flight. But I ditched all chances and decided to just follow the flow. I passed my interview to work for P.

Honestly, working in P is not that bad. The people are good, friendly and helpful at times. It is just that work scopes always macam tak kena with my passion. I have been in few departments already and still I have not learn from mistakes uhh. My previous boss was right when he asked me if I really want to do what I'm doing right now.

I really want to have flexible working hours and you know.. plan something on your own and make decision by your own self. So what does that mean? Business !! Yes that's it. Doing business is what I think suits me best. But can I really run a business? That is another door stopper. But heyy, you got to try dude.. I am giving myself some time before I really decide to quit from what I am doing now. Bank loans and the bond with P of course. 

Good thing of being me is I always see what's coming and think rationally. Well, let's hope this last long. Good luck to me. 

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